Samurai Jack

Season 3 Episode 5

XXXI: Jack In Egypt

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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An ancient prophecy is Jack's only hope against three mystic creatures.

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  • Intense episode

    This episode was relentless and suspenseful, with Jack facing the toughest enemies he's ever faced. The finale, matter of fact and without an ounce of false melodrama, points to what makes this show's tone so unique. This episode never gets old. Brilliant fight choreography and direction
  • The episode starts as a flashback where a young Jack plays in a forbidden temple with two friends. They come across a fearful prophecy written in hieroglyphics, which would come in very useful much, much later... Now, in the future, Jack finds himself bacmoreless

    This episode is a very suspense, well written and vicious battle between Jack and three powerful demons. It was one of the best animated battles I have seen, and is certainly not one for young children.

    The demons are merciless, tireless, very fast, invincible and utterly evil, carrying weapons that blaze with a deathly cold blue flame. They ambush Jack and nearly kill him in the beginning, tearing into his flesh and drawing blood with their claws. The ensuing fight is relentless and savage, the only one I've seen where Jack is actually desperately fighting for his life. His odds seem infinitely small.

    Whilst fighting the demons, the warriors of Seth, he must figure out an ancient prophecy yielding the only power that can destroy the demons, and find three pieces of a gold scarab, scattered at various unreachable locations around the ruined temple, all whilst being pursued by the demons. Jack has been here before, in his youth, but that was centuries ago (Jack has been sent into the future) and the area has since been reduced to sandy rubble.

    It is a great relief to see the demons fleeing cowardly away from the celestial avatar at the end, before being effortlessly eradicated by it.

    The fights have elements from both the Matrix and the Mummy, though the episode is infinitely superior in content and atmosphere to the latter. The episode will have you riveted on the edge of your seat! An excellent example of action in the Samurai Jack series.moreless
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Phil LaMarr


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