Samurai Jack

Season 1 Episode 13

XIII: Aku's Fairy Tales

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Dec 03, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Aku tells fairy tales to children to make himself the hero and undermine the legend of Samurai Jack.

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  • Storytime with Aku

    Here we have our first season finale, and a good finale it is. For those, expecting a big showdown with Aku, you may be disappointed (perhaps only slightly...we'll get to that in a moment). However, this episode more than well makes up for it with laughs. It appears by this time in the series, stories of Jack's heroism have spread to the younger generation, inspiring hope, which is clearly something that fills Aku with pure disgust. To remedy the situation, Aku decides to tell some stories of his own to turn the tables a bit.

    And so begins the barrage of growingly distorted children's stories starring Aku and big mean ol' Jack. Aku first portrays himself as a hero and a victor in several stories, which bores the children to death. The children ask for a story about Jack, so Aku whips up some inane stories about Jack destroying the house of three bears, terrorizing three pigs (cue The Shining reference), and so on, with Jack getting beat up by various distorted children's characters. If you weren't laughing by the time you saw Jack impersonate Jack Nicholson, you probably will be by the time you see him getting beat up by an ugly duck and a cat in big boots. It gets pretty weird before Aku gives up and leaves.

    The children then tell their own story about Jack & Aku. In this story, Jack climbs a fortress, fights off a minion or two, and then stands up to Aku himself, "and then they fight!!!!!" Jack defeats Aku once and for all, thus ending the episode. A fitting end to the series' first season, though, unfortunately it's a story that was never completed, so I suppose this episode is as close as we get to seeing Jack defeat Aku, unless they ever come out with that movie.moreless
  • A pretty good ending for season 1

    This episode has no Jack in it. it is all about the Great Shape-Shifting Master, Aku! It is a pretty comical episode, Aku feels he is not evil enough or scaring the little children enough, so he tries to come off evil by telling stories of him, which aren't really his stories! Then after that he leaves and the children that he brought into a stadium tell how the story really would be. This is a good series finale for Jack in my books. I feel bad for the little kid who has to play as Aku though! The little Jacks own!moreless
  • A very fun episode to watch

    This is one of the funnier episodes and we see that the All-Poerful Aku cannot cope with the inquisitiveness of children. Jumping from one story to another to try and cast Jack in as bad a light as possible, Aku digs himself deeper and deeper, finally resorting to telling stories of Jack's demise(s).

    The kids aren't falling for it so Aku grumps and leaves. So the kids relay together a story of Jack defeating Aku, which I would like to think is the 'real' end to the saga should a proper ending episode/movie never be made.

    Ha Ha Ha! Fee Fi Fo Fum, guess my name!!moreless
  • Aku, tell me a story!

    Aku was excellent in this episode. His stories were quite funny. Especially the one about "Jack and the Three Bears". Aku made it seem like jack had a pointed nose (looks so evil). Even if the kids didnt like the stories, Aku didnt destroy them. Wow! He must have lots of patience with children! Even if Samurai Jack isnt in this episode, it was quite good! You must see it!

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Huge Bear/Middle Bear/Lil Red Hood

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Lil Red Hood's Mom/Grandma

Guest Star

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

A Kid/Pig #2

Guest Star

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    • Aku: The warrior struck the beast, turning it into...BEEF JERKY!

    • Aku: Once upon a time... there was a little girl with an adorable red cape and GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!

    • Aku: The wolf attacked Little Red Hood, not knowing that Little Red Hood had LASER EYE BEAMS! (Little Red Hood zaps wolf with LASERS) GREAT COMBAT SKILLS! (Little Red Hood bashes wolf back and forth) AND A POWERFUL UPPERCUT that freed Little Red's grandmother from the evil bowels of the wolf!
      Grandma: Mmmmmm! Confectionery treats!
      Aku: And so, Little Red Hood was VICTORIOUS!!!

    • Aku: When the three bears returned, COMPLETE DESTRUCTION awaited them!

    • Aku: Once upon a time there was a house built from straw, wood, and brick. Where three innocent little pigs happily made their residence--until there was a knock at the door. It was Big, Bad Jack.
      Fairy Tale Jack: Little pig, little pig, open up and let me in!
      Pigs: Not by the hairs of our chinny chin chins.
      Fairy Tale Jack: Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'm coming in! Here's Jackie!

    • Child: (confused) But, those are three different stories.

    • Aku: Here's the truest tale of all! There was an all-mighty, all-powerful wizard, and there was a pathetic little samurai. And the wizard destroyed him!! The end!!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Wolf: Did someone say picnic basket full of confectionery treats?
      The wolf acts just like Yogi Bear, with his love of picnic baskets and the same hat and tie.

    • Fairy Tale Jack: Here's Jackie!!
      Said as a leering Evil Jack cuts his way through a door - reminiscent of Jack Nicholson cutting his way through a door and saying "Here's...Johnny!" in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.