Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Sanctuary meets Sweeney Todd

    Sanctuary meets Sweeney Todd.

    Sanctuary visits the West End.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Sanctuary finally jumped the shark.
  • Look out Fonzie, Yet another Program has "JUMPED THE SHARK"...... ... ......... .................................. .....................................................


    Look out Fonzie, Yet another Program has "JUMPED THE SHARK"......



    With Ashley's departure, Sanctuary producers/directors/writers have tried to replace her with first Kate (yawn) and then Abbey (bigger Yawn). A glamour wuss of a woman who is dating Magnus's sidekick, turns out to be working for the other side.. that was the Jumping the SS MINNOW, but this episode. Give it a miss and any future episodes as the show has officially 'Jumped the Shark' in my SCI FI (yes Sci Fi - not syfy?? wtf is syfy??) opinion.

  • O My God Please never do this again

    I thought the dancing in the street for Kali was bad. Still love the show.
  • worst...episode...eva!

    can't really review it properly cos i couldn't stand watching it after 10 mins i turned it off. but i'll say this singing and sci fi NEVER MIX!!!! THIS IS NO DOUBT THE WORST EPISODE IN THE WHOLE SERIES.
  • Liked it

    This episode is unique and has piqued my interest in finding all the songs that were sang in it. I wonder if there is a list of them somewhere. I want the soundtrack. I have always been a fan of Magnus and I love her take charge and get it done attitude. I Love this Show!
  • Stargate was great

    Sanctuary sucks so bad, this proofs it

    what a load of crap - nothing else to say really.
  • Horrible episode

    I made an account on this website just so i could say how much i HATED this episode. I'm sure the writing crew watched it later when the weed had worn off and realised how horrible the episode was. I give the episode a 0.5 because they wouldn't let me give it a zero at the moment the average is 5.7 and when I first saw that i was pretty sure it was out of a hundred and that would be generous. I do or rather did like the show this episode was horrible and I hope the guy on the writing crew that thought of it got fired but probably not because the people who said yes must've also been high.
  • NO. Just, NO.

    Pascale Hutton was the least weak, but even she was not great. I think the musical numbers were poorly written in either case, but I think she cannot act and sing at the same time; she kept having to choose, or so it seemed. Decent voices and terrible, repetitive melodies which are hard to sing decently do not a musical make.

    It just wasn't interesting or believable. It was *cringe, they're trying to do their own Once More With Feeling and it doesn't fit this show*. Ugh. Terrible. I've actually liked this season so far, the Magoi episode in particular was spectacular and I like seeing Henry as a future dad, but this episode was the show's absolute lowest in its entire history. It was not good as a musical, it was only decent as a plot, and characters were out of character all over the place with no satisfying or believable resolution at the end.

    I just didn't buy this episode. It was painful to watch. I felt bad for the actors.
  • I really want to like this show...

    but they're not making it easy. A musical?! Really?! Are they trying to hop on the Glee bandwagon? Get back to the already.
  • This episode, and indeed this entire season has been horrible. SyFy I cannot believe you dropped SGU for this rubbish. This show is an insult to Sci Fi fans. Bring back SGU!!! Dont get me wrong I love Amanda Tapping's work, however....


    This episode, and indeed this entire season has been horrible. SyFy I cannot believe you dropped SGU for this rubbish. This show is an insult to Sci Fi fans. Bring back SGU!!! Dont get me wrong I love Amanda Tapping's work, however Sanctuary is plagued with poor stories, horribly rushed VFX - and it basically doesn't feel right. This Music Threatre episode just makes no sense. You basically do not understand your audience, Syfy, and this episode proves it. Again, bring back SGU, bring back real Science Fiction drama.


  • Once more with feeling? Would have been nice.


    I'm betting the writing/producing crew even called it that when they said "I want to do one of those."

    Problem is, the only cast members who can sing are "recurring roles" (though Jim Byrne hasn't been around for at least a season. He just happened to appear for this one, since he is a talented Blues singer.

    Pascale Hutton is obviously trained, but everyone else sounded like Gerard Butler as the Phantom of the Opera, only without Andrew Lloyd Weber providing decent material to belt out.

    Half-hearted effort that appears to be simply so they can say "we did one of those." Disappointing.

    Oh, and Will's sudden irrational rage? 100% out of character, poorly written, and unbelievable. I won't go into it more, but considering how ridiculous the songs in this were, it is notable that THAT stood out to me as being really bad.

  • The expression "What were they THINKING?!?" was made for this one.


    This entire season has been a stinker, and they reached a new low in this episode. Hint: if your cast can't sing, don't do a musical episode. Hint: if you don't have anything better to offer than D-rated operatic recitative, don't do a musical episode.

    And how exactly did this move the storyline forward? I'm not a fan of the Hollow-Earth development at all, but at least let's stick with it until we get somewhere.

