Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2010 on Syfy
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Magnus and her team rescue the passengers of a sinking ship off the coast of South Africa. Back at the Sanctuary, one of the passengers is found murdered and Druitt becomes the prime suspect.

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  • Haunted

    Haunted was a superb episode of Sanctuary and I really enjoyed watching as Magnus, Druit and the team take in refugees from a sinking ship off the African coast. I liked this episode which had some important character and plot development, though it felt a little light or slow. It was interesting to learn the possibility of what John may have been carrying around inside of him all of this time. I enjoy watching the characters interact and deal with the situations at hand. This episode was entertaining and has a touching ending. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!moreless
  • Helen calls John when a shipload of empaths are on a sinking ship off the African coast. Everyone is in crisis but John seems quite calm. His murdering ways come back and Magnus is forced to kill him, but shocks him back to life and the trouble begins.moreless

    It seems there is more to John's Jack the Ripper personality than first came to light. When Magnus shocked him something occurred and when John comes back he seems totally at peace within himself for the first time in many years. The problem is whatever was joined with him is loose in the Sanctuary system as a living energy entity and it is bound and determines to kill everything else alive.

    Henry is stuck in the Med Lab with an injured empath. Will is right outside the door from him literally with no way in to help him. Bigfoot and Kate are in an elevator stuck between floors, and Magnus is in a lock down with John not really sure if he is alright or in killer mode. The entity has locked Henry out of the system despite the fact there are three levels of protocols to stop this from specifically happening. Someone has to get to the catacombs and get the power to the building shut down or everyone will die.

    An irritating episode in some ways for me. They have spent time explaining the origins of the five and we have some understanding of John to a point. We know he has gone on some amazingly brutal killing sprees, but supposedly the problem was in check. Somehow his power seems to exacerbate his condition. What happens is interesting and a bit shocking when the truth comes out.

    I'll be looking forward to next weeks two hour season finale of Sanctuary. I am sorry the season seems to have flown by so fast. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • One of the best episodes..

    I am not sure but that episode totally moved me.. It not only moved me.. it had me jumping on my chair, cheering for it.. and I do not.. yelling "no.. do not kill him".. So.. I most say, the episode caught me from the first minute, kept my eyes on screen and did not let them go. So.. it had excitement, questions, some doubtful action (like wondering.. why he did that and in the end, all explained). And I think most of all, that episode gave hope.. that there is happy ending after all.. it won't happen soon and maybe never but.. there is a change.

    I loved the excitement and action.. and not only the Druitt storyline (what was brilliant. Probably best Druitt centered episode and it, for sure, balanced the char missing most part of the season) but also the whole lockdown.. Big Foot and Kate on the elevator.. that was funny scene.. and Henry being defeated at his own game.. taking that personally. So.. I really think that was brilliant achievement and for sure, episode I really loved. And did I mentioned the music? It had some really amazing score..moreless

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    • Helen: I told them the empaths are safe. Their ship, on the other hand … How's it looking?
      Henry: Yeah, not so good. Celine Dion should start singing about now. Sorry, disaster joke, not funny.

    • Helen: Thank you for answering my call.
      Druitt: It seems business is never finished with us, despite our losses.
      Helen: I'm just saying, I couldn't have done it without you.
      Druitt: Well, all hands on deck, hmm? Besides, I've missed this place. You know, vengeful killing spree's are good for the soul, but … there's no place like home.

    • Henry: Molly's primed for a charge. I can't exactly bail on her right now.
      Will: Molly?
      Henry: Modified O-wave linear expeller.
      Will: Uh, doesn't that acronym spell "mole"?
      Henry: Molly's hotter.
      Will: (scoffs) Dude, it's a weapon, not a woman.
      Henry: Hey, clearly you and I have not dated the same girls.

    • Will: You realize you're talkin' to a guy who flunked Allen key, right?
      Henry: Relax, you'll be fine … Oh, don't overcharge the power core, you'll blow up the lab.
      Will: Okay, so no pressure then!

    • Kate: Tell me again why you're trying to bring a homicidal maniac back to life.
      Helen: It's more about compulsion than murder. I set him up for this, letting him loose on the Cabal. He knew I'd find out about his activities sooner or later. He wanted me to kill him.
      Kate: No offense, but you guys got a seriously messed-up relationship.
      Helen: It's complicated.

