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Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Magnus and Druitt take very different routes as they try and come to terms with what happened to their daughter. Helen is convinced Ashley is still alive and sets out to find her, while John is thinking of nothing more than revenge against the Cabal. Meanwhile, Will and Henry have a tough task on their hands when the abnormals from the destroyed Sanctuaries seek refuge at theirs.moreless

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  • Aftermath of the latest events

    I am very happy they made this episode. First, I was so afraid that they will do as many other shows after removing major char: they just move on. I really liked they gave it whole episode to sort things out and even with that, I hope this was not the end.

    I love the way this episode in it's more serious storyline reflected Magnus and her feelings and the way she had to cope with it. Having Ashley appearing for her all the time - the way they portrayed her pain, her lost and the hope she had inside her.. that Ashley is still there. That was so painful, so powerful and very well played out.

    Contrasts to Magnus not-giving-up attitude, I liked how the portrayed Druit's way of dealing with it. After they are sure they cannot do anything for Ashley anymore, those two are back to their usual way of communicating but I really hope they will figure out the way to keep Druit around.. and I really hope Tesla will get some more screentime as his char really made some huge process in last 2 episodes. Anyway.. Druit.. Instead of trying to figure out any way to deny what happened, he is after the people he feels were responsible and the last scene in the end, that was promising.

    And Will.. even thought he had major loss too, he is forced to be the strong one for Magnus and moral compass, not letting her go too far with her seek for hope. And those two had some really great scenes and dialoge.

    But the other storyline.. with that Freelander and Henry.. I do not know. If I could choose between Kate and Ashley.. I think Ashley would be my choice with no thinking. I do not like chance in cast and I see no reason to replace Ashley.. And in this episode, Kate really did not managed to break trough and somehow she looks like she was brought in to add some fun or.. but it is not working.. I think

    But overall.. Magnus storyline.. Druit way of dealing with it.. Will as a moral compass.. It all created amazing story and the end.. And some really interesting camera work in this episode too.. I really liked this one.moreless
  • Eulogy

    Eulogy was a perfect and entertaining episode because it was a humanistic look at how Magnus would deal with the situation as well as John. I thought it was great how Will tried to keep Helen on sane terms. This episode was full of emotional and character driven scenes. There were many interesting interactions between the characters during these difficult times. It was interesting to see how differently John and Magnus handled themselves. This episode touches upon the Spiritual Realm, and has many interesting implications. I really enjoyed the flash backs. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!moreless
  • The calm after the storm

    Druitt killing off the Cabal, boy, would I have loved to see more of that... It's alright though, knowing it is rewarding enough. I hated the Cabal and especially Diana, she was so obnoxious. Good riddance.

    Magnus' attempt to discover traces of Ashley in the EMP field were touching, far fetched but also completely understandable. How could she rest unless she knew she had done everything in her power to eliminate all the possibilities? I suppose in the next episodes we will observe how she comes to terms with her loss, and how the Sanctuary network gets back on its feet after such a heavy blow.

    It seems new additions to the team have been made, Kate has decided to stay and also the guy from the Beijing Sanctuary. Will be nice to see some new faces mingle with the old ones. Now that Clara is gone I suppose sooner or later a new love interest for Will will present itself. The whole Sanctuary endeavor is starting to acquire some depth after these first episodes, Helen's mission is becoming clearer to the viewer, more understandable than ever after the realization that she practically sacrificed her daughter to protect the abnormals under her care. They are her family too, and she genuinely cares about them.moreless
  • Magnus is convinced that Angela is still alive. Druitt and Tesla are single handedly taking the Cabal apart. Will, Henry, Ark-Fong Li, and Bigfoot with the eventual help of Kate are trying to put things back together.moreless

    A return to some of the earlier episodes and exciting things that go bump in the night.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Will Magnus is hidden away in her study looking for Ashley and Druitt and Tesla are destroying the Cabal the rest of the team is trying to rebuild the Sanctuary.

    Ark-Fong Li played by Hiro Kanagawa from the Beijing Sanctuary has arrived with hundreds of abnormals that need a place to stay. Will, Henry, and Bigfoot are tasked with figuring out how to solve some of those problems. Kate is ready to leave, but Will tells her she is welcome to stay, but then she starts finding valuable things to take and sell and she's ready to run.

    There are a pair of rare creatures who died defending one of the Sanctuary's and their bodies are in stasis. Kate wants their tusks as they are worth millions. She breaks the stasis on the female one and out pops a bundle of joy. The rest of the story of Henry and Kate tracking it down is worth the time to take and see it. Some nice scary and funny endearing moments. It looks like Kate is her to stay for a while.

    Magnus is searching for Ashley and in this episode she exhausts many different ideas. Her journey is amazing in itself and revolves around some remembrances from the past. It certainly is very interesting and we learn something about Magnus that maybe we didn't know before.

