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    I'm mostly restarting my Sanctuary RPG and I am looking for players who want to role play for the TV show. I should note that there will be no crossovers between Stargate and Sanctuary but if someone does ask I do have a plan in place and it would be a for fun once a year type thing. I only mention this because my Stargate and Sanctuary RPGs are on the same forum.

    The direct link to the RPG:

    RPG Notes:

    - I do have a temp player column in the canon character table for Sanctuary, and if you would like temp for a character you need to be playing at least one character, canon or made-up.

    The full list of characters can be found here:

    These are the characters needed to restart the RPG:

    Helen Magnus (temp player)

    Ashley Magnus (temp player)

    Gregory Magnus (main player and temp player)

    Characters taken:

    Henry Foss (main player only)

    Nikola Tesla (main player only)

    Ashley Magnus (main player only)

    Kate Freelander (main player and temp player)

    Helen Magnus (main player only)

    Will Zimmerman (main player only)

    John Druitt (main player only)

    Bigfoot (main player and temp player)

    Declan MacRace (main player only)

    Erika Myers (main player only)

    If you would like to play a canon character that's not on the list then let me know so I can add it to the list. Made-up characters are always welcome and plot 2 is all about getting made-up characters into the RPG.

    These are the two important threads to look at if you decide to join:

    This is what's going to be happening in the RPG:

    The rules and information of the RPG:

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