Season 1 Episode 3

Fata Morgana

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Although I'm not too happy with some of the crappy special effects, Sanctuary certainly maintains its unique atmosphere and engaging premise.

    The world of Sanctuary has been so meticulously built it is almost impossible for me not to be sucked in. The plots are quite intruiging and the dialogue isn't cheesy. Sure, some of the monsters do feel a little silly, but the actor's performances more than make up for it and what I dearly like about its show is its sense of humour. At times it doesn't take itself all that seriously and this is exactly what good Sci-fi needs. All in all, I like this show and will continue to watch it and plunge myself into the depths of this magical world.
  • Compared to the pilot there is a major improvement in pace and in some cases character but it still feels just a little boring.

    The little things that help you see and understand the world our characters live in are what progresses this series past the Pilot. I particuarly liked the scene in the lift/elevator with Dr Zimmerman and the (literally) 2 faced schizophrenic character. Also the scene with Ashley and her informant. The character gives information for grubs which is interesting and the fact that they meet on the edge of a destroyed bridge (akin to the Golden gate in San Fransisco) tells us something that the Pilot in my opinion didn't convey, that the show takes place in a near-future post disaster world.

    Along with the world building we also get a more sympathetic and rounded character in Dr Zimmerman here. His morals are more on show and although you can tell he's new at this he feels more part of the team now. Also gone is the computer-game 6th sense thing which I hope will stay lost as I didn't like it all that much. The story concerns his sympaties with 3 women they find in a crypt guarded by skull headed cult members. They turn out to be death-bringers sent out since King Arthur's time to walk among the battlefield bringing annihalation. This is an interesting concept and Zimmerman is the one who believes they can change their ways.

    Of course there is more to it. This is another world building thing that has an ancient society set up as rivals to the Sanctuary (and owners of the 3 sisters fata morgana). I like this as with any show you need some sort of big rival that other enemies can possibly down the line play off. Druitt who doesn't appear here is bound to come back and with this society in order whos to say he won't use them in some ways.

    So a good progression to the okay pilot. Its not clear wether the show will be lifted above its slight mediocrity yet but it seems like it definitely could, a little bit more occasional colour might help as well like.
  • Fata Morgana

    Fata Morgana was a perrfect episoode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode becasue there was a lot of character and plot development as Will really became part of the team and viewers learned more about Dr. Magnus and her operations at the Sanctuary. I thought it was interesting to learn more about the secret organization which has kept the Morgana Sisters in stasis for hundreds of years. I thought this was a very entertaining and interesting episode and I really enjoyed the pace and how every thing played out. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary.!!!!!!!
  • Helen, Ashley, and Will go to Scotland where they find three women buried in a crypt protected by Abnormal creatures who are excessively violent in nature. This is also the introduction of the Cabal and their threat to the Sanctuary system.

    This was the episode that got me hooked on Sanctuary for good. A great story of medieval witches that were held in stasis for twelve hundred years by an organization that wants to use Abnormals powers to their own devious devices.

    The one part to all this that was a little strange other than the obvious was that the Sanctuary team was looking for something completely different in their search than what they found. Also Helen seemed familiar with the creatures that were protecting the crypt.

    The girls were an interesting starting point for this show as a first stand alone episode. Somehow taking history and combining Arthurian legend to come up with an explanation for fantastic stories from the past. Also the stretch of the possibility of suspending a life form for centuries until reanimating. Some very cool stuff.

    We also begin to really understand Ashley's capabilities and begin to better understand Helen's combined skills and knowledge.

    Very entertaining episode that really put this show in perspective for me. Thanks for reading...
  • Great second,or is it third?,episode.

    This story was covered in the last 4 webisodes...however this time we actually got to see an ending rather than a cliff-hanger!
    The introduction of the Morrigan as objects or property of the Kabal was an interesting change.I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the creepy guys with guns.
    The scene with Helen trying to connect with Ashley was well acted,I thought.You could see that Helen and her daughter as so different but so similar too.When Ashley was denying she had an injury from her fight with the lizard thing,it was almost as if Helen was psychic and knew she was lying.They seem to have a much closer relationship now.
    Henry made me crack up again.Ryan Robbins seems to get the best lines,here and in the pilot.The poor bloke has been taken hostage (sort of) twice in two episodes,though.Not a good record,he really needs to work on that!
    I was glad Will managed to make the Morrigan see that they didn't need to be what the Kabal told them to be.They don't need to kill,that is not who they are.It was a shame that they decided to leave with the armed men at the end.I guess it showed their new found compassion, themselves up to avoid the Sanctuary team being killed.
    I am very much looking forward to the next episode.With it being a new story,that has no connection to the webisodes,I won't have anything to compare it with for once.
  • With this episode we learn a little more about the world of Sanctuary.