    I totally agree with dbartley about Will's tantrums and irrational rage here. Since Robin Dunne's emotional range runs the gamut from A to B, he really couldn't pull it off even with good writing (which this wasn't). My biggest disappointment in this episode was that Magnus once again managed a miracle -- I can't STAND the character of Abby and was rooting for her demise!

    In the spirit of trying to say something positive: at least it didn't take me long to get through this one, the fast-forward button is your friend.

    Amanda Tapping's enormous charisma is the only thing keeping this show afloat. I'm not sure how much longer she can manage it.

  • Get yourmusical out of my syfy show.


    This is a Sci Fyshow not Glee i had to fastforward through half the episode. By far the worst episode of Sanctuary. They really could of done this part of the Sanctuary story without the musical how about sub sonic tones on the level of dogs and they had to build a tone generator to communicate THAT is Sci Fy not singing

  • I'm not opposed to this kind of thing; I really enjoyed Season 2's 'Kali', so it's not like I'm just a hater.


    I just didn't feel like this worked. This show can handle going a little over-the-top from time to time and I appreciate its playful nature, but a whole episode of 'shtick' is too much.

    They should've aired this one online only. I haven't enjoyed this season as much as the previous ones but I don't think they're out of ideas - I'd like to see the show renewed for another season or two. I think there's still a lot of potential for good concepts and stories.

  • If I wanted to see singing I'll watch a Disney movie, not a scifi show.


    I used to love this show since way back when it was just a web based show. Then when SyFy picked it up I was ecstatic, but this last season has been going from boring to downright awfull. If they ran out of ideas they should just kill it instead of trying to pull an "Smallville"

    Seriously... SINGING for crying out loud!!!

  • Musical Entertainment

    Usually I do not like characters breaking into song in movies. At best they are entertaining in an embarrasing way.
    However Fugue somehow pulls it off with extreme grace. The songs are very nice and they even provided a thin rationale for some of the songs. Shame they didn't provide one for all, but that doesn't reduce the entertainment.
  • Very creative! Something entirely new.


    Wow honestly guys this episode was great. The actors and actresses have gone completely out of their comfort zone and done something amazingly new. Variety is the spice of life and its good to see good sci-fi looking for new ways to entertain the viewer. Very Creative. Thanks!

  • It just wasn't serious


    I'm not a fan of musicals, but I love some musicals...and I am a composer...not that this implies all I'm going to say is righteous! But I know something about music ;)

    That said, I was underwhelmed by the lack of composing skills in the songs. This of course isn't "cats" or "Rocky horror picture show". This is one episode of a sci-fi show, and should not be compared to such productions.

    However there must be a sort of "firm ground" to build something like this. I don't think there was enough in this case. The songs were very shallow and could have been so much more.

    I don't think the story was well thought. For instance I never got to understand why they were singing in the first place...and the final operation was very gore and...well...she should have died after that. I also think the acting was not very's like I could almost tell some people were embarassed about having to do "the musical thing".

    And in the end I did not get any message out of it. When I watch a musical (and believe really gotta drag me to one), I expect to receive some sort of final message...
    In this case it could have been something like "through music you can fight your demons" (or coexist with them). But I didn't get any new message out of this musical.

    I hope next episode will get back on track. Anyways I give my sincere congratulations to all the staff for trying hard :)

  • Mixed feelings about this one


    Well, the least I can say is that I have mixed feelings about this episode.

    If I take the different aspects of the episode separately, I think they were almost all very good. I liked the idea of a parasitic specie than can take over your body (reminds me of something ^^) and change you into something else. I also liked the idea that music was the only way to communicate with it. Then I enjoyed the dynamic between all the characters and loved the development of the Abby/ Will relationship. I also liked Will and Helen' confrontation. Since her return Helen is more bold and she do more things without consulting the others and because this time it hit close to home, it was an interesting twist in their relationship and I'd like to see the aftermath of that in the next episodes. Finally, the songs by themselves were nice and the singing was ok. The only thing I didn't like was the bug getting in and out of Abby's body, I don't mind the gory side but it just felt like a bad X-Files episode.

    So now the problem for me with that episode is that when you put together all those good stuffs it was... weird. Just weird, it didn't feel like a real episode. I felt exactly the same with Grey's anatomy's musical episode last year: taken apart the singing and the story are good but mixed together we don't buy it.

  • Sanctuary showing it's Hollywood underbelly ruling elite now with Broadway singing after the lesbian kiss ( normally I am pretty eager for such scenes ) but come on really ! So unwarranted.


    I am a big fan of this show , but if your gonna start going Glee on us with lots of homosexual undertones or out rite heavy explicit gay scenes , your gonna loose viewers fast. Even Glee last week returned to rock n roll hit songs most of the viewers love. People are gay, we get it. It's not your job to sell it to the American public. Please return to what made your show a hit, No more Broadway tunes !

  • Sanctuary, the Musical!


    This is definitely a love it or hate it episode, due to the singing.

    I personally think it was, singing aside, the episode was a good one, and the fact that the abnormal form of communication was "musical" was believable.

