Season 3 Episode 3

Bank Job

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2010 on Syfy
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In order to protect the public, Team Sanctuary is forced to stage a bank heist after a seemingly routine retrieval of an Abnormal egg goes haywire.

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  • I Like the changes..

    so after the event of big bertha, i recognized some differences from this show. Will buffed up a little, Kate lose weight and she now looks HOOOOOTT! Magnus, is same-old same-old. Episodes are still kinda okay. come on, a bank vault wall just got pulled out with a tow truck, the bad guy didn't hear that? sure bank vaults are thick, but even i could here voices in a close vault. aside from that, i thought the episode was pretty cool. go Kate showing some bad ass bank robbery knowledge. And oh oh! Henry should have just let his computer blow up instead of shutting it down from the outside. hehe.moreless
  • Bank Job

    Bank Job was a superb episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode and seeing Kate get to shine with her knowledge and background. It was also cool to see Gary Jones who was Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman on Stargate SG1 in this episode. I like when people do new projects and include people they have worked with in the past, it just goes to show how much fun they have working together. I thought that the story was good and full of action. This show has so many awesome aspects to it. This episode showcased some of the characters best qualities and skills. I look forward to watching the rest of this season and many more to come!!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Helen (in exaggerated mobster accent): Just sit still, don't make any trouble - you'll live. Okay, buddy?
      George (to Dave): I knew that British accent was fake.

      Much has been made about Amanda Tapping's accent "slippage", both in the past and in discussing this episode. During the "heist", Magnus affects an American "mobster" accent to help "disguise" who she is (a fact noted on Closed Captioning for those who use it). This was necessary because when she first went into the bank, she had nothing to hide and used her "natural" English accent. However, once it became a "heist", not having any Jedi mind tricks handy, she wanted to "hide" who she was. Especially because of his iconic status as Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman on both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, having "George" (Garry Jones) , her "partner" for so many years, poke fun at the controversy concerning Amanda's English accent was priceless.

    • Suspension of Disbelief: In order for the reader/viewer to accept fantastic or non-realistic elements, science fiction requires a "willing suspension of disbelief", a phrase coined by the English philosopher-poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1817. Coleridge felt that if a writer infused enough "human interest" and even "a semblance of truth" into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning any potential implausibilities. However, despite the lazy, modern assertion that such " logic suspensions" are the sole responsibility of the reader/viewer, an explanative "hook" by the writer, even a weak one, simply must be offered.
      Having efforted a stab at disguising Magnus's accent, it seems incredible that no attempt whatsoever was made to deal with the real "elephant in the room". Even if George never said a word, even if Dave didn't talk after getting outwitted, even if all the info on the van's computer could've somehow been magically erased (a complete overwriting of a hard drive takes seven time-consuming passes), even if no-one heard the vault wall being violated, the real problem remains : fingerprints and DNA - in the bank, in the van, on the headsets, the guns, etc. With a former FBI agent and a world-class scientist on the team, no one even mentioned DNA and fingerprints!? No one ever watched any CSI-type shows on television?
      Will, as a former agent, certainly would've been "in the system". Kate, given her "bad girl" past, presumably would've developed a file at some point. Yet, no gloves were used, no attempt was made to wipe anything down, no "secret" chemical applied to "dissolve" the DNA evidence. Again, even the briefest of efforts would've been enough to "suspend" disbelief, yet … nothing - just a fantastic, magical escape. That requires some kinda suspension.

    • Christopher Heyerdahl is credited but does not appear in this episode.

    • In-Joke: When Will is trying to guess the bank manager's password, the certificate on the wall states that it is awarded to Thomas H., after a weekend of research into Corporate Obfuscation, for Team Corporate Accounting Malpractice of the Weekend and is awarded by the College of Malfeasance, Little Rock, Arkansas. At least two of the signatories (Nick Dibley and Michael Corrado) are members of the show's Art Department.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Kate: Small towns make me nervous.
      Will: Why?
      Kate: Do I look small town to you?

