Season 3 Episode 8

For King and Country

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2010 on Syfy
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With Adam on lockdown at the Sanctuary, Magnus investigates his connection to Hollow Earth - and Druitt - while being forced to reveal dark secrets about the chaotic origins of the Five.

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  • For King and Country

    For King and Country might just be my favorite episode of the whole series so far. This was a perfect episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there were a lot of flash backs and we learned more about Magnus and The Five. The scenes where Magnus was looking for John were very entertaining. There was a lot of great information on the backgrounds of the five in this episode. There was also plenty of action, drama, intrigue, and revelation. This episode tied some previous story lines together with new information. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • They brought in a new character, Adam, who'll you'll recognize as another historical "legend". This episode was the second show about Adam, and it was AWESOME, much better than the first show about Adam.moreless

    I thought the first show with Adam was only slightly interesting, but this show more than made up for it. Like the other reviewer, this is my favorite episode of the entire show so far.

    While there are plenty of historical flashbacks, they make a LOT more sense than other shows that are addicted to flashbacks (Lost, Heroes, The Event). And the flashback's scenery and costumes were very well done IMO.

    I have to write a bit more, so I'll add that I found it amusing when Adam nicknamed Will as "Concubine". But Will seemed to handle it pretty good IMO.moreless
Vincent Gale

Vincent Gale

Nigel Griffin

Guest Star

Duncan Fraser

Duncan Fraser

Prime Minister

Guest Star

Margot Berner

Margot Berner


Guest Star

Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Dr. James Watson

Recurring Role

Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

Nikola Tesla

Recurring Role

Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey

Adam Worth

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
      Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before …"

      The poetry Adam charms Will with is a small, paraphrased extract from Edgar Allen Poe's 1845 classic, The Raven.

    • Agam Darshi is listed in the opening credits but does not appear in this episode.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • (Will and Magnus wheel Adam in on a stretcher)
      Will: Security cell for this guy as soon as soon as he's out of the OR.
      Henry: Yeah, done.
      Tesla (to Magnus): You're injured.
      Helen: We need to send a full HazMat team and cordon off the area from the public.
      Will: Spin whatever disaster story you need to get it done.
      Henry: Right. Okay. Well, Biggie's on his way to meet Kate. What the hell happened?
      Will: Nothing we understand yet.
      Henry: Copy that.
      Tesla (pulls off Adam's air mask): Son of a bitch.
      Henry: Who we got?
      Tesla: Well, I guess cockroaches can come back from the dead.
      Henry: Who the hell is this guy?
      Tesla: Not one person, but two. Prepare to meet Jekyll … and Hyde.

    • (Will joins Magnus in the operating room)
      Will: I'm gonna assist.
      Helen: It's not necessary.
      Will: He just kicked the snot out of you, let me help.
      Helen: I can handle it! Go help Henry.
      Will: Your pupils are dilated, you could have a concussion - look at the tremor in your hands.
      Helen: I am a hundred and fifty-nine years old, you have known me for three!

    • Watson: Remember the protocols. No mistakes.
      Tesla: Relax, James. We've done our homework.
      Griffin: Please, Tesla. We're improvising and you know it.
      Tesla: Well, perhaps it's too rich for your blood, hmm?
      Griffin (chuckles): Oh, I'm in, mate … just to see what happens to you.

    • (watching Adam's surgery)
      Tesla: Homicidal little bastard. He should've come after me first.
      Will: Is this how all Oxford classmates treat each other?
      Tesla: How much did she tell you?
      Will: Just that the Five was almost the Six.
      Tesla: Yes, well, in retrospect there were signs, subtle markers. But we were young and, believe-it-or-not, even a tad arrogant.

    • Watson (about Adam): Excitable little chap, isn't he?
      Griffin: Anyone read his monograph on forced tissue regeneration?
      Druitt: The thing he did with dormice?
      Griffin: Mm-m.
      Druitt: Poor creatures grew two heads.
      Helen: Very nearly worked, though. A daring theory, to say the least.
      Griffin: I'd lean more towards twisted, myself
      Tesla: Twisted, daring, it doesn't matter. The point is we don't need anyone else. The five of us are enough.
      Helen: I agree. As clever as Adam is, our group is fine without him.

