Season 2 Episode 1

End of Nights (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • We learn what happened to Ashley and how this is going to effect things going forward. Also the Cabal is preparing for an all out attack on the Sanctuary Network.

    I was a little upset with the way the cliff hanger left things at the end of last season considering we had to wait over nine months for the premiere of this the broadcast second season premiere. So we end tonight's episode with a cliffhanger of the cliffhanger. With Part 1 of End of Nights.

    Despite all of that this was pretty good classic Sanctuary. We have a number of dynamics in place. We have the Cabal experimenting with genetics. We have the Sanctuary trying to figure out what direction the Cabal is taking. In other words they are trying to stay one step ahead which they are able to do very rarely. Helen and John are looking for Ashley with no success. Henry is trying to get his friend to take the serum Tesla put together but with no luck. We also meet the new member of the team Kate Freelander played by Agam Darshi. Kate looks like she is Ashley's replacement in the weapons and action department. Unfortunately we had another cliffhanger sort of cut things off as they really got good. ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Ashley has been killed and reborn as a version of all of the original members of the The Five. She can do all of the things John, Tesla, and the others can do. They have also been able to make five additional duplicates so they have six of these assassin thieves to use. They seem single minded and controlled. The Sanctuary was able to grab at least one of the possible copies before there were seven.

    So we'll wait for next weeks episode to really understand what the End of Night really means. It should be fun. Thanks for reading...