    • (Will asks Kate to stop nervously drumming the bank's complementary pen)
      Kate: Not even chained down - welcome to Mayberry.
      Will: You know, we might wanna focus here.
      Kate: Whoa … There's a blast from the past : Norcam fixed position, black and white, no thermal tracking - and if they haven't calibrated the focus lately …?
      Will: Wow, you sure know a lot about those cameras.
      Kate: Look at the dust on those motion sensors … and there's no lasers at floor level. This place is a ripe peach just waiting to be plucked.
      Will: Look, I don't want to interrupt your trip down memory lane, but, uh, we're not here for the cash.

    • Helen: Bloody, bloody hell! (to crew on radio earbuds) We've got a problem.
      Will: What do you mean?
      Helen: Not only has the creature prematurely hatched, but it's escaped as well.
      Will: What do you mean, it's in the bank?
      Helen (rushing back to the lobby): Worse! It's inside someone in the bank - guaranteed it's found a host by now. No one leaves until the Abnormal is contained.
      Will: Uh, how do we quarantine a bank?
      Kate: Everyone down! This is a hold-up! (Kate shocks Will by taking out her gun and firing it into the ceiling several times) Kiss the floor now!

    • Will: What the hell are you doing!?
      Kate: Improvising. Get with the program, wingman.
      Will: I am not your wingman.

    • Kate: I'm guessing local response time for a town this size is five minutes max.
      Helen: We'll never be able to isolate the host in that time.
      Kate: Well then, we better hunker down, 'cause the feds won't be far behind. We're only twenty miles from the Seattle field office.
      Helen: Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better.
      Kate: You wanna call in some markers with your bros in Homeland Security?
      Helen: Not this time. We're dealing with an incredibly deadly Red List Abnormal. I'm not prepared to share it with anyone, let alone the government.
      Kate: Just us chickens.

    • Cheryl: Are you and he …?
      Kate: Who?
      Cheryl: That guy you came in with. (looking at Will)
      Kate (in disbelief): Him!? No.
      Cheryl (obviously interested): Oh.
      Kate (whispering): He killed his last girlfriend … still haven't found all the pieces.
      Cheryl (smiling): Really?
      Kate (disgusted): Yeah. Sit down.

    • Kate: Arms up, legs open.
      Adam (chuckles): Usually I get dinner first.
      Kate: Oh, that's original.
      Adam: Look, why are you taking hostages?
      Kate: We're lonely.

    • Adam: Clearly, you're a smart woman. You gotta know … these situations rarely end well.
      Kate (puts her gun to his chest): Hostage psychology 101, huh? Create an emotional bond with your captor, compliment them, connect with them on a personal level - and then maybe … they won't kill you.
      Adam: Ya can't blame a guy for trying, right?
      Kate: No. But if you don't sit down and stay quiet, I will blow your head off.
      Adam: Sitting down.

    • (Henry, on the phone, is out in the van researching the ferropodous)
      Henry: How could something so beautiful contain something so butt ugly?
      Helen: This isn't a beauty contest, Henry. Did you find it?
      Henry: Yeah, uh … as-seato-col …
      Helen: Acetylcholinesterase.
      Henry: Yeah, took the word right outta my mouth.
      Helen: It's an enzyme inhibitor, like a-a natural valium.
      Henry: Oh, good. So it's ugly and relaxed.

    • Kate: Look, I don't get it. Wouldn't somebody have felt this thing?
      Helen: Temperature of a newly hatched embryo is 98.2 degrees - so close to human body temperature you'd never even feel it on your skin.
      Will: Allowing it to slip easily into its … orifice of choice.
      (all three quietly shudder at the thought)

    • (the police call and Magnus is about to answer)
      Kate: Hey, I know the playbook. They wrote it for people like me.
      Will (wants the job): Cop?
      Kate (wants it more): Robber!
      Helen (handing the phone to Kate): It's your show. Stall for time.

