Season 1 Episode 4

Folding Man

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2008 on Syfy
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While investigating a series of strange robberies, the Sanctuary team encounters a group of thieves, who seem to possess a strange ability which apparently allows them to literally slip between the cracks of the law.

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  • Kaiser Soze strikes again

    Oh look, Kaiser Soze is now the amazing folding man as well as a criminal mastermind. Luckily for our lame heroes he's got a lot dumber lately. Just like the plots of this series. I suppose the wooden acting can be partly explained by the lack of sets, but what can excuse the cheesy dialogue? It's a pity Amanda Tapping can't get better scripts than this as she could probably do them justice, but I guess we all have to pay the mortgage. Emilie Ullerup seems to be just another piece of identikit plastic blonde eye candy for the nerds while Robin Dunne is so anonymous he is barely even there. With a show so rubbish, it's no surprise that ITV has picked it up.moreless
  • Magnus and company investigate a jewelery robbery which is a little more than what it seems.

    Well there really isn't really a lot to say about this episode. It kind of plodded along and the whole folding-man thing was just silly. It was a brave third effort by the cast and crew to try to do something but really they kinda of fell flat on their faces. The acting in the episode didn't really interest me at all, the episode failed to capture my attention for any length or time. The ending itself was kind of anti-climatic and to me it just didn't go to well. Looking ahead this Friday's episode looks to be really good, so I can't wait for that.moreless
  • Folding Man

    Folding Man was a superb episode of Sancutary and a very entertaining episode. I really enjoyed watching this episode as it had an interesting story, character and plot development as well as intrigue, drama and mystery. I thought this was a great story with a lot of possibilities. I think there was a good amount of information learned about the characters and a specific set of abnormals with a unique ability. This episode played out really well and was very engaging. I enjoyed all the aspects of this episode. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!moreless
  • After a jewelry store robbery where the thieves only took gold and disappeared into spaces a human could not fit into, Will investigates an old case of his. A similar bank robbery where the perpetrators disappeared from a bank vault into thin air.moreless

    A little disappointing after the last episode. Such a promising story followed by a robbery procedural. In this story we have people who can fold their bodies into small shapes to fit through areas like small pipes and thin spaces between walls. We find this out almost immediately so there was no suspense as far as the capabilities of the Abnormals.

    The leader of this group is a tyrant who basically has found others with this same ability and hooked them on a drug they cannot produce for themselves. One of his men manages to get himself caught. Will thinks he can get to him and find the group before they strike again.

    The story is OK but without any real passion. There are some one liners and supposed striking moments. Overall though it was entertaining, but not to the level of the previous episodes. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Getting better

    This was better than last week's episode and mainly on the story point - I cannot say the previous episode was not well written but this one was much much more mysterious and had more unexpected turns - I liked the way the folding man they caught fooled Zimmerman and even if I picked up the hint that Noman does not let him caught, I never thought it was himself he taught - and the ending when they got Zimmerman and it looked like everything is failed, it was really nervous moment and totally made me wonder how they are going to figure this out but I think they did it quite well.

    Again, we had some visually impressive scenes - the mr Jones (if I remember the name right) and his "office" What and idea and what a view. And less green screen I think.. as there was not those scenes very much where you just see that this is green screen one.. So better in every waymoreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Discontinuity : Yet another sign that the transition from Webisodes to "official" episodes was a bit tortured. In the library scene, where the Magnus' are bringing Will up to speed on the history of "folding men", Ashley has three large, fading scratches across her throat. That injury occurred in Sanctuary For All (2) - when Druitt put her in with the SHU Cell Lizard Creature and she got her throat cut. However, she showed no sign of those scratches in Fata Morgana. So, it would appear that perhaps Folding Man was originally intended to be the second episode of the series before a decision was taken to first wrap up all of the webisode storylines.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (watching security camera video of a holdup)
      Will: How the heck'd you get into the precinct LAN?
      Henry: Well, I'd like to take credit for that, but I got the password from the boss.
      Will: And you got in, how?
      Helen: Now, where would a girl be without her secrets?
      Will: That's … not an answer.
      Helen: I know.

