Samurai Pizza Cats

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Samurai Pizza Cats

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Please note that for now, all information found here will pertain to the North American voiced over version of Samurai Pizza Cats. (SPC) Not the Japanese version or any other dubbed in another foreign language version. So who are the Samurai Pizza Cats? The Samurai Pizza Cats are a trio of crime-fighting super-heroes in the town of Little Tokyo, Japan. Wearing Samurai costumes, they burst through the air to the rescue from a humongous cannon connected to their headquarters - A fast food restaurant. Little Tokyo is populated by all kinds of animals. The official governor of the town is the Emperor, but since he hecame insane, a council takes care of the well-being of the village. One of the members of this council is called Seymour "Big" Cheese, who secretly wishes to take over control of the village. There's Speedy Cerviche, he's the leader of the bunch (Nyanki) as well as the waiter/delivery guy as a normal cat. Standing at 4'4, weighing 66 pouunds, he is a heck of a fighter makes a heck of a lunch. His weapons contain shurikans, a sword, and another sword that (which he uses to perform the Cat's Eye Slash). There's little Polly Esther who's never afraid of going into battle when the bad guys invade. Here's Guido Anchovy a wild romantic rover. This cat gets down down with a love hangover. The other recurring characters are Seymour "Big" Cheese who is always plotting plans to control all of Little Tokyo. He has the tendency to explode when he does not get what he wants, which is quite often. He is often advised by Jerry Attric, who is the brain in most of Cheese's plans. Bad Bird is another bad guy in Little Tokyo who dispises the Pizza cats and attempts to eliminate them using his Ninja Crows. Francine is the one who works at the counter at the Pizza Parlour. Rescue Team, or "B-Team", consists of Bat Cat, General Catton, Meowsma O'Tool, and Spiritz T. Cat The "T" stands for "The". Lucille is the love interest for Guido and Speedy while Guru Lou is the spiritual advisor to the Pizza Cats. Emperor Fred is a lunatic and that is why Little Tokyo is governed by a council of wise men. He always finds new hobbies and always portrays a fresh look on things. Advised by Big Al Dente, who reports or calls on the Pizza Cats when the city is in trouble. Princess Violet is a spoiled emperor's daughter and everything she wants has to be hers. Will somebody please cue that bird Samurai Pizza Cats ("Oh Yeah") Who do you call when you want some pepperoni Samurai Pizza Cats ("Right On") They're stamping out crime, and you know that ain't balogna There's Speedy Cerviche, he's the leader of the bunch ("That's Right!") A heck of a fighter, makes a heck of a lunch And little Polly Esther, who's never afraid ("That's Me") Of going into battle when the bad guys invade Here's Guido Anchovy, a wild, romantic rover This cat gets down, down with a love hangover Here come the Pizza Cats They're so bad ("Tada") They've got more fur than any turtle ever had They're stronger than old cheese ("Stronger than Old Cheese") They're stronger than dirt ("Stronger than dirt") If you step on their tails ("Not on my tail") Then you're gonna get hurt ("Don't Hurt Me") Samurai Pizza Cats They're fighting crime... All over town - 4... 3... 2... 1... Pizza Cats are on the run The Big Cheese is the villain who lower than low It's a rotten shame he lives in Little Tokyo We've got our nasty Bad Bird and some nasty Ninja Crows As soon as someone finds the script, we might begin the show Sit right back, put up your feet, and turn the sound up high And if you want the full effect, go eat a pizza pie Samurai Pizza Cats!

Mark Camacho

Mark Camacho

Spirit T. Car / Buck / Road Runner

Sonja Ball

Sonja Ball

Polly Esther / Mama-San / Carla Crow / Empire Fredia Tokugawa / Vi's Nanny / Dee Dee

Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Speedy Cerviche / Bad Bird / Meowzma O'Toole / Mojo Rojo / Ronny Guiseborn / Ninja Crows / The Sundance Kid

Susan Glover

Susan Glover

Lucille Omitsu / Princess Violet Tokugawa / Lucinda

Terrence Scammell

Terrence Scammell

Guido Anchovie / The Narrator / Jerry Atrick / Bat Cat / Emperor Fred Tokugawa / Cannonball Battalay / Cosmo

Michael O'Reilly

Michael O'Reilly

Wally / The Professor

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  • why do the good shows always suffer?