    • Helen: We need to check for any breeches in abnormal containment. We won't have full security until Henry's reboot is complete.
      Kate: (skeptical) Y-you're cool hangin' with Jack-the Ripper?
      Helen: He's no danger to anyone right now.
      (Kate scoffs and leaves)

    • Kate: So, was I right? (Big Guy grunts) You think the boss still has the hots for tall, bald and deadly? Man, I thought I had relationship issues. What about you, Big Guy? Anyone special in your life?
      Big Guy: I mate every five years.
      Kate: With who!?

    • (one of the empaths, locked in with Henry, is in medical distress)
      Will: Okay, uh, what was her name again?
      Henry: Magnus said something like … Bosa. Hmm, antlers …
      Both: Musa!
      Will: Musa, okay. So, just talk to her and calm her down. It's very important.
      Henry: Okay. Uh, hey, Musa … Hi! Uh …

    • (locked in a stalled elevator)
      Kate: Don't you guys update your safety equipment?
      Big Guy: Constantly.
      Kate: Yeah, well, then why isn't anything working? Where's the disembodied voice saying "Chill out, help's coming."
      Big Guy: I'm that voice.
      Kate: Is help coming?
      Big Guy: No.

    • Kate: W-w-w-wait, if audio is down, why is video still running? Shouldn't everything be FUBAR?
      Will: Why am I talking to you on the oldest intercom ever made?
      Kate: Good point.

    • Will: Somethin' just came out … what the hell was that!
      Helen: It's not anyone inside the building, it's the building itself!
      Kate: What does that mean?
      Helen: That something very much alive is in control of the Sanctuary.

    • Helen: Henry, are you able to log on to the network?
      Henry: Yeah, but I'm totally locked out, it's like playin' X-Box without my … joystick.

    • (Kate begins climbing)
      Big Guy: Here, let me help you
      Kate: Hey! Watch where the hands go, Wookie!

    • Druitt: Is it not possible this entity was the sole cause of my bloodlust? That it's been polluting my soul since it began using my power?
      Helen: Oh … I want to believe you, John, but it's far too easy to blame everything you've done on something else.
      Druitt: Yeah, you're right. My mind is so … clear … (chuckles) as it was when we first met. That thing was my rage. I'm sure of it.

    • Helen: John, what's its agenda?
      Druitt: Chaos, death, suffering. Sound familiar? Once it learns everything it can about its environment, the violence will escalate.

    • Kate: We got power again!
      Big Guy: Yes, but no control.
      Kate: It's always somethin', isn't it?

    • (Henry succeeds in getting into the computer)
      Henry: Suck it, Electro! This is my town!

    • (the elevator has ceased plummeting)
      Kate: Did I mention I hate rides? (Big Guy chuckles … the elevator starts rising) Uh, really!?

    • Druitt: My entire body is geared to being it's home.
      Helen: John …
      Druitt: Let me go.
      Helen: John, you don't have to do this, we could find a way …
      Druitt: I love you. Remember that … always. Mr. Foss, would you be so kind as to … deactivate the em shield. (Helen nods yes) For all eternity …

    • Helen: It would've killed a lot more if it weren't for you. You kept it at bay.
      Druitt: I need to leave now.
      Helen: Where are you going?
      Druitt: (smiling) I have no destination in mind.
      Helen: John, wait … (he teleports away)

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : January 8, 2010 on Space
      Australia : April 15, 2010 on SciFi Australia
      U.K. : January 11, 2010 on ITV4
      Czech Republic : March 31, 2010 on AXN Sci-fi


    • Henry: Yeah, not so good. Celine Dion should start singing about now.

      Henry is referring to Celine Dion's singing the theme song from Titanic (1997), "My Heart Will Go On" - a world-wide hit which became Celine's signature song - winning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and four Grammys.

    • Kate: Hey! Watch where the hands go, Wookiee!

      Kate is alluding to Chewbacca, the hairy creature from Star Wars (1977) who was Han Solo's buddy - not the first time the Big Guy has heard this allusion.

    • Will: (mimicking Bruce Willis) Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs…

      While crawling through an air duct, Will mimic's Bruce Willis, alluding to John McClane's sarcastic lines as he was using the air ducts to escape terrorists (who had taken over the building) in the movie Die Hard (1988).