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Sanctuary, the first broadcast quality Sci-Fi series to migrate from the Internet to network (cable) television, and the first TV series to be recorded by a digital RED camera using green screen technology on almost every shot, stars Stargate SG-1 veteran Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus. Dr. Magnus heads a global network of Sanctuaries for supernatural creatures, or as she likes to call them, Abnormals - which she retrieves from all over the world. Having injected a serum she created from pure, ancient vampire blood, Magnus and a small group of colleagues have come to possess special, paranormal abilities, or "powers" - hers being extreme longevity. Helen Magnus is a very beautiful and very well-preserved 158-years-old. In her work, she is backed by a team of talented specialists : her daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), trained in weapons and combat; Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins), a techno wizard, geek and part-time werewolf; the Big Guy (Christopher Heyerdahl), a gentle giant who also happens to be an intelligent, well-refined member of the Sasquatch branch of the hominid family. Heyerdahl also plays John Druitt - sometime friend and sometime foe, a teleporter who just happens to be Ashley's father - and Jack the Ripper. Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) completes the team. Will, a young forensic psychiatrist who recently died and came back from the dead in Kali (3), has become Magnus' trusted confidant and protégé. Unfortunately, Ashley was lost to the void at the beginning of Season Two and may or may not ever return. She was replaced on Team Magnus by Kate (Agam Darshi), a former con-woman and thief with many shady connections. Druitt, like his daughter, sacrificed himself for the team and vanished - and again, may or may not return. In 2008, on the basis of the buzz created by eight webisodes (totaling about two hours), Sanctuary was picked up by the Sci Fi Channel for 13 sixty-minute episodes, beginning with the two-part webisode redux pilot, Sanctuary For All. In November of 2008, the series was renewed for a second 13 episode season, and on October 15, 2010, after an interminable nine-month delay, Sanctuary began its third fantastic season on the now renamed SyFy - this time with 22 exciting episodes and even longer story arcs.


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Monsters & Mutants, nerd fantasy, back from the dead, mythical quest, mysterious forces