Samurai Pizza Cats

(ended 1996)





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  • why do the good shows always suffer?

    I was introduced to this series a little more than 5 years ago. iv'e seen it on Youtube and clips from fansites. I introduced my little cousin to the series a month ago. the first thing she said to me after was; "Can I dress up like Polly Ester for Holloween?" that was the cutest darn line i've ever heard. it was also disapointing because i knew this was a long forgotten show. we ended up making a Speedy costume for myself and a Polly costume, but it made me sad that a good show like this isn't known by this generation. I'm a teenager myself, and i have memories regaurding this show, but this is one of the two shows i've spent a good part of my childhood fighting for. (the first one being Speed Racer) every child deserves to know Speedy, Guido and of course, Polly Ester, but this generation won't get that chance.