    Overall I feel this is what some people had maybe been waiting for that were upset or unhappy with the first few episodes. This was definitely a return to the Sanctuary. It will be fun to watch the dynamics and the rebuilding of the house. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • this show never seases to amaze me

    somthing about this show never ceases to amaze me. chris heyerdahl could be given no lines in an episode and still show all his emotion and inner feelings. i can never get over how good he is, especialy working with amanda tapping. I'm not sure about the ashley storyline, maybe she's dead, maybe not. it works with the interaction of magnus and druitt, but on the whole the storyline has been done to death, especially with main characters. The writing and directing keep being 1st rate, the green and blue screen work is absoloutley fantastic.

    working on such a small budget, almost exclusivley on a green screen. Especially when you consider what they have to imagine they are seeing and interacting with. how they do that without laughing histerically every 2 seconds is beyond me.moreless
Hiro Kanagawa

Hiro Kanagawa

Ark-Fong Li

Guest Star

Jason Schombing

Jason Schombing

Flying Abnormal

Guest Star

Paul Stanley (III)

Paul Stanley (III)

Navajo Man

Guest Star

Lynda Boyd

Lynda Boyd

Dana Whitcomb

Recurring Role

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell

Two Faced Guy (front face)

Recurring Role

Christine Chatelain

Christine Chatelain

Clara Griffin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Druitt: I see you've come to your senses.
      Helen: Interesting turn of phrase. All my senses tell me that she's still alive. Somewhere …

    • (the Steno licks Kate)
      Kate: What the hell!?
      Henry: (laughing) Look around you. What's the first thing it did? It licked your face, ate your food, stole your clothes. You were the first thing it saw. It thinks you're its mother. (laughing) I think it has your eyes.
      Kate: Oh, barf.

    • (tracking the Steno in a sewer)
      Henry: These fries look almost fresh, it's gotta be close.
      Kate: Once we do bag it, breaking it from its junk food habit's gonna be a bitch.

    • Will: If this bio-scan comes up empty …
      Helen: What theory will I cook up next to keep this quest alive?
      Will: No, I wasn't saying that.
      Helen: Yes, you were.
      Will: I need to know. Are you searching for closure … or a miracle?
      Helen: There are no such thing as miracles.

    • Henry: This is a disaster.
      Kate: The Titanic's a disaster. Madonna's movie career - disaster. This is nothin'.
      Henry: You don't get it, do you? I'm supposed to be The Man, and losing a one-of-a-kind baby Steno does not exactly make me "the man".
      Kate: Quite a predicament. If only you had the services of a world class hunter/tracker at your disposal.
      Henry: Name your price.
      Kate: Never say that to me unless you mean it.
      Henry: I'm saying it.
      Kate: Mommy and daddy's tusks.
      Henry: No. No. No way.
      Kate: The bamboo salesman and the giant walking rug are running the Sanctuary, and I'm right here : healthy, willing and able. (slurps drink loudly)Come on, Henry, do you wanna be The Man, or not?

    • Helen: You're reaching. All we need to do is search for elements of Ashley's DNA inside the Sanctuary.
      Will: No, no, no. You're reaching. We have had a work crew in the Sanctuary for a week and no-one has found anything that could possibly be construed as a body.
      Helen: But they haven't been everywhere … She could be disoriented … or hurt …
      Will: (gently) … or gone.
      Helen: Do you really want me to stop?

    • Druitt: (angrily) You may have been able to convince these others to follow you down this perverse rabbit hole, but I will not! They took her from us in the most unnatural way possible! I'm doing my part. (whispering) Do yours.

    • Druitt: You'll be pleased to know Nikola and I are making significant headway into the Cabal's operations. Individual cells exist, but the central brain trust has … been undone.
      Helen: You're killing them off.
      Druitt: Well, they exist only as disparate, disconnected camps now.
      Helen: And Dana Whitcomb?
      Druitt: A fugitive - but it's only a matter of time. She will answer for what she's done.
      Helen: With her life? Will that help?
      Druitt: Oh …
      Helen: On second thought, don't answer that.
      Druitt: Perhaps once I've found her I'll … simply hand her over to the authorities? I don't need your blessin'! But there is a part of you that's dying for the moment I come and tell you it's done.

    • Will: What do you think happens after we die? I mean, you've seen more lives end than anyone else that I know.
      Helen: Kurt and Albert and I got into this discussion once at a Princeton football game, I think it was 1953. Albert argued that the concept of matter equaling energy, and vice versa, was far more ubiquitous than any of us could've imagined.
      Will: That would be Kurt Gödel and Albert Einstein? Of course. Look, I'm a guy hammering in stakes here, you wanna have a little mercy?
      Helen: What do I think death is?
      Will: Yeah.
      Helen: Did you ever see Field Of Dreams?
      Will: Yeah, I loved that movie.
      Helen: The cornfield. It's rather like that.
      Will: I never understood what happened in the cornfield.
      Helen: Nobody did. That was the point.

    • Helen: (to Will) I need you to be my emotional compass. We nearly lost the entire Sanctuary network because of my judgment. I need to know that my instincts aren't wrong, that my feelings don't end up blinding my decisions.

    • Will: Why are you hiding in here?
      Helen: Simple or complicated version? Your choice.
      Will: What are you doing?
      Helen: I wanted to tell you exactly that for days, Will, but I had to be sure - and now I am.
      Will: Of what?
      Helen: I'm not mourning anything, not yet … because I believe there's a very real chance that Ashley may still be alive.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : October 23, 2009 on Space
      U.K. : October 26, 2009 on ITV4
      Australia : February 18, 2010 on SciFi Australia
      Czech Republic : February 3, 2010 on AXN Sci-fi