Season 2 Episode 2

End of Nights (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on Syfy
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Tesla and Henry attempt to create a weapon to help stop the attacks by the Cabal on the many Sanctuaries around the world.

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  • I hate when writers do things in the storyline simply for dramatic effect without any connection to what the character would do.

    I hate when writers do things in the storyline simply for dramatic effect without any connection to what the character would do. Magnus knows what's at stake here. She realizes the situation has global proportions. The minute she gave Tesla Ashley's blood, she was ready to kill her daughter if she had to. She would never have given him the blood otherwise. So to have this ridiculously sentimental moment where Magnus won't take the shot and Ashley's former self saves her mother is rubbish. Ashley's genetic alteration was complete, there is no coming back from it without a severe alteration like John went through. As for Magnus, well, she's proven time and again that she won't let sentiment rule her when there are bigger things at stake, she would have taken the shot. If the writer's wanted dramatic storyline potential, having Ashley's mother be her killer would have given them a gold mine to pull from. This syrupy sweet moment they tried to concoct instead was drivel. I'm not even going to start on how they mangled the Claire and Will storyline. The writer's blew it, let's just leave it at that.moreless
  • The Sanctuary teams goes on the offense against the Cabal as Nikolai and Henry prepare a weapon to stop Ashely, and Cabal abnormals.

    A lot of action in this episode. Last week's had a couple of action scenes but was mostly drama. Here the Sanctuary team goes on the offense to stop the Cabal's effort to destroy their work. Destroying their work, in this case means destroying the other Sanctuary locations around the world.

    We get to see more of Ashley, and the other abnormals abilities. They can regenerate, resists a lot of heavy voltage, can communicate by telepathy.

    Magnus tells Nikolai and Henry to make a weapon to try and stop them. The guy who plays Nikolai is a riot and probably the best part his episode.

    The action mingled with the jokes worked well. I can't believe if it's true that they killed of Clara. Sanctuary gets a victory of sorts able to hold their ground for their battle. However, interesting to see where things go from here.moreless
  • End of Nights (2)

    End of Nights (2) was a really awesome episode of Sanctuary because it was full of every thing that makes this show fun to watch. There was action, drama, intrigue, and humor as well as character and plot development. I thought it was funny to see Tesla use a Nubbins as a test subject for the new weapon he and Henry were building. This episode put Magnus in a difficult position as she must deal with what the Cabal has turned Ashley into and the others like her as they attack the Sanctuary and it's network. I really enjoyed the story and how the writers, actors, and directors amongst others created this world and dealt with the situations at hand. There were some touching scenes as Magnus tries to push Will away. Kate seems to have a new path for her life in mind, and The Big Guy makes a fateful decision. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!moreless
  • Sanctuary is back and here to stay!

    I was somewhat doubtful about Sanctuary's return this year. I enjoyed it a lot last year but I wondered if there were any more threads to be explored in the storyline. With this double opener all my doubts have been cast aside, not only is it as good as last year but in fact, it is much much better... There was everything one could ask for in these episodes, adventure, suspense, good writing, well choreographed fight scenes, technology, mystery, the human element, all the actors were great in their parts. Wonderful. The actors seem to have grown much more comfortable in their characters, and the secondary parts have been given more screen time, which is good because now that Ashley is gone more weight will have to be given to additional characters. I like Kate, she's a breath of fresh air in the show, so I hope she stays. Christopher Heyerdahl participating as a regular raises no objection from me, quite the contrary. I think he should be among the main characters in every episode, and not just the openers where he is connected to the storyline with Ashley. He could contribute a lot to the team, obviously, and his opposite dynamics with Magnus make an interesting pair. All in all, Sanctuary seems to have grown much more mature this season, with more attention to detail, complicated storylines and well studied action scenes, and even though it runs on a relatively low budget the result is way more interesting than many of the high-budget shows on television right now. Seems like we're up for a great season!moreless
  • A really good episode, full of high stakes..

    I have no words to describe this episode. I really, really loved it. I loved the story, the complexity of it, the hardness and how it affected the chars. I mean. To see Magnus transform turning this and last week episode. She is not the same person anymore. As in the end, she was ready to kill Ashley.. at least she thought that when she gave the blood to Tesla.

    I loved many scenes with Magnus. The talk she had with bigfoot. The fights and the personal dilemmas she had. The whole story of her. And not only her. The way Druit seems to have more and more say in her life. I mean.. There were scenes.. and I really liked it. I mean.. when Druit was explaining why he has right to have his say in Ashley's case.

    And the ending.. and not only that. The action. The attacks and those vampires. The fight they had and how it had such an effect on the outcome.. I mean.. the end scene. Ashley somehow flipping back to normal her.. then teleporting.. and Magnus.. the whole "I am afraid" line. It was so dramatic, tragic and really tearjerking.

    Some great fight scenes too. Like when those vampires start the attack on London.. or Druit vs Ashley.moreless
Maiko Yamamoto

Maiko Yamamoto


Guest Star

Stanley Tsang

Stanley Tsang

Dr. Hiromata

Guest Star

Daren A. Herbert

Daren A. Herbert

Cabal Tech

Guest Star

Robert Lawrenson

Robert Lawrenson

Declan MacRae

Recurring Role

Lynda Boyd

Lynda Boyd

Dana Whitcomb

Recurring Role

Christine Chatelain

Christine Chatelain

Clara Griffin

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    • Whitcomb: (answering phone) Dana Whitcomb.
      Helen: Is that your real name, or just the one we'll put on your headstone?
      Whitcomb: Helen. Nice of you to call.
      Helen: You have my daughter. I want her back. Before this escalates any further, I'm willing to listen to your terms.
      Whitcomb: Well, actually, they're very simple. We would happily arrange for Ashley to be returned to you, provided you're willing to give us what we want.
      Helen: Which is?
      Whitcomb: Surrender the entire Sanctuary global network into our hands immediately. Your daughter, or your work - you choose.

