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    Recently, yet another poster found time to misrepresent the facts concerning Emilie Ullerup's departure from Sanctuary. I thought I'd post a little piece based on the best info I could find. At the end of the day, we'll never know all of the facts behind decisions made in private, but shining a little light in the face of the cold, dark idiot wind couldn't hurt.

    Late in 2007, Emilie began feeling pain in her lower back. The source of the pain, which she ignored for a year and a half, turned out to be a tumor at the base of her spine. In 2009, she underwent surgery to remove the benign but aggressive growth which had wrapped itself around several of her spinal nerves. She underwent extensive surgery, resulting in the removal of her tailbone and half of her sacrum. After recovering, she reportedly said that it was great "to no longer have a tailbone to hurt when I fall on my ass."

    Emilie never blamed her illness for her departure from Sanctuary. "It was a network decision. And, to be honest with you, I don't quite know why. I get a sense that the network felt that Ashley was not very liked and not one of the favorite characters." She was relieved when the haters (my word) weren't the only posters out there. "When you leave a show ... I was very, very nervous that the forums would be extremely excited that Ashley was gone. I mean, you never know what people are going to feel. And seeing that it wasn't that way was really exciting. Because of this experience, there's a different relationship for me with the fans because ... it's meant a lot."

    Emile moved on, keeping in touch with her friends on the show. She remained positive. "Things worked out. I mean, at the end of the day, this surgery had to happen. And if I had to do an entire season of Sanctuary, it wouldn't have happened early enough because I would've had to postpone it. So, things happen for a reason - and it allowed me to take the five months off that I needed to get this done."
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