Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on Syfy
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Henry tries to determine why a seemingly docile domesticated abnormal suddenly turned violent after it attacks a research scientist.

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  • Fragments

    Fragments was a really great episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had an interesting story and character development for Henry as we learn more about him. The abnormal, Jack, was an interesting creature. I thought it was also neat how The Big Guy had a sacred medicine pouch with a miraculous substance I hope to learn more about. There was plenty of drama, intrigue, mystery and abnormal crime solving. I really enjoy watching Kate being a part of the team. This was a good study of how dating in the work place can be a bad idea! I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!moreless
  • Good, interesting episode with some character development for Henry

    I've always liked Henry and this week we finally got a Henry-centric episode. Naturally, after realizing he is an abnormal, and the abnormal part of himself is prone to aggressive behavior, Henry had to have had some serious issues to deal with. But in the midst of all the adventure and drama of the previous episodes we didn't really get to see how he was dealing with it. Now we finally caught a glimpse of that. Rachel is Henry's ex-girlfriend and someone he is very much in love with, but he hesitated to propose to her because of his abnormality. What he failed to realize was that Rachel was also in love with him, so she reacted by marrying his best friend. The marriage proved to be disastrous, and Rachel's husband, driven by his jealousy for Henry poisoned one of the creatures Rachel was working with, intending for the creature to attack and kill Henry. It attacked Rachel instead and through the main plot of Helen trying to understand what happened and save her life, we get to watch Henry and his best friend throw away the masks, while at the same time Kate is more and more incorporated into the structure of the Sanctuary (the forensic scenes with her and Will were actually pretty good), and Big Guy gets to show off on his surgical assistant skills (who'd have thought?). I especially liked the scene with Rachel's husband attacking Henry with a knife, where Henry managed to control his urge and overcome even his self-preservation instinct in order not to attack his friend. Even though he is unsure of his ability to control his abnormal side, I believe that scene pretty much proves it beyond a doubt. I was surprised that he didn't choose to be with Rachel after their scene in the garden, but then it's understandable. Their relationship would always have been shadowed by the guilt towards Henry's best friend.moreless
  • ER and CSI in Sanctuary style

    Ok.. This and last episode really seems to be all about the crazy ideas production team has and they want to work them out, do episodes they love and it is really seen on the screen - the way the camerawork and other creative aspects are just so much more talking..

    I loved the way they had the episode built even thought the ending was quite seen as that husband somewhere in the story gave it away when he tried to kill that monster. Then I thought, that the real reason must be about.. and surprise, it was. But still, it was very good episode. I loved the irony and hints to other shows, the action, the dynamic.. Sanctuary is as good as always.moreless
  • A research scientist is attacked and all signs point to the abnormal she's studying.

    An interesting episode. Didn't quite know what route it would take until the second half, then after made perfect sense. At the beginning we are led to believe than an abnormal went on a wild rampage and attacked the woman whose researching it.

    It turns out that the woman is Henry's ex-girlfriend. The woman is the wife of his friend. Henry thinks that the events happened like they did, but Will, Magnus and others find out that there's more to this story than what meets the eye.

    Not your typical Sanctuary as most of them are. They are trying a different variety of stories ever since they did the Ashley / Cabal storyline. I think it's great so far. People who thought the TV show relied too much on the Cabal are seeing what the writers can do.

    These stories are entertaining and stand alone by themselves.moreless
  • Henry's friend Rachel is attacked by her Lizard Abnormal subject who is usually very docile. This creatures spores are deadly and are killing Rachel. Magnus must find a way to counteract the spores and the team must find the truth about what happened.moreless

    I actually liked the story last week better than this one, but I have to score this a little higher as there is a lot from a research and plot standpoint to recommend this episode. Very clever story based on a tragic love story triangle.

    I have to mention that for one of the first times the costume of one of the creatures just really fails to be believable. The Lizard costume from the very first scene was very poorly fitted and looked pretty bad in places. I think maybe it was the design as I don't think it really worked on the whole.

    The science and capability to recreate the crime scene was very cool. Henry is one amazing guy. Also the stasis chamber and the operating room scenes were great as well. Sometimes the tech seems so good and other times it fails miserably.

    On a personal note I think Henry is wrong in his conclusions at the about Rachel especially after what transpired with her in this episode. Also Kate is turning into a big help when she's not being a thorn in someones side. As things became apparent it was a very clever twist to the story even though they sort of lead you to understand what happened before they actually revealed it. Actually the whole piece was pretty good that way. Drawing the viewers to the proper conclusion without hitting them over the head with it.

    A lot to recommend and a few things that I wouldn't. Overall an episode that was pretty good. Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Henry: Okay, I can still swing by there after I'm done, be like 30-40 minutes, tops.
      Rachel: Oh, 40 minutes Henry Foss time? Jack will die of hunger by then. Come on, you know he's our baby.
      Henry: Ow …man, oh, that is cold …
      Rachel: I'm just saying …

    • Kate: Easy there, Gumby. It's just little ol' me.
      Will: (on radio) Kate, gimmie an update. (Kate fires four tranquilizer darts at the charging creature before Will arrives and uses the stun gun) Four tranqs and the concussion stun to take him down.
      Kate: Butt-ugly to boot.

