Samurai Jack

Season 3 Episode 6

XXXII:Jack And The Travelling Creatures

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Apr 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good news!

    This was one of many favorite episodes of the show, somewhat explaining why it has been so difficult for jack to return to his own time, more than likely because he has more people to save and befriend that will help him achieve his ultimate goal. it was sad that this show was cancelled before it was able to conclude properly, but there is hope for more of jack's adventures. Genndy has been and is still trying to get a movie made, and as of 2013, IDW has an ongoing continuance of the tale in a Samurai Jack comic series. As of now there are 11 comics with at the very least one or two more and there is no telling how many there will be left. Just in case anyone is interested in what Jackie's been up to lately.
  • What should have been the finale

    An epic and beautiful episode that holds true mystery and awe in virtually every shot. The final battle is a glorious defeat for Jack, but held promise for the show's future that, thanks to its unfortunate cancellation, it was never able to fulfill.
  • Jack gets help from a water creature,a mountain creature,and a flying creature in order to reach a portal back home.But it is gaurded by an undeafeatable warrior.

    That Gaurdian is tough,he beat Jack up without even breaking a sweat.So skilled,that guy is one of my favorite characters.It was kind of funny to me when Jack kicked the missles right back to him and he was angry that Jack ruined his favorite suit.Then he showed very huge strength,even ate one of Jack's sheilds.His arsenal of weapons include:a sorwd,sais,a machine gun that fires rockets,a pistol,and his brute strength.That episode was very adventurous,the water creature had long legs and crossed the heavily pressured water easily.The mountain creature summoned warriors for Jack to defeat.Then the flying creature flew Jack to his destination,only for it to appear again after Jack's defeat.Also this episode tells us that Jack will stay for a long time.