Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Set in a private hospital in Oldham near Manchester in the North West of England All the patients seem to be Werewolves hiding from a world that does not understand them but is there more to the patient's fear of their own condition.

    Really loved this episode as I live just near Oldham in England. Would point out though that Brits do not drink warm beer as said in the show, we drink it ice cold like everyone else! Also Irish music is not native to Oldham or England but it was close enough! The location shots were not bad had a feel of England. Though the hospital itself was nothing like a UK building as plugs and signs were standard US not UK.

    That said the storyline was great and the cast believable, is this how abnormals would protect themselves by hiding in institutions under the guise of patients, I think it a likely option.
  • 8.5
    I like anything with Tesla in it, he is such a cool character, and it's nice to have someone as genius as Magnus, and a character that she can spar with.
    Not that the rest are duds..i don't mean that at all.
    The others are clever but not on the level of Magnus - so i think she needs episodes that are about her and connect with her past.
    Will and Henry on their 'road trip' was a nice touch. It's good to expand Henry's story line and take them out of the Sanctuary - very cool story line.
    I loved this episode...Thank you. What FUN!
  • Animus

    Animus was a great and fun episode to watch. This episode was focused on Henry and his HAP side. It was nice to see his characters development and it was nice for him to meet others of his kind. I think that this story was entertaining. The other plot about the hologram city was also very interesting and a fun puzzle to watch be solved by the team work of Magnus and Tesla. This episode definitely moves the season along and I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode. The ending of this episode was surprising and very interesting!!!!!
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