    • Kate: So, lizard-boy here releases toxic spores?
      Will: Yeah, Henry's been working with Rachel's team for about five years. Never heard of Jack releasing his spores even once. He's supposed to be tame.
      Kate: (scoffs) Bad call.

    • Kate: Tryin' to domesticate one of these things … that's like putting C4 through the Play-Doh Fun Factory.
      Will: I don't know, it's cutting edge stuff. Gerald focuses on its biochemistry while Rachel studies its behavior. They make a good team.
      Kate: (chuckles sarcastically) What I've seen of Jack's … behavior, he could still use some obedience training.
      Will: The last time I saw him with Rachel he was pretty docile. She was even teaching him sign language.
      Kate: Well, hey, I'm no scientist, but you teach a deadly abnormal how to talk and all you'll get is a deadly talking abnormal.

    • Will: Now that we've recreated the scene we can hopefully figure out what happened.
      Kate: It's amazing … in, like, a total geeky kinda way.
      Will: Wow, jealous much?

    • Will: Okay, so he's down here - she's reaching for him?
      Kate: (laughs) Okay, well, the woman's either crazy or stupid. I mean, monster is loose, you move away from it.
      Will: Yeah, unless … she couldn't believe that he would hurt her?

    • Will: Assassination attempts aside, how goes it?
      Helen: Well, ironically, Gerald's research is proving to be quite helpful. Take a look at this.
      Will: (approaches the microscope) This gonna put me off my lunch?

    • Will: Rachel taught Jack a form of sign language, and I'm thinkin' of tryin' to communicate with him. Now, I know it's not a conventional way of gathering evidence, and … I know what you're gonna say - that if you could teach a lion to speak you still wouldn't understand him - your Dad's favorite expression …
      Helen: Because … we often make the egocentric mistake of believing that abnormals think the same way we do, that their worldview and logic patterns are similar. In most cases, even with the most intelligent species, they simply aren't.
      Will: I know, their whole cognitive process is different …
      Helen: Yes. I'm … I'm just saying bear that in mind when you have your … chat.

    • Gerald: I don't know where to put all this, Henry. It lives and she dies? You tell me what you'd do?
      Henry: Honestly, Gerald, I don't know what I'd do …
      Gerald: YOU'D KILL THE DAMN THING! You'd go all werewolf and you would take care of business!

    • Kate: Hey, Will … this is what you did before you came here, right? Like, fancy detective work, CSI stuff?
      Will: (chuckling) Yeah. Look, in the real world, forensics is under-staffed, under-funded and backlogged to the nines.
      Kate: (smiling) Oh. Well, score one for the criminals, then.
      Will: Put it this way, if I had this tech to work with, you'd have been behind bars years ago.
      Kate: (after he leaves) No, I wouldn't.

    • Kate: How was your "chat" with Jack?
      Will: Huh! Uh, turns out he doesn't have much to say - except I think he feels bad about what happened - which … isn't very monster-like.

    • Gerald: I can't spend two minutes with her … without you showin' up. I can't take her to a movie, because you two have already seen it. First it's coffee with Henry, then it's dinner here and there. Pretty soon it's all about whether or not you're available. You know that she actually blushes when you walk into a room? And you know it, and you insult me … every time, pretending that it wasn't happening.
      Henry: She's with you, Ger, not me. I never did anything.
      Gerald: You don't have to, Henry you are - you are everything that she wants me to be.

    • Gerald: I wasn't tryin' to kill Rachel … (turns and pulls out a knife) I was tryin' to kill you.
      Henry: Oh, man. Don't.
      Gerald: Come on, Henry. Let's see your real face, huh? (stabs Henry)
      Henry: No! (groans and begins to change) No!
      Gerald: It's all right, buddy, let it come! (slashes Henry)
      Henry: Don't … (growls, changing)
      Gerald: Come on, Henry, turn! One of us is checkin' out, Henry, and if you stay human, it'll be you.
      Henry: Don't do this.
      Gerald: Come on! (stabs again)

    • Henry: I just wanted to be there for her. You know, be someone she could count on … be a friend.
      Helen: But things changed.
      Henry: Yeah.
      Helen: That's usually when it's best to come clean … You can't let who you are keep you from getting close to people, Henry.

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    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : November 13, 2009 on Space
      U.K. : November 23, 2009 on ITV4
      Australia : March 11, 2010 on SciFi Australia
      Czech Republic : February 24, 2010 on AXN Sci-fi


    • Kate: Easy there, Gumby. It's just little ol' me.

      When approaching the reptilian creature, Kate refers to the green stop-motion clay animation figure that starred for over 50 years in two television series (The Gumby Show and Gumby Adventures), movies, video games, and commercials.