    • (Henry is studying Adam's time-warp nodes when he is joined by Tesla)
      Henry: Do you think it's something Worth created?
      Tesla: Or appropriated.
      Henry: Stolen from Hollow Earth?
      Tesla: Well, perhaps you and I … can see if we can get it working again. What do you say?
      Henry: Yeah! Wait, is that safe?
      Tesla: Oh, no, most definitely not. Thank you. (walks off with the node)

    • Tesla (over the intercom): Good afternoon, K-Mart shoppers … Our guest is awake.
      Adam (referring to Will): Your protégé … or male concubine … (chuckles) he's nice.
      Helen: Adam …
      Adam: Not available.
      Helen: Tell me, how is this, any of this, possible?
      Adam: You mean how did I survive? Tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine.
      Helen: You're ill. You need treatment. Help us and we'll help you.
      Adam: Oh, Helen, you've grown so impatient in your old age. Play the game. Don't just berate me.

    • Helen: How are you still alive?
      Adam: He really didn't tell you?
      Helen: Who?
      Adam: Good lad. So he carved up a few whores, we all have our quirks.
      Will: You're talkin' about Druitt.
      Adam: Score one for the concubine! Helen, if you want answers, you must talk to old Johnny.
      Helen: I can't.
      Adam: Helen …
      Helen: I don't know where he is. He could well be dead for all we know.
      Tesla: Uh-h, actually …
      Adam: Oh, what have you done? (tsks)

    • Helen: Really, Nikola, of all the arrogant, inconsiderate, conceited …
      Tesla: Okay, okay. Can we move on, please? (sighs) Listen, Druitt came to me. He had this crazy idea that my electromagnetism could help exorcise his on-board energy elemental.
      Helen: Do tell?
      Tesla: Well, I-I tried to help, give him back some control.
      Helen: And!?
      Tesla: You know Johnny. The word "failure" comes to mind. He's still his nasty old self, what can I say?
      Helen: Why didn't you tell me this before?
      Tesla: Because I promised not to.
      Helen (laughs sarcastically): And you are nothing if not a man of your word ?
      Tesla: When it counts. Look, Johnny and I may detest each other, it's true, but with me no longer being a vampire and him still being a stone-cold killer, well, I really wasn't in a position to negotiate.

    • (Will enters the infirmary room, waking Adam)
      Adam: Did you bring me jell-o? (Will pulls up a chair and sits by Adam's bed) Sorry about the two I sent over to pick your brain. It was business.
      Will: Didn't work out too well, did it?
      Adam: Good help, these days …

    • (Will wants to talk to Adam but Hyde refuses)
      Will: Are you ashamed to let him speak?
      Adam (scoffs): The lad's a genius - a forgotten, brilliant mind.
      Will: Who needs your protection. I mean, without you, Adam would be … very vulnerable.
      Adam: Affirmation of my psychodynamic? Rationalizing my warring personalities. Looking for a doorway into my world? (jerks forward) Who said you could work with men? You're a child.
      Will: I just want to help both of you.
      Adam (whimpers theatrically and affects a child's voice): "Please help me, concubine …" Satisfied?

    • Henry: No nasty comments, no sarcastic cracks … you okay?
      Tesla (slams drawer): No, I'm not okay. It took me - me, mind you - days to-to crack that holographic piñata up in the library, and then, after several bottles of Chablis, I finally get over my humiliation - and now this shipment of fresh hell arrives!
      Henry: Okay, find your happy place.
      Tesla: I mean, this is technology … that-that I've never seen before, much less imagined, and … to be brutally honest - and I don't want this getting out - I find it rather humbling, and I don't do humble.
      Henry: Copy that.

    • Henry: Okay, well maybe if we pry all this open …
      Tesla: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
      Henry: We've x-rayed it, we've pinged it…
      Tesla: Dropped it on the floor.
      Henry: Saw that, did you?
      Tesla: And I didn't say anything.
      Henry: Well … I'm pretty sure it's not gonna go boom.
      Tesla: Okay, have at it. (retreats back several feet)
      (Henry proceeds to peel back the "skin" of the device without incident)
      Henry: Uh-ah?
      Tesla: Nice work, Heinrich
      Tesla: Hmm, organic nanite matter …
      Henry/Tesla (in geeky harmony): Cool.

