Samurai Jack

Season 2 Episode 9

XXII: Jack and the Hunters

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Sep 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Aku travels to a distant planet to hire four skilled hunters to hunt down Jack and turn him over to Aku. At first, Jack is easy to capture, until he hears who they're working for. Then the real hunt is on.

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  • Great chase episode

    A classic example of an episode that doesn't use dialogue to drive the action.
  • Jack and the Lions

    Jack meets his match once more when 4 alien half-human half-lion-like hunters are recruited by Aku to capture Jack. This is a classic action packed episode with Jack on the evasive, only drawing his sword a handful of times within the episode. This episode begins in outer space as a beam of light travels from the Earth (which bares semblance to our current time's Earth, though much more dried out looking) to a distant planet. Here we are introduced to the three hunters, Emikandi, who are hunting some 4-eyed walking slug like herbivores. As they successfully capture one, Aku appears out of the fireball that hits their planet (obliterating their prey). Aku introduces himself and explains that he needs them to hunt Jack, and offers endless riches, which the Emikandi refuse, though they accept the hunt. (I really loved Aku's monologue here... "and the sky will go black and diamonds will fall from the heavens making you richer than your wildest dreams!"

    The Emikandi use an interesting form of sorcery to transport them to Earth via some magical blue fire and dance number (which was very cool looking to say the least, hell everything about these lion guys are cool, even the hip-hop-like music). They quickly arrive on planet Earth in search of Jack along his footprints. This is the first time in a while that we've seen Jack in one of Aku's cities. The hunters quickly find them and capture him in seconds. Disappointed, they prepare to deliver him to Aku, but when Jack here's where he's going, he breaks free with his sword and begins the chase, to the hunters' great pleasure.

    And the chase is on... Through tunnels, alleyways, pipes, sewers, more pipes, through the city streets, Jack evades the hunters, but they stay on his trail, with several close calls along the way (once being foiled by a drop of sweat from his brow landing on a hunter while Jack was suspending himself on the ceiling above them). Jack "commandeers" an alien couple's "chariot" to escape (but gets on backwards). However, even at break-neck speed the hunter's keep up with him. Jack ends up crashing the ship and escaping on foot (hair undone now, of course). Jack then runs into a nearby skyscraper and into an elevator, while the hunters enter a second elevator nearby. They then take turns running in and out of the elevators until they reach the top. In one quick move, Jack is able to evade them into the last elevator and rides it to the roof, which he quickly climbs to the top of to hide, realizing he's been cornered.

    The hunters find him nonetheless and they begin to climb from antenna to antenna. Jack tries his best to keep the hunters off his tail by swinging up and below the pipes (making good use of "jumping good"). However, he is cornered at the top, balancing on a thin antenna while the archer hunter holds his bow an arrow aimed at him. Jack, in a last ditch effort, quickly calms himself to the point of meditation as the archer fires. In one quick grab, Jack catches the arrow in his hand.

    At once it seems that Jack has the upper hand, but the arrow quickly turns into a snake-like entity which bites him and sends him into a deep sleep, and tumbles off the skyscraper unconscious. The hunters only just catch him, and bring him to safety, as Aku appears to reap the rewards. Aku begins his monologue but is interrupted when the Emikandi refuse to give Jack to Aku. They claim that Jack has been the most worthy prey they have ever hunted, and it is the Emikandi way to let the strongest of prey free (a sort of natural selection and/or honor type thing I guess). They quickly teleport via the blue fire again to safety out of Aku's clutches, leaving Aku screaming with frustration.

    Jack awakens to find a single blue flame lit nearby, where the hunters explain that they let him go, and that he should continue being free. While a very strong episode, I can't help feeling like we could have had a little more background on the Emikandi, all we ever heard is that "it is the Emakandi way" repeated over and over. The hunting seen in the opening sequence could have been a bit more exciting, the prey they were hunting wasn't particularly impressive.

    By and by, the rest of the episode is exceptional, and another one of my favorites from season 2.moreless
  • Aku gets the greatest Hunters after Jack!

    After Aku see's how powerful these Lion Hunters are, he ask of them to bring Samurai Jack to him, and he will make their planet rain fine jewels and make them rich, But The Hunters refuse anything like that because Hunting makes them rich, not materials, This episode is really good! Jack is being chased around alot, and he see's how strong they are, one part they get in an elevator and keep going back in and out, it's pretty funny lol, But these Lion hunters actually knock Jack out! when Jack wakes up he has no clue what has happened. But this episode was another great one from SJ in my books!moreless
  • Aku seeks the aid of the Emikandi, a race of alien hunters, to finally capture Jack...

    As the "classification" states, this is EXACTLY why I watch this show. The opening sequence, of the Emikandi hunting what appear to be alien cows, is one of the finest examples of how fun and exciting this show can be even when there is little motion and almost pure silence.

    But where this episode really earns its points is in the lengthy chase sequence through a future city. Samurai Jack is well-known as a show that doesn't always rely on dialogue, and this is one of the finest examples. For almost the entire episode, there is barely a line spoken, but it never gets boring. The animation is simple but wonderful, the music exciting, the ideas truly imaginative.

    One of the best episodes of THE best cartoon ever made.moreless

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