Samurai Jack

Season 2 Episode 12

XXV: Jack And The Spartans

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Oct 04, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

As Jack climbs up to the top of a mountain he meets up with an army of great warriors and gets asked to help them in the last chapter of a 300-year battle

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  • Jack and the 300

    The series' crown jewel, the one that won all the awards, the one everyone knows, the one that was inspired by the graphic novel that inspired the movie, Jack and the Spartans. This episode is perfection, and the show at its best. Not to say it went downhill from here (the opposite, it got better), but this episode has always stood out among the others in its' cinematic quality (most of the episode being stylistically in widescreen), its production value, its 300 inspired story, its battle sequences, its music, its art, everything. From beginning to end we're entranced with the tail told by a dying king of a lone samurai warrior that saved their people from a terrible robot menace.

    Jack, after making his way through a path (one unknown to the "Spartans") after climbing a steep mountain (probably nothing in comparison with what he climbed in the three monks episode), he bares witness to a great battle between man and machine. Warriors in roman attire due battle with giant steer-headed robots. Jack happens to save the prince from being outnumbered by the metal beasts. The prince takes Jack to meet the king, where he is informed of their plight (via a flashback scene of epic proportions). Jack offers to help them by use of the new passage through the mountain he came in through. The king agrees to go with him and 50 of his strongest warriors to kill the leader of the machines while the rest defend their home, with the prince in charge.

    When they arrive at the metal monster's fortress they wait for the majority of the army to leave before they attack. However, they are met with a small defense force which they quickly go to battle with. This battle sequence in particular is one of the strongest of the series, as the sword and shield action here is beyond compare, and requires at least 2 watches to catch all the insane moves and attacks that were made. Once inside the lumbering fortress they take on the metal monster himself, a gross spherical object with mouth-footed tentacles.

    They slowly slice off several of the tentacle-legs and the King manages to break his sword. Jack quickly tosses the king his sword and the king tosses Jack his shield. They go back to back with Jack on defense with his two shields and the King on offense with the sword and they take down the beast together. However, towards the end of the battle Jack gets knocked back, and before the machine can kill the King, the King launches Jack's sword through the head of the monster and it collapses to the ground preparing to blow.

    Jack, thinking fast jumps in front of the King with his two shields and saves the Kings life as the explosion knocks both of them back, leaving the fortress in ruins. Once the metal monster was dead, all his minions spontaneously exploded, leaving the Spartans victorious. We then flash-forward in time with the King telling the story on his death bed, the story of 300 plus one, and how the only remains of the samurai he found was his shield, which was now mounted on the wall as a token of the Samurai's sacrifice. But the King suspects that the samurai made it out alive, as a great warrior is not defeated so easily...and right the King was.

    This episode is epic in every sense of the word. Samurai Jack at its best.moreless
  • 300 + 1 !!

    This is my favorite episode of Samurai Jack Season 2! It feels very Epic, alot of widescreen, and plenty of action to make you happy! theirs a reason this episode WON an emmy, it's one of the classics of SJ. Jack see's the 300 warriors fighting these thousands of robots and realizes they need help, so of course he helps them! them Jack meets the king, and they talk about how they've been fighting for along time and how the robots just keep coming, Will Jack be able to help the 300 warriors find a way to kill all the robots? Watch it and see! =)moreless
  • 300 meets Samurai Jack!

    With Frank Miller's stellar hit 300 on the top of the charts, I had to find and rewatch this episode.

    Jack finds the 300 spartans who are in the middle of a war with the robots, which is based off the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

    Although these spartans are pretty high tech, with rocket propelling spears, and circulating shields. The only problem is the robots just gather their injured and repair them back at base. The spartan's question if they could withstand their attacks any longer.

    But Jack has an idea, there is a pathway through the cliffs (the way he came to them). The plan was to take this path behind the enemies, and attack the robots on two fronts.

    There are many cool fight sequences, with both Jack and the Spartans, aswell as a vicious boss battle where Jack and the King team up.

    The episode is great, one of my favorites. Really made me remember why Samurai Jack was such an amazing show. I just wish they did reruns somewhere.

    Definetly something to check out if you are either a 300 fan or a Samurai Jack fan.moreless

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    • Spartok: Long ago. he came to us in our time of need. His name was Jack. Nothing would be the same.

    • Spartok: The war was finally over. But the warrior was gone. His shield was all that was left. This stranger who became a brother aided us in our time of need and made a difference. His sacrifice and that of the others defeated our enemy, saved our lives, and ensured our freedom. They will be honored and remembered forever... the 300 plus one. But I believe the one survived. A warrior that great... could not be stopped so easily.

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    • Battle of Thermopylae
      This episode is heavily based on the Battle of Thermopylae, of the Greco-Persian Wars. The robots being the Persians. The Spartans being themselves. The battlefield in this episode is just like the pass of Thermopylae. The outcome of the battle in this episode is different then what happened in real life. But the use of a pass though the mountains used by Jack, and the Spartans is similar to what the Persians did to encircle the Spartans at the battle in real life.

    • Jack and King
      Although the characters are Spartan warriors, the number 50 is symbolic of King Arthur and his Round Table. There were forty-nine seats for the greatest warriors of the land and one cursed seat that was only reserved for a chosen one.

    • Frank Miller
      This episode is based on a comic miniseries by writer/artist Frank Miller. The miniseries depicts the historical story of 300 Spartans soldiers who fought an entire army of Persians. This episode is a stylistic homage to Frank Miller and history.