Season 2 Episode 1

End of Nights (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • In Search of Ashley. Hello Lady Deathstrike. Hello Magnus and co.

    Sanctuary last season for me got off to a pretty average start but somewhere around mid-season when the mythology and characters kicked in I got hooked. Even from the start it was clear that Sanctuary was a show unto its own. It has it's own feel and pacing... actally pacing, that was one of the major problems it had in the beginning. Luckily this episode fixes this and adds in split screen, halfway between 24 and The Hulk, which gives an extra styling to its already comic book sensibilities.

    It's those comic book sensibilities that set this show apart from others. Now I've never been a fan of comics myself but this makes me want to read them. It's clear there is a sense of The Cabal's toying with Ashley's DNA to be wolverine/Lady Deathstrike inspired. The nails (Tesla has the same nails in Vampire form) and the moves very much a big feature. The experimentation on Ashley as they pumped things in particular Vampire Blood into her was something you would not see in any other live action TV show. Add the maternal doctor (great character, not a mad scientist, that actually added to the feeling that they were creating a new Ashley) and you have a very entertaining and intriguing plot strand.

    I also like some of the character work that has gone into the show. Magnus is now working for a common goal with Tesla and Druitt to find Ashley. She is clearly upset and driven, when she threatens new character Kate Freelander you genuinly believe she may lose it. Bigfoot and Henry as well where we get some great scenes that give us a sense these characters are supportive of and have known each other for years. Bigfoot will not take his medicine for the sickness due to seeing it as a giving in and not being strong in the traditions of his tribe. Both ourselves and Henry do not understand why he sees this as being a weakness but its clear that despite being cast out that he has his culture and he will respect it. The tension comes out of the characters friendship and I liked this strand and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

    Keeping the episode going at pace was the search for Ashley, in particular the car chase was great and I did seem to notice that there were more daytime, less in shadow, shots. Has the show received more money for its budget. It definitely seems so. This can only help the unique (for tv) world that the show has created already.

    Lastly, that ending going into the second part felt rushed and underwhelming. You didn't just have time to compute what it may lead to. Yeah there may have been clues it just feels rushed. The next episode despite this is sure to be a must watch but more because of the previews and not the ending itself.