    • (Will shines his flashlight on a small vent pipe)
      Will: What about this?
      Ashley: That?
      Will: Yeah.
      Ashley: Yeah, sure, if he morphed into a boa constrictor.
      Helen: No, Will's right - if only as a potential place that the robber hid his booty.
      Ashley: I never saw a man with that small a booty.

    • Will: So how does a fingerprint get that deep into the middle of a 10-inch pipe?
      Ashley: Well, it doesn't, unless a person squeezed in that far.
      Will: Yeah, but you saw the size of that guy.
      Ashley: Well, I've seen stranger things.
      Henry: OK, seriously, why are you staring at me?

    • Helen: These urban myths we're talking about go back a lot further than contemporary sightings.
      Will: But they're all part of what - the same phenomenon?
      Helen: No, no, there's quite a range : flex-people - whole tribes with genetic defects in collagen synthesis - there's a sect of Shinto monks that are said to bow without bending.
      Ashley: Then you got your turn-of-the-century sideshow contortionists : the Human Corkscrew; uh, Henry Athol, the Boneless Wonder and not the least, my personal favorite, Elastic Ed.
      Will: But no one's ever been able to fully document these folding men?
      Helen: Well, if they even exist; they must be quite elusive.
      Will: You know, there's this case that I worked on - at the agency - that never got solved, but had a very similar set of circumstances.
      Helen: Austin, Texas, 2005.
      Will: How'd you know about Austin?
      Ashley: Are you serious? She knows when you switched from boxers to briefs, man.

    • (Will meets with his former FBI partner to look at some old case files)
      Jake: Tell me the rumors aren't true.
      Will: What rumors?
      Jake: Working in-house for an internet gazillionaire, fired for insubordination, consultant for some sort of Area 51 freakazoids? Take your pick.
      Will: Can't a man just … run away and join the circus without being second-guessed?

    • Jake: I'll be gutted like a mackerel if they find out I brought this stuff to you.
      Will: Just wanna take a second look, that's all.
      Jake: Outta the blue?
      Will: Yeah.
      Jake: Come on, Will.
      Will (sighs): Look, just call it a hunch, alright? If it bears any fruit, you'll be the first to know, I swear.
      Jake: Okay. You got 72 hours. You compromise that evidence in any way; I'll swear you held a gun to my head.
      Will: That was my backup plan.

    • (Helen, Will and Ashley scour the skids, asking about Oliver Braithwaite)
      Helen: Did you find anything?
      Will: Oh, yeah, I got a great recipe for a rubbing alcohol martini.

    • Oliver: Are you the police?
      Helen: No, absolutely not.
      Oliver: Then you really have no business being here.
      Helen: My name is Magnus, Dr. Helen Magnus.
      Oliver: The Sanctuary? (Helen nods and he turns to the surrounding folders) It's all right. Leave us … I heard about the Sanctuary ever since I was a boy. A good place - where people like ours are treated like human beings.
      Will: But you're not …
      Oliver: We're better than human; we have the gift.

    • Mr. Jones: So now Miss Thang is working for the cops?
      Ashley (scoffs): You know me better than that. What can you tell me about folding men?
      Mr. Jones: The only folding men I'm interested in are dead presidents.

    • Will: You know, you pass him on the street; you have no idea what he's capable of.
      Ashley: Of course, you could say that about almost anyone.

    • Will: So, did his blood tell us what he's addicted to?
      Helen: You strapped in?
      Will: I have been since I got here.