    Plus, it gaves us the opportunity to go more in-depth in the will-abbey relationship and I honestly found their duets really touching and not cheesy.

    The songs in general were really good (I didn't like the magnus and the hap's solos) and they really worked well.


  • Jumps the shark


    Sorry, but any musical episode normally jumps the shark, and this is episode of Sanctuary was no exception. As soon as I heard Abby sing the first moment, I wanted to scream and run. I decided to tough it out, and was glad the whole entire thing wasn't sung.

    It could have been a powerful, dramatic episode if it wasn't for the overwhelming cheesiness. I don't mind a bit of goofiness in my sci-fi shows, and really enjoyed the humor in Stargate, but I refuse to give any show a decent review that stoops to this.

  • Truly inspired!congratulations toDamian Kindler,Andrew Lockington and the cast.


    This episode brings Sanctuary to a new and brilliant level. This show has always been exciting, well written, well executed with talented people. It uses nuances, arcs and story lines to foster innovative and thought provoking ideas not only to entertain but to subtly teach us ethics and morality; which I applaud.

    This episode took it one step further by adding deeper emotions and feelings with the addition of musical interludes in order to augment the normal background, songs and meaningful lyrics to bring us closer to our protagonists' reality; their conflicts, sufferings and triumphs. Thank you, this was a great job-well done!

  • the writers of this episode wish to give special thanks to those of Buffy the vampire slayer 6x07 Once more with Feeling. In other words, been there seen that, and it wasn't any better the 2nd time around.


    This was not a very good episode just needed to make something different becuase they were boared i'm sure.
    I did not much care of the Once more with feeling episode from buffy being drawn into this show at all.
    they should have left it alone and just did a normal filling with some dramatic plot line endangering the life of her. Not one of them had any real talent and were off key often. If not for the little breaks of normal character interaction i would have turned the show off and saved myself the anguish but as luck would have it nothing else was on to entertain me

    I'll give the episode a 2/5

  • Superb! One love story with music and feelings. But it is not only about music and a love story, it is also new ways of the relationship between Magnus and Will. The always story about the pupil who disagree with his mentor.


    A really great effort from the actors to tell a love story in a different way.I liked it. Simple and fun. One hour really, really entertaining.And what it is television,if not entertainment?Great. Really Great.

    I enjoyed the end, (spoilers alert!) when Magnus say to Will that she is proud of him, but Will instead of saying anything, left her. It opens a new vision: until now Will and Magnus in a way or another have always been agreed about the solution but now this opens new frontiers to the next episodes.

  • Musical?! Really?!


    One of my favorite shows, but certainly not for this episode.

    Musical seems misplaced, it almost like authors got a general idea about episode, but didn't know what to fill it with... Who's brilliant idea this was, anyway??

    God, I hope they wouldn't dance next time!

  • Fugue


    Fugue was a good episode of Sanctuary and I enjoyed watching the episode because the story was interesting and it was fun watching the characters interact with each other in dealing with the situations at hand. It was nice to see Abby again, though what happened to her was sad. I really liked the character development for Will in this episode and the touching scene in the end with him and Magnus talking was great. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!

  • Best "story" I have seen in this season so far. BUT...


    Now this could be the best ever, most exciting, most thrilling episode EVER in the history of good episodes of The Sanctuary, But out of no where came singing and it literally drop my jaws down and my eyes were like what the heck started.

    If, and only if they put down the singing part and perhaps develop something else to community, this episode will flame the rates toward highest value within moments.

    Oh My Goodness. I did like how Abby become so aggressively romantic over Will while I was confirm she was going to eat him alive. Well in a way this is what she was up to after all, but in a romantic way.

    I did like how the Mr. Special Agent (Sorry I am very bad with the names) play out this episode. His conversion from Monster to abnormal was nothing short of adorable. But he should be more helpful at the end, like holding her down maybe. yes I understand the play-time was short and the story was big, but again if and only IF they did not put the singing part, the time should manage much better.

    Singing over the roof was somehow seems very accepting, it was emotional up there and I was shaking head just before she jumped. Although somewhere inside me was sure she will be transformed before hitting the ground, another possibility I so much wanted to see our Mr. Wolf jumped out to save her. That would be something but again what happened was not bad either. After all both were up there for so long and in the mean time the team set on the ground.

    But what IF she wouldn't convert?

    I still love this episode so much, hated the singing to the sky high.

  • Worst episode ever. Really!Remember to remove sharp objects near where you are sitting. At about the 10 minute mark you may start madly trying to kill yourself with items nearby. You will never respect this show again.


    Worst episode ever and I meant it. A tree monster takes over Will's useless girlfriend causing her to turn the whole episode into an intolerable abortion of a musical via DNA gibberish. Not all musicals are bad; this one certainly is. It's so bad that most of the cast members were apparently sick during musical day. Fast forwarding doesn't help. Episode is fail up and down. By the end I heard the most horrible screaming; I soon realized that it was me screaming.

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