    • Will: You seem to know a lot about us - for somebody who's just a hired gun.
      Kate: You seem to know squat about the Cabal. Not good news for your team, boy scout.
      Will: Magnus knows a hell of a lot more than you think.
      Kate: Well, then, she should use it.

    • MacRae: We have a lab set up for you to continue your work, all according to the specifications you sent us …
      Tesla: I'll need wine, the good stuff, nothing cheap.

    • (Will is running for his life when Clara closes a shield door)
      Clara: Are you okay?
      Will: Oh! You're kidding, right? (on walkie-talkie) Magnus, operation Exxon-Valdez is a bust.
      Helen: Can you draw them into the main lab?
      Will: (as the clones pound on the door) Oh, yeah, that shouldn't be a problem - seeing as they're trying to kill me and all.
      Helen: Don't take it personally.

    • Helen: You should leave while you can, Will. You've done more than your share.
      Will: Yeah, I should … but like you said, I'm just not that smart.

    • Helen: Ashley … listen to me, please. I don't wanna do this. You don't wanna do this. (Ashley teleports behind Helen and claws her, knocking Helen to the ground) Ashley! Do you remember when you were small. You used to come into my room in the middle of the night and you'd crawl into my arms and you'd say "Mummy, I'm afraid? (looks at her daughter and puts down the weapon, crying) Ashley … I'm afraid.

    • Tesla: You think it'll go better this time?
      Druitt: Wits and courage, dear boy. We'll be fine.
      Tesla: I'm not British, you know, all this tally ho crap doesn't work on me.

    • (sits down next to Bigfoot)
      Helen: You've looked better...The others may question your choices, your beliefs, I don't. We've known each other too long. We've always understood the need for space, freedom to live as we want, it's the very thing that defines us. Once we let go of who we are, what we believe to be true, who the hell are we for God's sake? Chattel for the fates like everyone else. I've always held, despite how complex this world is, compromise is for the weak, and the cost of that weakness is too high a price, no matter how dire the consequences. Truth is, we've been wrong all along. (leaves a syringe of the Lazarus virus serum on the bed) I won't be visiting you again.

    • Tesla: Your mother would be so disappointed.
      (Ashley growls and shows her vampire fangs)
      Tesla: Am I supposed to be impressed? ( He rips the electrical conduit out of the wall and directs the charge at Ashley. It slows her down but she keeps coming) OK, I'm impressed! (Tesla retreats and lowers the shield door)

    • (discussing the Cabal clones)
      MacRae: They'll head to the main databank in the central lab, send their data burst from there - then they'll target me.
      Helen: I'm not quite ready to surrender yet, Declan. We stick to the plan. (Talks into radio) Nikola, how long?
      Tesla: Almost there. Stop bugging me!

    • Tesla: We learn more from failure than from success - so I've heard.
      Henry: Great, so basically we're back at square one. That's awesome!
      Tesla: Listen! The Cabal have been planning this move for decades, I've had two days, a crappy lab and Tiny Tim for an assistant - so please cut me some slack.
      Henry: (angrily throws down his protective gloves) If you think working with you is a party, think again - Vlad!
      Tesla: (smiling) Good, you finally showed up. Quit your whining and get to work.

    • (Looking at a Nubbin)
      Henry: Did you really inject your own blood into little Damian here?
      Tesla: We have to see the effects of the radiation blast on source blood physiology, and I'm hardly going to do the test on myself.
      Henry: I hope it doesn't make him too sick.
      Tesla: (sarcastically) Oh yes, me too. Stand back.

    • Helen: How dare you! You think your sentiments come from some generous place? They do not! It's pure ego.
      Druitt: Ego? (scoffs softly) Try regret.
      Helen: Ashley and I did fine on our own, John, don't waste your time on the past.
      Druitt: You misunderstand me. Again. I regret it, not because I wasn't here to change nappies, or to watch her take her first steps. It's what I gave her … what the Cabal has summoned from within her … are the gifts she inherited from me. My bloodlust.
      Helen: You weren't always that way, John, you were changed. And like your condition, I'm convinced hers can be managed.
      Druitt: And if you're wrong? What's bred in the bone can't be undone in the flesh.
      (Helen shakes her head and walks away)

    • (Discussing the Cabal's ultimatum)
      Will: Tell me you're not actually considering this?
      Helen: It's an impossible choice.
      Druitt: Is it?!
      Helen: If I did capitulate, do you honestly believe that the Cabal would honor their end of the deal?
      Druitt: She's our daughter!
      Tesla: Actually, I'm not so sure about that anymore.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : October 16, 2009 on Space
      U.K. : October 19, 2009 on ITV4
      Australia : February 11, 2010 on SciFi Australia
      Czech Republic : January 27, 2010 on AXN Sci-fi


    • Will: Once more into the breach, dear friends.
      Helen: Once more, or close up the wall with our English dead.

      The 'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!' speech from Act III of William Shakespeare's Henry V begins with the lines:
      "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
      Or close the wall up with our English dead".
      The breach in question was the gap in the wall of the city of Harfleur, which the English army held under siege. King Henry was encouraging his men to attack the city again, even if they perished in such numbers as to "close up the wall" with their own corpses.