Samurai Jack

Season 4 Episode 10

XLIX: The 4 Seasons Of Death

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 25, 2004 on Cartoon Network



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    • Spring: Is it not true…that even the gods…must rest…from time…to time?
      Jack: It is true.
      Spring: And you... are not... a god.
      Jack: No.
      Spring: Then why deny yourself? It serves no purpose.

    • Spring: What is your quest…young servant? What brings you through such bitter lands?
      Jack: My destiny... but, it continues to be elusive. And so I journey on.

    • Spring: I see…you. I see…inside…of you. A gentle soul. A…compassionate heart. A warrior's spirit. In selfless service. It is in your nature to sacrifice all…for what is right. Forever giving, you…are a hero.

  • Notes

    • Richard Daskas won the 2005 Annie Award for "Production Design in an Animated Television Production" for this episode.

    • This episode was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program (in Less Than One Hour) at the 2005 Emmy Awards, but lost to South Park's "Best Friends Forever." Bryan Andrews won the 2005 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for this episode.

    • First UK showing : 6th December 2003 7:00pm on Toonami

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