    This episode was a good next step to help the series go along. Not only did the writers introduce an opposing faction to Magnus and her crew who expliot those that they are trying to protect. It also showed that while Magnus and he people have a great building, that they are still vunerable to attack and it makes it all the better for that. I did enjoy the Keepers of the Dead as villians who don't have that much power but can quickly overwhelm you with numbers that was pretty neat. The autopsy that Dr.Magnus was doing also was interesting too.
  • A logical next step.....

    Well, this episode had a little more CGI than I would like. But, considering the varied scenes that were being depicted, I spose it was understandable. We seem to be learning more how Helen, Ashley and Will are going to mesh and interact..

    We also got a visit from an old Stargate SG-1 "friend".. NID/TRUST Agent Hoskins (Peter Bryant)

    appears to be in the wings as an ongoing nemesis for the Sanctuary crew.

    But the biggest surprise that I think is still under wraps is the identity of the Helen's manservant.. The "Beastman" spoke quite a bit in this episode.. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but he sounds an AWFUL lot like "Todd The Wraith" from Stargate Atlantis. This means that Christopher Heyerdahl is pulling double duty as the nefarious John Druitt and Helen's manservant.. It will be interesting to see if this pans out..

    Definitely a series I will continue to watch, if only to marvel at the new and unique characterizations of old "friends" from the Stargate Universe...
  • Starting to feel like a futuristic "Torchwood" - which is def. not a bad thing.

    I didn't watch any of the webisodes, didn't even know the show existed but I enjoyed the double pilot for TV. This episode gave me much more of a feel about how the story lines would develop. The pilot was, quite rightly, much more about the early character establishment. This episode felt much more like the UK series "Torchwood". There are, in fact, quite a number of similarities between the two. Both are hunting for alternate beings, both have main characters who are a lot older than they look and are secretive about their pasts, both have an interesting mix of characters and both mix science fiction and action really well. This episode was especially good because they addressed a major question that is never addressed in these shows. Namely, if these people are hundreds of years old why do they speak using modern idioms and language? rather than their "native" language. Only a truly nit-picky sci-fi geek writer would think to address that issue, and I was hugely pleased that they did. Especially as I'd just asked the same question myself. I know it's all fiction anyway, but I always think that if plausability is kept in areas where it's possible, then the impossible feels more plausible too. As, for me, Sci-Fi and Horror are about making the incredible seem credible (X-Files anyone?) I would say this Sci-Fi show works completely. I'm hoping it will run as long as "Torchwood" (of which, they're filming a 3rd series as I write)
  • The Sanctuary team makes new friends (and a new enemy).

    This was a great episode of a great new show. From the opening credit montage to the Scottish crypt and back to the Sanctuary itself, a dark but exciting tone is set - and maintained. That this tone is established without morbidity and an overdose of Doom-like dark lighting is a testament to how special this show aspires to be. The landscapes are indeed "captivating". Because the 'creatures' are treated as special individuals, all encounters need not be confrontations and shootouts - although there is plenty of shooting [usually at the hands of young Ashley Magnus (Emilie Ullerup), the latest in a long line of hot, young, kick-ass babes designed to lure young male viewers and make them feel a certain measure of vagina envy - or, at least, suffer some excited inadequacy issues].
    In this episode, Fata Morgana, we are introduced to the Cabalis Nocturnum, an "ancient cult" of evil doers with major league modern connections. It is clear that the Sanctuary team will come up against this "secret society" again. We are also slowly being introduced to the denizens of this strange new world, the citizens of Sanctuary. In this story, the actresses who play the three sister 'witches' are first-rate, especially Miranda Frigon as Danu. lists them as recurring, so perhaps they'll return to Sanctuary.
    Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood, and their team of Stargate veterans, have designed a real sci fi winner; and while Tapping's character, Dr. Helen Magnus, is still a Science geek, this time she's the head honcho and she gets to be one of the lead shooters. Here's hoping that the Sci Fi Channel gives Sanctuary time to grow [and that Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), in the words of Lucy McClane from Live Free or Die Hard, will "dig deep for a bigger set of balls" because he's "gonna need 'em before we're through".
  • And this time we got a ending too

    Oh.. I really liked that this time we got some kind of ending for those tree sisters as webisodes left their story in totally cliffhanger.

    So, they had some really impressive visual scenery like the scotland thing and then the broken bridge and Ashley on the rooftop. but on the other moments, they managed to have some lousy and very visible graphic that did not fit at all.

    The story - the first part of this episode was much more intense than the end that what in one point lost the motion, I felt. More stable motion would be good as usually people get tired at the end and lose their concentration and when the episode does the same, it is not good.

    Not as good as pilot but still. Good to enjoy.
  • Another sci fi network bomb.

    I love Amanda Tapping but this show is a jumble of other sci fi shows with monsters, bad guys, killing and all the other junk they bring to the table.
    To say I am not impressed is an understatement. I wish they had done something interesting or original. In the first episode they set up the main characters. In this one they gave us the bad guy who will keep coming back. Wait, they have done with every Sci Fi show on the planet. At least the x files had something different each week.
    The only saving grace is the daughter who is hot, otherwise this show is an hour of life I would like to get back.
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