Season 2 Episode 1

End of Nights (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Ashley is still missing and the team is still attempting to find her and figure out what the Cabal wishes to do with her. It turns out that the Cabal has been performing some experiments with her, injecting her with a sample of source blood and coaxing out her genetic powers, like her father's teleportation ability. Meanwhile, Tesla has developed a cure for the Lazarus virus and has been traveling the globe distributing it to the affected Abnormals.

Henry has managed to track down Ashley. She has shown up in one of Interpol's data warehouses and stolen 200 Petabytes of valuable, information. Will goes to investigate, posing as a senior intelligence analyst to get access to printouts of the data Ashley has stolen. The information leads to a project undertaken by the British government, they were experimenting on six orphans, planning to make them all into genetically perfect human beings, but Magnus, recalling that this was too much like the Nazi plan for eugenics, told the government to scrap the program. Four have already gone missing, so Will and Magnus go after the remaining two orphans.

Magnus and Will rescue one of the remaining orphans but when they try to collect the last one they run into a bounty hunter working for the Cabal. She kidnaps the remaining orphan much to the dismay of Will and Magnus, who go after her and capture her, but not before the Cabal is able to grab the orphan. The woman (Kate Freelander) is taken to the Sanctuary and placed under Henry's watch. They find out that she is working for the Cabal, but before they can get more information out of her, she escapes.

She gets in contact with the Cabal, to find out why she hasn't been paid for her contract. However, the Cabal leader (Dana Whitcomb) refuses to hand over the cash, since Kate was captured by Magnus and her team and now they know more about the Cabal's plans than before. Kate ends up with a price on her head. She is attacked by the Cabal, but manages to make it back to the Sanctuary where she informs Magnus that there is a Cabal facility nearby where Ashley might have been taken.

The team goes to the facility in order to rescue Ashley, but end up in an empty warehouse. They encounter Ashley, who is not the same woman they remember her being. Now she has vampiric powers, as well as abnormal powers. Before the encounter turns deadly, however, John manages to teleport the team back out.

Tesla and Magnus figure out that the Cabal is trying to obtain the genetically perfect humans in order to pass along Ashley's unique characteristics, creating a group of invincible super abnormals. However, the Cabal have already taken most of the orphans, and they are put on a mission to destroy all of the Sanctuaries.