    I was introduced to this series a little more than 5 years ago. iv'e seen it on Youtube and clips from fansites. I introduced my little cousin to the series a month ago. the first thing she said to me after was; "Can I dress up like Polly Ester for Holloween?" that was the cutest darn line i've ever heard. it was also disapointing because i knew this was a long forgotten show. we ended up making a Speedy costume for myself and a Polly costume, but it made me sad that a good show like this isn't known by this generation. I'm a teenager myself, and i have memories regaurding this show, but this is one of the two shows i've spent a good part of my childhood fighting for. (the first one being Speed Racer) every child deserves to know Speedy, Guido and of course, Polly Ester, but this generation won't get that chance.moreless
  • hmm interesting sry cant remember much it was to long ago and i was to young to remember much.

    hmm i watched this when i was like 4 so i do not remember much but for me that was 12 years ago so im personally not but without having to say another word this was my first anime ever watched that i can only vagely remember. hmm anyways there has been some awesome anime that you get into now and back then now from what i know of its deathnote but this is a good but corny anime. oh yeah one thin i do remember is that when the showing time on ytv changed i would stsy up till 4 am to watch it.moreless
  • This show was my earliest anime obsession

    I loved this show! Why did they have to go and cancel it?! WHY?! It was so funny, and they characters were crazy. I was so obsessed with this show - it was a daily fix for me, but no more. I was so depressed when I realized it was gone, so then I substituted it with Pokemon. But now I've got the DVD that came out so I'm okay now!moreless
  • Not a bad show at all, but there are parts where it gets to be a little annoying with the whole \"poking fun at itself\" theme going on.

    I love the whole idea; Cats that serve pizza and have the special powers of samurai. I also love all the characters, Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther, Guido Anchovy, but personally, it does get a little on my nerves. For example, when the pizza cats are trying to do something that might seem really cool, they kind of mess it up when they start poking fun at the writers, script or show itself. Its not that I\'m saying thats terrible its just that a little of that kind of humor is good but if you over-do it, it gets to be VERY aggravating. The storyline is, however, very original let it be ninja crows or dragons but after a while, the story gets a little dry both in originality and humor. The action is OK, but me I\'m a DBZ fan so i personally like to see people beat the **** outta each other, but besides that i always forget that its a kids show so, again, the action is OK. The voice acting is pretty well done, even though they were all done in Canada (GO LEAVES!) . Some voices are good, some are not so good, but all of it is pretty much tolerable. All in all, this show is not so much for the young-ins but for the adults who once watched the show and enjoyed it. This is definitely a \"hidden treasure\" for older folks who very much enjoy cartoons, such as myself. A great show, 8/10moreless
  • I remember this show used to rock for me. I also loved it's theme song

    My favorite character was Speedy Cerviche. Don't know why, I guess he was cool. They should bring this show back! I'll tell you why

    The animation was overall perfect. It had cute characters that parents would sit down with there children and watch. (I used to watch it with my friends) The backrounds were beatifull colored,and the Cats would go great along with it

    The sound,music,and dialouge was all great. The theme song was the best though. If you were having a bad day,and you heard the theme song, it would suddenly cheer you up. The voices were all well-suited for the characters. Overall great sound!

    The entertainment was good. The dialouge soe of the characters said were funny. Though some of the dialouge did not make sense ex:Tougher than dirt (huh?) anyway, a 6 year old would just fall in love with this show. Sadly, it was a short-lived series and nearly forgotten. But there is always a ray of hope! Samurai Pizza Cats!


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