Samurai Pizza Cats

(ended 1996)





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  • why do the good shows always suffer?

    I was introduced to this series a little more than 5 years ago. iv'e seen it on Youtube and clips from fansites. I introduced my little cousin to the series a month ago. the first thing she said to me after was; "Can I dress up like Polly Ester for Holloween?" that was the cutest darn line i've ever heard. it was also disapointing because i knew this was a long forgotten show. we ended up making a Speedy costume for myself and a Polly costume, but it made me sad that a good show like this isn't known by this generation. I'm a teenager myself, and i have memories regaurding this show, but this is one of the two shows i've spent a good part of my childhood fighting for. (the first one being Speed Racer) every child deserves to know Speedy, Guido and of course, Polly Ester, but this generation won't get that chance.
  • hmm interesting sry cant remember much it was to long ago and i was to young to remember much.

    hmm i watched this when i was like 4 so i do not remember much but for me that was 12 years ago so im personally not but without having to say another word this was my first anime ever watched that i can only vagely remember. hmm anyways there has been some awesome anime that you get into now and back then now from what i know of its deathnote but this is a good but corny anime. oh yeah one thin i do remember is that when the showing time on ytv changed i would stsy up till 4 am to watch it.
  • This show was my earliest anime obsession

    I loved this show! Why did they have to go and cancel it?! WHY?! It was so funny, and they characters were crazy. I was so obsessed with this show - it was a daily fix for me, but no more. I was so depressed when I realized it was gone, so then I substituted it with Pokemon. But now I've got the DVD that came out so I'm okay now!
  • Not a bad show at all, but there are parts where it gets to be a little annoying with the whole \"poking fun at itself\" theme going on.

    I love the whole idea; Cats that serve pizza and have the special powers of samurai. I also love all the characters, Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther, Guido Anchovy, but personally, it does get a little on my nerves. For example, when the pizza cats are trying to do something that might seem really cool, they kind of mess it up when they start poking fun at the writers, script or show itself. Its not that I\'m saying thats terrible its just that a little of that kind of humor is good but if you over-do it, it gets to be VERY aggravating. The storyline is, however, very original let it be ninja crows or dragons but after a while, the story gets a little dry both in originality and humor. The action is OK, but me I\'m a DBZ fan so i personally like to see people beat the **** outta each other, but besides that i always forget that its a kids show so, again, the action is OK. The voice acting is pretty well done, even though they were all done in Canada (GO LEAVES!) . Some voices are good, some are not so good, but all of it is pretty much tolerable. All in all, this show is not so much for the young-ins but for the adults who once watched the show and enjoyed it. This is definitely a \"hidden treasure\" for older folks who very much enjoy cartoons, such as myself. A great show, 8/10
  • I remember this show used to rock for me. I also loved it's theme song

    My favorite character was Speedy Cerviche. Don't know why, I guess he was cool. They should bring this show back! I'll tell you why

    The animation was overall perfect. It had cute characters that parents would sit down with there children and watch. (I used to watch it with my friends) The backrounds were beatifull colored,and the Cats would go great along with it

    The sound,music,and dialouge was all great. The theme song was the best though. If you were having a bad day,and you heard the theme song, it would suddenly cheer you up. The voices were all well-suited for the characters. Overall great sound!

    The entertainment was good. The dialouge soe of the characters said were funny. Though some of the dialouge did not make sense ex:Tougher than dirt (huh?) anyway, a 6 year old would just fall in love with this show. Sadly, it was a short-lived series and nearly forgotten. But there is always a ray of hope! Samurai Pizza Cats!
  • Was really popular at Primary school.

    This show was really popular when I was in Primary School. I am really suprised I haven't seen it since 1994. I thought they would play it on atleast one cable cartoon channel. Its similar to Teenage mutant ninja turtles and could definitely do well if it made a come back just like the turtles.
  • An extremely underrated and unique show, worth checking out if you're looking for a great comedy with some action on the side. Oh. And it's absolutely nothing like a certain show called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Don't let this show's look, title, or wacky theme song fool you. It's really something special and unique that many overlooked during the short time it aired.

    Not to mention being downright hilarious, this show is full of obscure western cultural references (Muhammad Ali! Clint Eastwood!), and even a bit of innuendo, that young kids just wouldn't understand. Heck, it got some episodes cut from US television due to a few slightly edgy plotlines.

    The show's characters are all lovable and memorable, from the goofy lead hero, Speedy Cerviche, to the ill-tempered female fighter, Polly Esther, even the snooty Narrator, and my personal favourite, the evil Bad Bird. Though not exactly the lead villain, BB received the most character development throughout the series.

    If you're going make an anime dub by throwing out the Japanese scripts and making up your own dialogue and plot to match the animation, this is the way to do it. This show constantly poked fun at itself, almost as if the english writers were making a parody of the orignal Japanese version. I couldn't help but laugh out loud whenever characters mentioned how lousy the animation budget was.

    From the character voices to the background music, SPC was just so much more light-hearted and carefree than its counterpart, Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, and that's what made it so great and special to me.

    Though SPC's "cartoony" style may get a bad reception from many dub-hating anime "purists", I personally wouldn't have it any other way.
    To me, the voice acting in the English version was simply perfect. The writing, despite being overly cheesy on a few occasions, and containing a handful of linear plotlines, was usually very well done, and there were ton of great jokes and clever puns in each episode.

    There's a good reason why such an unknown show still has a strong, and dedicated online fanbase after nearly 15 years:

    It delivered a unique style that no other show has, and there'll never be anything like it again. Ever.

    I highly recommended Samurai Pizza Cats to viewers of all ages, even if you don't usually like anime (I don't), because it's got something for everyone.

    I give it a... 9.8 out of 10
    (52 english episodes is okay, but I want mooooore!)

    Because there's no official DVD, the fanbase has released all the episodes over the internet.

    Go and download Samurai Pizza Cats today!
  • A good show had potential...

    Though it had a short run, I find this show to be exilerating with mild laughter and lots of pizza... The plot of the show was a bit off but it makes up for that in character speech and dialogue... The sourse of this story is very adiquite and remains to be through out its run... :)