Samurai Jack

Season 4 Episode 10

XLIX: The 4 Seasons Of Death

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 25, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Hot cool for kids

    Von can do it
  • Masterpiece

    This is another perfect episode from Samurai Jack, up there with 3 blind archers. Each segment is chilling and thoughtful in their own unique way, and use of visuals rather than dialogue to drive the action once again proves the right choice. And when dialogue does come into play (as in the enigmatic spring segment) it's very effective. This is arguably the most artful and thematically rich episode of Jack and is a personal favorite.
  • The episode is a series of four 'tableaux', each describing one season and one unique way for Jack to potentially die. Using his knowledge, skill and determination, Jack overcomes the four evils. Beautiful artistic scenery make this a pivotal episode, whi

    An utterly stunning work of art, with exquisite and vivid animation, and an imaginative storyboard. I felt this episode really takes the whole series forward by a mile, taking it to a level most of television is not and never will be; artistic.
    Summer: I could almost feel the sheer heat of the bright sun baking the cracked, empty desert. In such an utter heat and desolate place, Jack is vulnerable and becomes delirious. I do not fully know whether the wind demons that attack him are real, possibly sent by Aku, or merely figments of Jacks delirious imagination, but they exhaust him to the point of collapse. There is a real feeling of exhaustion and hopelessness throughout the sequence, and the desert is beautifully rendered. The last scene is a nice touch....
    Fall: Very chilling sequence. There is an air of something very twisted in the air, the leaves, the water and the earth. The juxtaposition here between the utter beauty of the colours of the trees and leaves, and the sick, psychotic nature of the seriously creepy little alchemist is excellent. Out of natures most innocent ingredients, he brews a horrible poison with which he attempts to poison Jack, only to be forced to consume it himself. The poison turns him into the very essence of everything one can see, making one wonder as to the true disturbing nature of the fall in these lands...
    Winter: A horde of partially civilised orcs(?) forges a massive, magically-inscribed runed sword to give to its strongest, most cruellest warrior with which he will fight Jack. The forging process is very imaginatively described, with the blue, ice-cold caverns, ore and sword contrasting nicely with the molten metal and fires in the forge. I especially love the bit where the machines are shown to be powered by two beasts running savagely after a hanging piece of rotting meat on a conveyor belt.
    In the end, Jack shatters the sword without uttering a word, or breaking a sweat.
    Spring: I sensed what was to happen before it even happened, and it added to the sick suspense in the sequence. Again, there is a peaceful and violent side to everything one sees, and the animation is very artistic. The wood nymph/she-demon (whatever she is) has a mesmerisingly calming, serene voice and her home is a paradise of peace and rest. Jack is soon lulled to dropping his guard and to relax, to have 'nourishment'. While resting he gets violent flashes through his mind of Aku and rises to leave several times, only to be reassured lovingly by the motherly nymph. Jack tries to rise on time too many, and the nymph loses patience... It disturbed me to wonder how many others she lulled to their deaths into her 'haven'. Also, is it my feeling or is Aku trying to warn Jack? Maybe he wants to have Jack for himself?

  • The reason I came all this way to review this episode is because it struck a certain feeling. I searched just for this episode, buying seasons 1-3 And it happened to be on the one season I did not buy, Season 4. Now I know and I can't wait to get it!!

    I honestly haven't seen this episode since 2004, and I can't remember too much of it, but I remember it striking a certain feeling only I can attribute too. I am an artist and musician myself and the way this episode was put together had a great impact. Truely exceptional!! I mean, every episode of Jack is great, every one of them. I wasn't too into the whole Scottsman thing, he just got in the way of the whole idea. Having Jack interacting with all those characters is something else. I especially like Spring, that is the one thing I remember about episode 49, spring, the colors used and the woman, LOL.
  • A very nicely done episode about how Jack could potentially defend himself during the four seasons. And sadly, one of the last four episodes to air.

    Seasons of Death, was a really well done episode which most of the viewers would enjoy. Like any episode of the series, the music and the animation was undeniably perfectly done and there was little dialogue. I could not decide which of the four seasons had the best part, but if I had to choose, it would have to be Autumn.

    But, I'll tell about Summer first. Jack's ignornces with the demonic spirit was good. And the meditation inspires many people to relax during irritating times. The ending was uncertain but I do believe he was happy, which was good.

    Autumn was magnificent. That weird scientist's house, the scientist, the music and the scenery was absolutely flawless. Jack's fake falling was great and like Episode XLIV, he did kill someone, again. So, in Season 3, killing isnt rare. But nevetheless, it was good.

    Winter, wasn't really great for me, but good. I felt it dragged on too long and I almost lost interest until that thing's fight with Jack. But it seems that thing didn't know what true strength is.

    Spring, the last season had the most dialogue. It was nicely done but I don't have much to add on.

    So overall, a great episode, like any other Samurai Jack episode that will indeed make you feel intrigued.
  • The episodes deserves the Emmy!

    As of this writing this episode has been nominated for an Emmy in a half-hour animated program category. It is by far one the greatest episodes of the series (2nd only to The Three Blind Archers in my opinion.)

    Jack travels through representations of each of the four seasons and must battle them in one way or another. I personally think the Summer segment was the weakest of the four, only because the other three were so well done.

    Fall and Winter had the biggest build-ups for the quickest ends, and that was hilarious!

    And Spring'll just have to actually watch this one.

    An outstanding episode! This one that shows why Samurai Jack is so great and should have continued.