    • Adam: You should feel honored.
      Will: Adam?
      Adam: Very few surface dwellers have seen the things you've seen.
      Will: You mean Kali?
      Adam: And the Avatar Council … and they let ya live! Astonishing, really.
      Will: Who is the Council? Are-are the part of the underground city?
      Adam: "Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there … wondering, fearing, doubting - dreaming dreams no mortal dared to dream before …"
      Will: Poe.
      Adam: Now, there was a wack job.
      Will: Well, do you think you're a wack job?
      Adam (tsks): Whatever gave ya that idea?
      Will: You were gonna tell me about the city.
      Adam (changes): How do ya stand it? Working for that heartless bitch.
      Will: She angers you.
      Adam: SHE MURDERED MY DAUGHTER! You have no idea who she really is, do you? She's hardly the hero you think she is.

    • (Magnus grabs the girls gun and points it at the pack of would-be thieves)
      Girl: Seriously?
      Helen: Move! How old are you? Walking about with a gun like this, you should be ashamed.
      Girl: Hey, lady, we're on the job here. Bald headed guy pay us to protect him, told us we can shoot anyone who looking for him.
      Helen: So you really do know where he is?
      Druitt ("oozes" out of a back room): Of course they do. (growls in Khmer) You're all fired.
      Helen: Without … the weapons. Go.

    • (Druitt collapses)
      Helen: Oh, my God, your pulse.
      Druitt (weakly): Oh, Tesla. Never trust a former vampire.
      Helen: I coerced him. Hold still. (Druitt mumbles incoherently) What have you taken?
      Druitt: Oh, a little of this and a little of that. Heh. Local fare to kill the soul.

    • (Magnus is denying the Prime Minister's knowledge of the Sanctuary when there is a knock at the door)
      Prime Minister: Excuse me, that'll be the others. (the door opens and the rest of the Five enter) Nigel Griffin … Invisible Man. Doctor James Watson, detective supreme; and Nikola Tesla, vampire, genius … and Montague John Druitt, menace to society. So … down to business? You see, we've known about you and your colleagues for some time, and we've given you your head because we thought the day would come when the five of you might prove useful.
      Druitt: Well, I'm flattered.
      Prime Minister: That day is here. I'm proud to offer you now the opportunity to serve your country.
      Tesla: I'm Serbian.
      Watson (smiling): Just ignore him.

    • Prime Minister: You are aware of a gentleman called Adam Worth?
      Griffin: You mean the pipsqueak from school?
      Prime Minister: Well, once, perhaps, but now .. a genius mind warped by rage and mania. And, I might add, quite a headache for our Secret Service Bureau.
      Druitt: A man after my own heart.
      Tesla: And I would dispute the term "genius".

    • Prime Minister: A rather deadly toxin has been stolen and a great many Britons may die as a result.
      Griffin: Well, surely the Crown has the means of stopping him?
      Prime Minister: I'm afraid Mr. Worth's organization has grown roots deep inside British society. I am sorry to say, deep inside my government, too.
      Helen: You need a group of independent agents.
      Tesla: With special talents.
      Watson: Who are acquainted with his past.
      Helen: How certain are you of this threat?
      Prime Minister: The stakes could not be higher.

    • (Tesla concludes explaining how the Five were enlisted against Adam)
      Will: You all volunteered to stop him.
      Tesla: Something like that.
      Henry: Man, that is so James Bond. Except it's before there was a James Bond, so it … cooler.

    • (Will is reviewing Adam's latest blood tests)
      Tesla: Please tell me he's dying.
      Will: He is. Even with Magnus's treatments, his organs are continuing to deteriorate.
      Tesla: Oh, I was wrong, there is a God.

    • (Helen lies next to Druitt, remembering a walk along the Thames long ago)
      Druitt: Just so you know, I've forgiven you … for shooting me.
      Helen: Just tell me the killing has stopped.
      Druitt: So we're returning to lying to one another?
      Helen: Once this is over, when we find Adam …
      Druitt: You and I will settle down in a quaint little college by the sea, and I'll write poetry. Sonnets, perhaps.
      Helen: As much as I can never forgive you for what you've done, I can never forgive myself for not seeing it sooner.
      Druitt: When this is over, you and I will begin our dance anew.
      Helen: Count on it.

