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    Welcome to the Sanctuary Forum. While expressing your point of view, please respect other users and do not violate the TVC Terms of Service - flaming and spamming are bad things and cannot be tolerated. If you have serious spoiler-type information (like who killed J.R.), please use a spoiler cover, a cool feature which enables you to hide a
    The way to use this and other HTML tags can be found in a great post by 123home123 called Hyperlinks and XHTML: A Basic Guide. If you see a post that has a spoiler problem, please send me a PM and I'll either edit or delete it. But keep in mind that if the episode has already aired, only serious problems will be considered.

    Please check the guide for specific examples before submitting, using the character names and formatting which are clearly prevalent. You can access the Help Center and the Guidelines Center for additional assistance. ALWAYS be sure to include a specific url address so your information can be quickly verified. Also, I will always need an accurate time of where the quote, allusion or trivia you're subbing is located within the episode in order to find and check it quickly [12 min, Broadcast/Webcast/DVD]. As always, if in doubt, PM me.

    In fact, please feel free to pm me with any ideas, comments, questions or suggestions you might have. Although I may not be able to agree with you in a particular instance, I am open to all civil points of view. If you're new to subbing or just haven't subbed to me before, you may wish to check both jekyll's Submission Guidelines and WhiteKnightonTV's Submission Guidelines before doing so. They're both excellent resources for learning about subbing anywhere on TVC. Your best guide is the guide itself. So far, I have reworked the Webisodes, the first half of Season One, parts of Season Two - and, of course, all of Season Three. That work will continue as time permits. If you are uncertain about something, please pm me before submitting - I abhor rejections and would prefer to help you. However, fair warning, I also abhor uncoded, unfocused, unsourced pointless subs.

    1) It's Big Guy (as they call him "in" the show), never Bigfoot. He couldn't be the only Bigfoot, as the show has made it clear that he's part of a tribe of such creatures. Is it respectful to call someone "Indian" as if they're the only one?

    2) Please Do Not Submit "TBA" Episodes. Unless he or she is asleep at the switch, the editor usually adds new episodes. However, once the titled episode information is posted on SyFy's official schedule, it's fair game for anyone. The main reason for the rule - besides bad, speculative subs - is that if the schedule changes, the episodes won't always reorder. I learned that when I took over Sanctuary. If you doubt it, check out the webisodes - where #4 is first, neither 4 nor 1 has a "next" button and 6 "next's" back to 1! Nothing I have tried has enabled them to run in order - "apparently" because they were added out of order. The only solution would be to delete the webisodes and start over - something Staff wound NEVER approve. If SyFy changes the running order, as they've done in the past, we could have the same problem again. I currently have titles and data for the next ten episodes, however, the aforementioned scheduling uncertainty precludes me from adding new episodes until they appear on SyFy's schedule.

    3) Episode Summaries: Again, usually the editor's job, but not necessarily. Please don't rely on speculation from fan sites. Summaries should not be submitted until the episode has aired or one of the official sites has published the necessary information (which must always be rewritten). I prefer Summaries to be short intro's/teasers/interest builders - Recaps are for revealing answers/spoilers/conclusions. And please : Don't Copy From Other Sites. I don't plagiarize and I don't wish to report anyone for having done so.

    4) Quotes: I've done many of the quotes in this guide. Although I seek perfection, like everyone I make errors and am always happy to approve corrections. If you sub new quotes, please be accurate. It's not almost or what you think they might've said - and certainly not what your English teacher would say they should've said. Quotes are quotes, not script editing jobs. It helps, only as a starting point, if you have Closed Captioning; however : CC, web transcripts and even DVD subtitles sometimes have glaring errors. Please check carefully. As far as attribution - always use the character name which has been used previously (i.e., Helen not Magnus - from back when Ashley was still on the show).

    5) Trivia/Notes/Allusions: Please add links to all shows, episodes and people TVC has a page for. If not, I have to add them later, which is a bit like double-dipping. I have an extensive library of show, episode and people links- which I'll gladly email you - each with blank forms for new additions [MS Word doc]. Remember, although there are gray areas, generally:

    Trivia: "any small detail ... that might not be known to people who view an episode ... specific to what aired in the episode and not ... with off-camera events ..."

    Notes: "off-camera tidbits about an episode (or cast) ... off-camera events that deal with an episodes production. They should not deal with on-camera events ..."

    Allusions: "an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book ... always credit the original media being referenced (and the most popular, if different) with as much detail as possible" (historical events may be Notes or Trivia, not Allusions).

    6) Discontinuities: I am not a fan of listing "goofs". The older shows I edit are full of them. Those shows date from the days of tight schedules and even tighter budgets - continuity was a luxury item in the Golden Age of TV. Today, while we expect more, it's still TV - with budgets and schedules that don't match 100 million dollar movies (which still have flaws). Sanctuary has always had money problems. As Alan McCullough recently blogged, with a third of Season Three still to be shot, "we were out of money" - and so, they had to come up with a few "'cheaper' shows". Besides, an episode of Sanctuary takes months of post-production work and they can't just go back and reshoot the live "footage" to fix a minor flaw. So, if you think it's really important, PM me.

    7) International Air Dates: This has been an education for me. Originally, I didn't care for such subs. Where does one draw the line? Bora Bora? Saint Kitts and Nevis? Currently, I edit only two shows which are "live" and would therefore justify IAD's. For Sanctuary, we publish the initial (US) air date, which seemed sufficient; however, the official web site now lists four networks : SyFy (US), Space (Canada), Watch (U.K.) - formerly ITV4 - and Sci Fi (Australia) - so I'll accept IAD subs for the three countries we don't list - in as few subs as possible (please send all currently available dates in one sub. Some will lag. The U.K., for example, is currently an unknown and UKTV tells me that they'll begin rebroadcasting Season 3 on May 3, 2011 - from the 3rd episode on!). Also, after researching the question, I've decided to continue accepting IAD's for the Czech Republic. AXN Sci Fi was launched in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in October of 2007. It serves as a portal to Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria on any number of different stations/channels. As of Season Three, Canada's broadcasts were occurring on the same day as the U.S. broadcast while Australia was lagging about a month behind. All other countries, sometimes due to translation delays, are unfortunately even further behind. If possible, I would prefer IAD subs to come only from folks who live in those countries- as they're the ones being affected by the unseemly delay. IAD's should be subbed as Notes using the following format as an example (the ordering is chronological, by airdate):

    Original International Air Dates:
    Canada : April 15, 2011 on Space
    Australia : May 20, 2011 on Sci Fi Australia
    Czech Republic : June 6, 2011 on AXN Sci Fi
    U.K. : July 13, 2011 on Watch

    Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll add further points as they become necessary. Again, please pm me with any ideas, comments, questions or suggestions. It's easy, just type EarlyMemphis in the Send To box and it'll get to me.
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