Samurai X

Season 1 Episode 11

Farewell, the Strongest Men

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Kenpu style seems to have been too much for Himura to handle.

    Despite the fatal injuries that have been inflicted on Himura, he continues to battle in order to find a flaw in the defense of Shinomori’s kodachi. And to Shinomori’s surprise he found a way. Himura reveals, “I can’t beat you in terms of speed because my blade is longer than your kodachi’s. So I had to adjust it to make it the same length as yours.” In aw Shinomori replies, “So, that’s why? You were holding the base where the blade is dull. You’ve shown me the true identity of the Legendary Manslayer. In gratitude, I will defeat you with the true attack of the Oniwaban group.” Shinomori performs the Kaiten-kenbu, a technique so fluid in it’s movements that it’s almost impossible to know when it moves from the defensive stance to the offensive. A triple slash mark was formed on impact. Himura falls and Shinomori expresses a smug look, “Kaiten-kenbu. Not one of my enemies has ever survived this attack. And now the Manslayer is dead.” Myojin reveals a sudden burst of fury, “You’re going to pay for this! You’re not getting away Aoshi! Even if I die in the process, I’m gunna make sure I take you with me!” But in some form of miracle, “Yahiko… Yahiko… you’re important to the Kamiya Kasshin style as it’s successor. I can’t let you die in a place like this.” Himura arose from the hard cold floor of what should have been his grave to display that the only thing Shinomori killed was his sheath used to protect his chest. Shinomori vows to keep challenging Himura until he wins. Kanryu Takeda makes a remarkable entrance as the merchant of death. Himura grows furious as Takeda’s thirst for money, “Don’t tell me that you would go to such lengths to get a hold of money that you would even sacrifice human life to feed your hunger for it!” Sadly, Takeda kills the Oniwaban group leaving Shinomori with the corpses of his comrades. Himura destroys Takeda’s gun and unleashes a powerful strike at the side of Takeda’s face. Shinomori buries his fallen comrades and promises to bring flowers to their graves. By this he means to uphold the title of the Strongest.
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