    • Ashley: So folding men steal gold and turn it into their own form of crack?
      Helen: Gold's un-reactive to most chemicals, but it will bond to certain organic compounds. Now, this one's part of a whole new wave of metallotherapeutic pharmaceuticals.
      Will: So it's a medicine?
      Helen: For Normals, yes. But for folding men, at least based on what I've seen of Malcolm's DNA, it creates a virtually instant craving. It likely also dulls the pain of folding; acting like a sort of beta blocker. Without it, the pain would be beyond excruciating.
      Will: Well, if Jones is right, two nights from now, Nomad floods the market with this - cheap, powerful TPG - turns the whole society of folding men into his … private criminal army.

    • Will: Hey, what about the police?
      Ashley: What about them?
      Will: Well … I mean, this guy's an accessory to murder, maybe more. I mean ..
      Helen: And … what would you have us tell them? That their man's addicted to gold and that he slithers like a python?
      Will: That's a good point.

    • Will: What are you afraid of?
      Malcolm: You chased me. You trapped me, you put me in this … in this cage. You experimented on me.
      Will: Well, that might make you angry, but that's not what you're feeling.
      Malcolm: If he finds out I'm here, he'll kill me.
      Will: Nomad? (Malcolm nods) Why would he kill you?
      Malcolm: He gave me the signal, shoot to kill, and I … I hesitated.
      Will: And that's a capital offense?
      Malcolm: He came that close to executing me on the spot.

    • Malcolm: You're the problem - the whole world of Normals. You can't accept those who are different.
      Will: This whole place is full of those that are different.
      Malcolm: What does that make you, the zookeeper?
      Will: What about the drugs? They make it less painful?
      Malcolm: What, Normals don't use?
      Will: They don't use gold.
      Malcolm: Ah, so if I shot heroin, I'd be a model citizen, right?

    • Helen: There's an expression amongst creature hunters : if you could teach a lion English, you still wouldn't understand him.
      Will: We're not talkin' about a wild animal here.
      Ashley: Oh, Will, that's exactly what we're talkin' about - only this guy's way more intelligent than most.
      Helen: And, as a consequence, more dangerous.

    • Big Guy: How does a flying abnormal fall to his death?
      Ashley: Somebody literally clipped his wings.

    • Will: But you didn't pull the trigger. You're not a murderer, Malcolm.
      Malcolm: Aren't I!? How do you know what I'm capable of?
      Will: You're right. I don't.
      Malcolm: I've watched him kill more than once and done nothing. I … helped him beat a man to within an inch of his life - and guess what, I-I enjoyed it. I've given over … what I am, who I am, to a monster.
      Will: Your awareness, your remorse, that's what separates you from Nomad.
      Malcolm: Nomad's just an excuse. My addiction is just an excuse. I'm the monster. I'M THE MONSTER!

    • Will: You're Nomad. Carver … is your pawn. They're all your pawns.
      Malcolm: A mind like yours, Zimmerman - too smart for the room, over-thinks everything … the easiest to, uh, manipulate.

    • Will: Look, can you just say it, please? I mean, it's the elephant in the room. I let myself get conned.
      Helen: We all let ourselves get conned, some of us just had a Plan B.
      Will: Yeah, well, that's the last time I play by the old rules.
      Helen: Don't be so hard on yourself. We stopped the destruction of an entire culture of Abnormals. And you got to the bottom of one of your agency's biggest mysteries.
      Will: You're right, what am I talkin' about? I'm a hero.
      Ashley: Actually, on a scale from zero to hero, you're more like...
      Helen (nudging her daughter): Ashley …
      Ashley: … almost respectable.

    • Jake: So …? What, are you gonna try to reopen the Austin murders?
      Will: No. I couldn't make any more sense of it this time 'round than I did the first.
      Jake: It's a shame, really.
      Will: Yeah, well, we can't solve 'em all, huh?
      Jake: No, I mean you. I don't think I've ever met an agent with more raw potential.
      Will: I appreciate that.
      Jake: It's too bad you still can't seem to catch a break.
      Will: Ah, don't worry about it. Sometimes … sometimes you gotta know when to "fold" 'em.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : October 17, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : October 27, 2008 on ITV4
      Czech Republic: August 24, 2009 on AXN
      Australia : June 11, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia