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Samurai X: Reflection

A&E (ended 2006)


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Samurai X: Reflection

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The final in a series of four OVAs (which include TRUST, BETRAYAL, and THE MOTION PICTURE), REFLECTION finds Kenshin coming full circle as the war against the corrupt government has ended and it is time for him to go home. With his wife on the verge of death from her grief over his 15 year absence, Kenshin begins the long journey and wonders if a doomed soul like his can ever truly go home.
Derek Wade

Derek Wade

Yahiko Myojin (voice: English version

Gray Haddock

Gray Haddock

Sanosuke Sagara (voice: English version)

J. Shannon Weaver

J. Shannon Weaver

Kenshin Himura

Miina Tominaga

Miina Tominaga

Yahiko Myojin

Yuki Kaida

Yuki Kaida

Kenji Himura (Japanese voice)

Nozomu Sasaki

Nozomu Sasaki

Enishi Yukishiro (Japanese voice)

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  • Rurouni Kenshin reflections is the perfect coda for one of the more memorable animes of tv. Do you expect a boring and predictable happy end? No way. In the tradition of the best films of Kurosawa, Reflections is one of the best films ever made.moreless

    I remember one evening -ten years ago- reading a book of Basho, one of the japanese masters of haiku. One of his poems says: "falling sick on a journey / my dream goes wandering / over a field of dried grass". This is his last poems; a poem of death; a poem of love to the life. Rurouni Kenshin was one of the best animes that I've ever seen. I remember the fights, the pasion, the humanity, and -in my favourites episodes- the sense of time going, of pasion for still alive. Ok, ok, I know that after the fight with Sojiro and Sishio the series go down... I know that characters like Saito were unexpectadly put out of the series... I know that we all want to see a real fight with Okita... I know all the errors of the anime... But simply I cannot forget the magic in every episode (until the finish of Sishio arc), the simpathy in the characters; the ambient of the rising Meiji era. Altough, the series jump the shark after the fight with Sishio... But Kenshin still alive; the final episode (unaired) prove it... And -above all- we have the Ovas. If the first Ova (Tsuiokuhen; Trust and betrayal) was one of the finest animations of all the times (showing us the darkest side of Kenshin & his tragedy), Seisohen (Reflections) is not a dissapointment. Au contraire; to me is even better. I heard very bad critics because of the romantic line of the animation, because of there's no fighting; because is a sad end to Kenshin.... Nonsense! There's no slugfest in Reflections; even the fight with Enishi (who -in my personal point of view- is the worst and most failed enemy of Kenshin; where the hell he bought his clothes of lousy cyclist?) NOT fit at all in the mood of the picture. Do you remember Kurosawa's Rhapsody in august, Kim Ku Duk's The stations of life or Satjayit Ray's Pather Panchali? What the hell do you expect? Perhaps a happy and ridiculous end like that one of Dragon ball GT (what a way to destroy the beautiful world of the original Dragon ball)? Reflections is -for Rurouni Kenshin- the las song of the swan; the last poetry... I know that the original writer was not implicated in this Ova... Bright idea! If he was in this beautiful movie, probably Kenshin finish his days dancing with dreadful songs of Shakira or slamming with Metallica... or even becoming inmortal (you know the "great ideas" of the japaneses). At last; Reflections is the BEST Ova of all times. If you don't have see it, run to your tv and look for it... If there's not on air, read a good book of Whitman, Garcia Lorca... or go to see Hiroshima mon amour or Otomo's Akira.moreless
  • This is a great show with action and true events back in japan and china with the wars.

    Samurai x is great to watch with great action love and war there are great episodes its all about Kenshin Himura who waz once know as a man slayer and he kills his wife tomoe himura and becomes a lonley samurai wandring tryin to find atonment for the lifes his took and he finds another love karuo he carries a reversed edge blade sword tryin to save lifes not takin them as a fan of this show i recommend it to everyone its great if u love action and comedy then this is the show for u its one of my fav.moreless
  • Disappointing, melodramatic trash.

    Even when I was a new fan of Rurouni Kenshin, I had huge doubts about this OVA when I heard about it. It just didn't seem to fit the positive tone of the TV series. The theme of the TV series and the manga is atonement through life rather than death. Yet in Seisouhen, the only way for Kenshin to find peace is to drive himself until his body breaks. Not only that, but in Seisouhen, he knowingly transfers the disease that's ravaging his body to his second wife Kaoru, so she can "share his pain". What happened to the non-killing vow? Or doesn't it apply to his wives?

    Kenshin's son Kenji grows up hating Kenshin for never being there and for making his mother sad. At age 15, Kenji moves to Kyoto to train in Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu under Kenshin's old master, Hiko Seijuro XIII because he wants to experience the power of Hitokiri Battousai.

    Many people call Kenji a spoiled brat, but I don't blame him for acting as he did. Why should Kenji be loving and supportive of a father who is never there for him?

    No, to me Seisouhen just doesn't fit the rest of the RK franchise. I believe the true ending is found in the manga's Jinchuu /Revenge Arc, on which Seisouhen is LOOSELY based.moreless
  • I completly love this show it is great to watch if anyone has any other idears send me a memo.

    Where to start this show completly rock samauri x reflection is a must watch show i watched it and become upsessed with it some of it is qiute sad and romantic but heaps cool with great action it couldnt get over it i coulnt wait for it to come back on i was so board i didnt watch two of my shows then it came back on it was great.
  • The ending to the journey of the legendary Kenshin Himura.

    I hated this ending. I mean, his journey was really intense. He has his friends, people he loves and to die like this. I think it's incredibly sad and unfair. We've watched Kaoru be so stubborn. She went looking for him when he went to train for his fight with Shishio, but she here she let him go. I just couldn't believe it. And their son, I mean, what was that about. His father for peace and the welfare of his countrymen and he was training to surpass his father just coz his mother wasn't looking for him. I wish they made a happier ending for Kenshin's sad yet worthy journey.moreless
  • a question about Samurai X
    There is an OVA about Kenshin during his days as the battousai and how he met Tomoe. What is the title of it?
  • Kenshin's Death
    what was the affliction that was killing Kenshin? I assume that it is a result of old wounds from battles like that vs. shishio. a...

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