    • Kate: Five-and-a-half minutes. Long lineup at the donut shop?
      Det. Bronson: Heh. Good morning, this is Detective Michael Bronson. I understand we got a bit of a situation here.
      Kate: Yeah, I'd say so. Seven hostages, no injuries. If you'd like to keep it that way, I want : a chopper - and a 30 minute head start with radio silence. Oh, and, uh, two tickets to the next Eddie Izzard show. (hangs up) That oughta keep 'em busy for a while.
      Det. Bronson: Is she kiddin' me?

    • (Bridget is ill and may be "hosting" the ferropodous)
      Will: So basically, we're screwed. She's gonna explode and the ferropodous is gonna take out everybody in the bank?
      Helen: Not unless we get it out of her before that happens.
      Will: Surgery? Here?
      Helen: I've operated in the trenches at Verdun. At least here I don't have to deal with the mud and the rats.
      Will (sarcastically): Well, when you put it like that …

    • Cheryl: Have you ever … shot anyone?
      Will: Uh-h … yes. (tries to keep walking)
      Cheryl: Wait. (exhales sharply) What was it like?
      Will: It was awesome. Sit down. (exhales in disbelief)
      Dave (sarcastically): Ooh, he's dreamy.
      Kate: So, how's your new girlfriend?
      Will: She's obviously crazy, just my type.

    • Det. Bronson: Just wanted to let you know - the helicopter you requested? It's on its way.
      Kate (scoffs): Really? So, you called your captain, he relayed the request to the FBI, who then contacted Homeland Security, who, in turn, cleared a flight path with the F.A.A., and they commandeered a chopper that is supposedly already in the air - all in three minutes? Jerk me around again and you'll regret it. (hangs up)
      Will (smiling): It-it frightens me that we're co-workers.
      Kate: Good.

    • (Magnus needs the results of their "retinal scans")
      Henry: Yeah, gimmie a few minutes. This baby doesn't have the juice of my mainframe back home.
      Helen (impatiently): Sooner is better.
      Henry (in baby voice, caressing the monitor): Ooh, come on, sweet pea. (realizes he hadn't disconnected) Ah, did you guys just …
      Will: Yeah. Yeah, we all heard that.
      Henry: Awkward.

    • (Magnus wants a toxin prepared)
      Henry: Yeah, that sounds reasonable, but … Oh, wait, me?
      Helen: You can do this.
      Henry: No! No, no, no. I'm the geek, you're the doc. I do tech, you do drugs … You know what I mean.

    • Helen: Now that Bridget's clear, I think she'd be safer on the outside.
      Kate: She may be, but right now, they're blind. We release a hostage, we lose that advantage.
      Will: They'll know our numbers, and our less-than-bloodthirsty attitude.
      Helen: I know, but if I can save another life today, I will. Make the call.

    • Henry: All right, it's coming through now.
      Will: How long?
      Henry: ASAP.
      Will: Sooner's better.
      Henry: You guys are a real broken record today, you know that?

    • (Magnus is treating Adam's wound and Kate hands her the super glue )
      Kate: Found it, but really?
      Helen: It was originally used to seal battle wounds in the field. (Adam cries out in pain) Alcohol swab and bandage - tightly! I'll be right back.
      Adam: What's really going on here? (cries out again)
      Kate: Sorry.
      Adam: You guys are supposed to be bank robbers, but you haven't even stolen any money yet. Your buddy's … takin' pictures of everyone's eyes with that scanner thing, and the ringleader just plugged my arm with glue! Who the hell are you people anyway?

    • (Henry smells the toxin he's mixed up and wrinkles his nose)
      Henry: Smells like root beer, hope that's a good thing

    • (Henry is on the run from the cops and his cell phone won't connect)
      Henry: Aw, come on! God, I hate roaming.

