Samurai Jack

Season 2 Episode 8

XXI: Jack And The Farting Dragon

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Sep 06, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Jack discovers a village of panicky medieval serfs, overwhelmed and unable to earn their livelihood because of a horrible stench coming from a nearby mountain. After getting some more information from a demented scissorsmith, Jack heads to "The Spire" to deal with the source of this stink: a fire-breathing dragon who needs Jack's help in dealing with some serious indigestion!moreless

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  • Jack and the...odor...

    There are some weird Samurai Jack episodes out there but I think this one takes the cake. Between the zany villagers and the whole concept of the episode itself, it's just all very odd. Jack finds himself near a village plagued by a cloud of toxic gas. Tidal waves of the stuff flood over the city every few minutes, destroying once fertile soils and traumatizing the poor (oop sorry "unfortunate") villagers. (There exists a shelter, but it seems to be occupied by one very content kitty.)

    Jack tries to find out from one of the villagers, a "scissorsmith" that seems to be immune to the stench (who disgustingly appears to be missing a nose, with a very messy stitching over where it should be). The whole exchange between Jack and the scissorsmith (and the crow) is hilarious. "Take a look on that sign up there, does it say 'free information' anywhere up there? Can't see it? Use this magnifying glass. See it yet? No? THAT'S BECAUSE I DON'T SELL FREE INFORMATION!" The crow, however, does, and Jack finds out that the source is a Dragon atop a spire to the east.

    Jack goes on his way, stopped briefly by the scissorsmith who gives him a gross sheep's bladder, which apparently acts as some kind of filter to the stench. He also informs Jack that the Dragon's Lair is at the end of a rocky path after a fork in the road. Jack asks where the other path leads, to which the scissorsmith replies Space Ace! Anyone Born after 1980 (unless they have a thing for vintage video games) probably has no idea what this is referring to, but they are both fairly well known arcade games from the mid 1980s.

    Once Jack actually makes it to the huge dragon (which the animators have trouble framing in the same frame as Jack without making the dragon appear too small), he finds that there is something inside the dragon giving him (or her...maybe... I'm not a dragon biologist) gastrointestinal problems. Jack is given the poor...I mean unfortunate task of venturing into the Dragon's interior to find the problem. The follow sequence is a bizarre, surreal, sequence of challenges involving floating turkey things, stomach acid, valves, squishy things, and other I-don't-want-to-know-what-that-is things. He finally finds the source of the problem: a partially hatched dragon baby (who knows why it hasn't been born properly yet, or maybe the dragon ate it, go figure) which was setting some weird gooey thing on fire that seemed to be the source of the uh...smell. Jack quickly escapes with the baby dragon to the utter joy of the villagers.

    However, the village is quickly set on fire, though the villagers, so overcome with joy don't seem to notice. Jack offers to put the fires out but the scissorsmith won't have it unless it's for a price, meanwhile the city continues to burn to the ground, while Jack is left standing dumbfounded among the insanity of it all.

    What a weird weird episode.... Probably one of the weakest of the 2nd season, however, it is saved by a couple of good laughs.moreless
  • A fartin' good time!

    So their is a smell that is making people sick in a small village, and of course Jack walks right into the village and is wondering what that smell is, curious to find out, he asks this lady in a shop that has no nose ( rofl ) and she won't tell him anything unless he buys something, but the lady's parrot ends up saying where the dragon is, and Jack finds the dragon, then has to go inside it to find the problem! This episode is pretty hilarious, it's good to see some comical episodes here and there. everyone needs a laugh sometime =)moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Jack enters the village, there's a man turning three pieces of meat on a pole. However, there's no fire underneath the meat.

    • At first when we see the smell, it comes from a wave behind the mountain. But when Jack is with the dragon it's inside the mountain and it comes from there.

    • Despite the fact that he calls himself a scissorsmith, the merchant who reluctantly aids Jack apparently does not sell scissors (he appears to run a general store).

    • The position of Jack's sandals change after he loses one to the stomach birds - first the remaining one jumps from his left foot to his right, then after he is sucked through a valve he has both again. (Some thought if you look hard you can see Jack recover the sandal.)

    • The dragon's insides appear to be considerably larger than its outside - must be magic.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jack: Poor, unfortunate creature.
      Peasant: I'm not poor!
      Jack: What!?
      Peasant: I might be unfortunate, but I'm not poor!

    • Jack: Tell me, where is this horrible stench coming from?
      Peasant: Oh, you must mean the stench that ruined our crop, that rendered generations of back-bending labor completely and utterly useless. That...
      Jack: Yes! That stench.

    • Jack: Your pet speaks very well.
      Scissorsmith: My pet--that's my wife! Never sell a wizard an expired fishing licence.

    • Scissorsmith: Look up there. (points to sign) Now, do you see the words "free information" anywhere on that sign?
      Jack: No.
      Scissorsmith: Try using this magnifying glass. See it now?
      Jack: No.
      Scissorsmith: Well that's because I don't sell free information!

    • Scissorsmith: Then you'll need... this!
      Jack: I've had enough of your bartering, Scissorsmith.
      Scissorsmith: This one's on me. Sheep's bladder. It'll help you breath up there in those fumes. Place it over your head like this and breath calmly. If you have any small children with you, secure your own mask first, then the child's. You will find exits located to the east and south end of the cabin. Beverages will be served shortly.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Scissorssmith: What does the other path lead to?" "Space Ace!"
      The above dialogue followed the Scissorsmith's last minute directions to Jack: "At the fork, take the rocky path, that leads to the dragon's lair." "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace" are two arcade games from 1983 and 1984, respectively, produced by Don Bluth of animated movie fame. Their claim to fame is their pioneering use of laser disc technology that allowed the games to appear as professionally-animated cartoons.