    • Helen: John's in the infirmary. I've told Henry to activate the em shield again.
      Tesla: And the gang's all here.
      Helen (looking at the monitor): So, what have you found? Damn … platelets are continuing to group. At this rate he'll experience complete organ failure and be dead within a matter of weeks.
      Tesla: That's not Adam's blood.
      Helen: What?
      Will: It's yours.

    • Will: There has to be something. Drugs, uh, that manage the effects of chemotherapy, anti-radiation treatments.
      Helen: I doubt any conventional approach would work. This wasn't a normal dose of radiation, Will. It was something the human body was never meant to be exposed to. Moving through dimensions of time and space … (chuckles) It sounds so ridiculous when I say it out loud.
      Will: And yet it's killing you.
      Helen: A poison's a poison.
      Will: Then we'll find the antidote! We will whip Tesla like a rented mule … (laughing) until he makes a breakthrough.
      Helen: I like the whipping Tesla idea.

    • Helen (denying Adam's claim): We battled until the very end! We tried everything. The loss of a daughter, it's a wound that never heals.
      Will: I think he's handling it differently than you.
      Helen: Do you believe there are other reasons for his madness?
      Will: His paranoid rage (exhales) stemming from … his belief that you tracked and murdered him.
      Helen: Are you asking if we hunted him down? Yes! Absolutely we did.

    • Helen: This comes from the King himself?
      Prime Minister: His majesty's orders were quite specific.
      Druitt: Well, Victoria was wrong about him. Old Edward certainly does have a backbone.
      Watson: Surely, you must have misheard.
      Griffin: Sounds like we've been hired for a job.
      Druitt: Like a theatre troupe.
      Tesla: Kill Worth, just because his lordship says so?
      Watson: Uh, he's not a lord, he's a King. And, no, go to hell … Mr. Prime Minister.
      Druitt: Seconded.
      Griffin: Right, do it yourself, you lazy squids.
      Helen: Indeed. We are not assassins … Not for political gain, at least.

    • Prime Minister (rises in irritation): Let me be frank! Some of you are criminals. Mr. Druitt here is very badly wanted down at Scotland Yard; and Mr. Tesla, although a foreign national, is facing several charges on illegal acts pertaining to the misuse of electricity.
      Tesla: My work is illegal?
      Prime Minister: It needn't be. And much the same thing pertains to you, Miss Magnus.
      Helen: Doctor Magnus … and I've committed no crimes.
      Prime Minister: Not exactly, no. But you do carry on your father's work in the dark of night. The King could change all that for you.
      Watson: Sorry … Are you bribing us?
      Prime Minister: There are tremendous benefits in bringing to an early conclusion this Worth affair, benefits for you all. A full and unofficial pardon for you, Mr. Druitt. And the same for your indiscretions, Mr. Griffin - provided no more banks are pilfered from, of course.
      Griffin: A man needs to make a living, doesn't he?
      Prime Minister (chuckles indulgently): And as for your endeavors, Doctor's Watson and Magnus, full financial and governmental support for your Sanctuary - also unofficial, naturally, but stalwart nevertheless. I'm sure you can see how your all-important work would flourish under our protective wing.

    • (flashback : Magnus, rifle at the ready, pursues Adam to the edge of a cliff)
      Adam: How quaint, a woman with a firearm.
      Helen: You should've listened to me. It needn't have come to this.
      Adam: And yet, here we are. The others?
      Helen: Are close by.
      Adam: I love these Alumni gatherings.

    • Adam: What did they do, promise you the keys to the empire?
      Helen: It's over, Adam.
      Adam: There's something you need to know, Helen, about this place. It's stupendous.
      Helen: Stop! I know what you're doing. More talk until he can save you with his rage.
      Adam: Then what are you waiting for? I know why you're here, what your task is. Go on, finish it. FINISH IT! (Magnus shoots Adam in the shoulder)
      Helen: Stay down! My second shot won't be as kind.
      Adam: You've betrayed who you are, who we are. We're not meant to serve. We're a different breed. I could have shown you so much. We could've learned so much together. In the end, your only legacy will be that you murdered me. (plunges off the cliff)

    • Will: When I took this job, I had one condition : no secrets? And now I discover that this whole place was built on the blood of a dead man?
      Helen: It was necessary.
      Helen: We didn't understand the mind back then, Will. We only knew he was a threat.
      Will: To the public, or to your work?
      Helen: How dare you!? You've no idea wha… (begins coughing up blood)
      Will: Hey … Magnus … (Magnus turns and walks away as Tesla enters) Magnus, wait a sec … Magnus …
      Tesla: You know better than to follow an angry woman out of a room. Just let her go. She's not exactly herself right now.