    • Helen: Hey! What are you writing?
      George: Uh, nothing.
      Helen: Hand it over. (George exhales and hands her a flyer he was writing on) Your will?
      George: It was … just in case.
      Helen (in exaggerated mobster accent): Just sit still, don't make any trouble - you'll live. Okay, buddy?
      George (to Dave): I knew that British accent was fake.

    • Adam: Okay … try not to worry, everything's gonna be okay here.
      Grace: You know, you remind me of my nephew.
      Adam: Really?
      Grace: Yeah, he's fulla crap, too.

    • Kate: They're getting more nervous with each passing minute.
      Grace: I gotta pee.
      Kate: See what I mean?
      Helen/Will (in unison): Your turn!

    • Helen: All right, you four, move to the front door.
      Cheryl: You're not gonna kill us, are you?
      Helen: You're free to go.
      Grace: I don't care how much you take from these bloodsuckers, just leave my Christmas fund alone.

    • Kate: So what are you gonna do now, Dave?
      Will: He could kill the host, save us all.
      Dave: But then the creature dies, no payday.
      Helen: He could shoot us and try and escape with George here before he explodes.
      Dave: Too noisy, the Feds'd storm in immediately.
      Will: Looks like you've got a real problem, Dave.
      Dave: Okay … the vault.
      Helen: You wouldn't.
      Dave: Yeah, that'll work. George here explodes …
      George: Oh! Would you people stop saying that!

    • Helen: We've only a few minutes before the creature hatches. Help me get him into the fetal position.
      Will: Why?
      Helen: Less room for the gestation to complete.
      Will: What, so folding him in half buys us time?
      Helen: You have a better idea?
      Will: No, no. Yoga it is.

    • Helen: Where is he!?
      Kate: I know, I know. Come on, Hank, please.
      (George retches up more gestation vapors)
      Will: Oh, out of time, kids. We are out of time here!
      (the east wall gives way with a groaning crash and Henry appears)
      Henry: Who's your daddy!?

    • Kate: I think maybe it's hungry.
      Will: Probably. I'm just glad we're off the menu.
      Helen: Take it to its new home and feed it a proper lunch.
      Henry: Cheetos it is. Come on, little guy.
      Will: Taco. Her name's Taco.
      Henry: What the hell kinda name is Taco?
      Will: Well, you see, there was this dog - and it looked like a cross between a Chihuahua and Satan …

    • Helen: You handled yourself really well.
      Kate: Holding up the bank? It's … nothin' I haven't done before.
      Helen: Nevertheless, you did a good job.
      Kate: You coulda taken over anytime, but you let me run with it.
      Helen: You had it covered - right down to the empty gun in your waistband, very clever.
      Kate: Thanks.
      Helen: There's just one thing that bothers me.
      Kate: What's that?
      Helen: All that money, and you didn't even take any.
      Kate (at a loss for words): I …
      Helen: Isn't that depressing?
      Kate (chuckles): Terribly.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Kate: Not even chained down - welcome to Mayberry.

      Kate is alluding to the 1950's and '60's Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D. - where life was simpler and safer, where people were trusted and nothing was locked or "chained down".

    • Kate: Just us chickens.

      This phrase is so embedded in popular culture that, at first blush, it may not seem like an allusion at all. In fact, neither author James Thorpe, nor creator Damian Kindler may have even known about the crossover hit which first popularized the phrase. In any case, according to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, "Nobody but us chickens" originated as the punch line of a regional joke about a chicken thief caught in the act by a wary farmer. Supposedly, when the shotgun totin' farmer asks "Who's there?", the thief responds "Nobody here but us chickens".
      The joke may have quietly remained a regional, farm-belt fixture, but in 1946, "The King of the Jukebox", jump blues great Louis Jordan released the Alex Kramer-Joan Whitney song "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens". While the song reached #1 on the R&B Juke Box chart (at the time, a segregated "race" category for black music), Jordan, way ahead of his time in so many ways, had great "crossover appeal" and the song rose to #6 on the (white) pop chart. The saying has been an indelible part of pop culture ever since.