    • (Magnus visits Druitt in the infirmary)
      Druitt: You should take better care of yourself. You look like hell.
      Helen: How are you feeling?
      Druitt: Not … feeling anything, really. Good thing, I'd say.

    • (Druitt warps down into the water and grabs Adam)
      Adam: John …
      Druitt: End of the line, old boy.
      Adam: They'll be coming for you next. Maybe they'll let Helen and Watson go free, but the Ripper? (chuckles ruefully) They're gonna hunt you forever. She'll hunt you forever.
      Druitt: I hope she does.
      Adam: My safety deposit box.
      Druitt: Mm-m?
      Adam: Bank account in Kensington. The key's in my flat at Marylebone, on the mantelpiece.
      Druitt: What of it?
      Adam: Safe houses … weapons, pass codes, anything you need to help you avoid capture. It's yours.
      Druitt: No, I can't let you live, old boy.
      Adam: Dear John … let me die here like this. Please … Let me go. (Druitt releases him and Adam sinks under the water)

    • Druitt: He was as good as his word. Everything I found in his safe deposit box helped me avoid detection for the next 80 years.
      Helen: His death gave us all a future.

    • Adam: I take it your boss is feeling poorly?
      Will: You've been playing me, buying time so her sickness could take hold. YOU KNEW SHE WAS DYING, TOO!
      Adam: One of the unfortunate side-effects of traveling through an extra-dimensional rift. Even a small dose'll kill you eventually.
      Will: No, come on, suicide? You've already played that card.
      Adam: True, true. A good magician never performs the same trick twice.
      Will (slams his fist into Adam's pillow and leans in): There's a cure. That's the only move you have left.
      Adam: You are a smart one, young concubine. Yes, there can be a happy ending to all of this, and there is indeed a cure for the radiation poisoning my body - and hers. It's right … underneath our feet.
      Will: No …
      Adam: Oh, yes. If you want Helen to live, we have to get to Hollow Earth.

    • Adam: Helen … we were so worried about you. By any chance are we coughing up blood yet? (scoffs) Good, yes. Suffering, check.
      Helen: You knew this would happen. You wanted me to follow you into the rift.
      Adam: Ironic, isn't it? Enemies in life, united in death. It's almost an opera.

    • (Adam tempts Magnus with tales of the secret city)
      Adam: I was taken to the city, brought back from the brink of death, healed. They treated as one of their own, showed me things you can't even imagine.
      Helen: You're longevity?
      Adam: Tip of the iceberg. It's the ultimate toybox, Nirvana for the gifted. (laughs) Intrigued?

    • Druitt: Show him the map, Helen.
      Helen: And put all that power in his hands?
      Druitt: I'll handle Hyde, one deranged killer to another.

    • Helen: We'll find a way, but Adam Worth is not getting that map, not on my watch!
      Tesla: Oh, about that …
      Helen: Where have you been?
      Tesla: Huh? In the library, boning up on the Sanctuary charter.
      Will (sarcastically): Helpful.
      Tesla: Wait for it, sonny. Apparently, if the Sanctuary head becomes physically or psychologically compromised, the second in command takes over.
      Henry: Dude, that is beyond cold.
      Helen: Nikola …
      Druitt: Where're you going with this?
      Tesla: Officially, it's not your watch anymore, and the question of whether or not we show Adam Worth the map is no longer your decision. Over to you, William … What's it going to be?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Henry: Man, that is so James Bond.

      Henry is alluding to Ian Fleming's fictional hero - Commander Sir James Bond, the British master spy with "a license to kill". Not only is he the featured character in twelve novels and two short story collections (as well as countless unauthorized, post-Flemming titles), but he has also "starred" in the longest running, most financially successful English-language film franchise in history - totaling 22 official films to date, with more to come - not to mention television shows, independent features, radio plays, comic strips and, of course, video games. For nearly fifty years, from Sean Connery to Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, Commander James Bond has epitomized the quintessential, self-possessed, post-Empire British hero.