Season 3 Episode 10

Hollow Men

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2010 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Seeking a gateway to the secret subterranean city, Magnus leads a treacherous mission to Tibet - telling a bitter Adam that he must stay behind while promising to bring back a cure for their radiation sickness. Because of their source blood, Magnus insists that Tesla and Druitt stay behind as well, taking the only shield Tesla was able to construct for herself. The hidden city, however, is rigged with deadly security traps - and death awaits the team at every turn.moreless

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Polly Walker

Polly Walker

Ranna Seneschal

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Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil


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Luvia Petersen

Luvia Petersen


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Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

Nikola Tesla

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Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey

Adam Worth

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Kate: Are you sayin' we got rebooted?
      Henry: Uh-huh. I am definitely havin' a Vista moment.

      Henry is alluding to the Microsoft Vista operating system. Initially, when Windows Update attempted to install the Vista Service Pack 1 update, it could result in a hard-to-break reboot cycle which drove users up the wall. Microsoft suspended automatic distribution of the update until it found a fix which made it safe to install the service pack. In general, however, operating systems today are far more stable than the buggy systems earlier users had to contend with.

    • Tesla: I know we all did some fancy footwork with the slide rule …

      The slide rule was a mechanical analog computer first developed in the early-17th century by William Oughtred and others following the publication of John Napier's pioneering work on logarithms. Although its development and form varied from country to country, by the 1950's, slide rules had become the de facto symbol of the engineering profession - with some students and engineers carrying small slides with them on belt holsters. Researchers have estimated that perhaps as many as 40 million slide rules were produced in the 20th century alone. Eventually, they were even carried to the moon by America's Apollo space program.
      The primacy of the slide rule began to diminish in the 1960's, however, as electronic computers became more widely available. Computer centers often had a framed slide rule hung on the wall with a note which read "In case of emergency, break glass". The introduction of pocket-sized scientific calculators, such as the Hewlett-Packard HP-35 (1972), ended the slide rule era forever. By 1976, scientific calculators could be had for less than $25 and the market for slides simply melted away. In 2004, a new approach to the concept was developed, but with no market, the new slides were never produced.

    • Perhaps Tesla's English failed him when he referred to "the paltry supplies of lathanides" on hand. He was probably referring to lanthanides - a series of fifteen elements with the atomic numbers 57-71 (although the IUPAC "chemistry union" currently prefers the term lanthanoids). Once considered the primary examples of what were called "rare earth" elements (due to earlier technological limitations), they are no longer considered either rare or "earths" - being, for example, more abundant than gold, platinum or iodine. Because they deflect ultraviolet and infrared radiation, their principal current use which might be applied to Tesla's "shield" are in the production of sunglass lenses. They are also commonly used in lasers, optical amplifiers (probably used in the fiber-optic transmission links which carried you this piece of internet traffic), catalytic converters, and permanent magnets. As for Magnus' shiny bracelet, however, in the open air, lanthanides tarnish quickly; and she'd better stay cool - because they can also ignite and burn vigorously when so exposed.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Helen: I'll bring back the cure, if you're telling the truth and it actually exists.
      Adam: If I lied, we're both dead.
      Helen: Yes, and you're far too arrogant to commit suicide.
      Adam (chuckles): Bravo. I can lead you to it, you know.
      Helen: You're not going anywhere.
      Adam: But 'dere be tigers down dere! (whispers) Far too dangerous without me.
      Helen: On the contrary.
      Adam: Come on, Helen. Devil you know, and all that. You'll never survive on your own, you know. Maybe you don't want to. Death of a child … (Magnus stops and stares at Hyde) Hmm. Never quite the same after that, is it?

    • Kate: I'm just saying, we're betting the bank on the word of a nutbar.

    • Tesla: I've been testing this vampire shield all morning …
      Will: You're really not very good at naming things, are you?
      Druitt: Too bad our resident genius could only make one.

    • Tesla: Oh, so you're going?
      Helen: As opposed to …?
      Will: You? Or him?
      Druitt: I did aid in procuring the Keystone.
      Tesla: Found the Gateway!
      Helen: Hand it over.
      Tesla: Very well … But, really, I have to say, when I imagine the-the splendor of the entry hall, uh, an architectural site thousands of years old - a veritable marvel of art and design, and to think, that the first witnesses to this spectacle will be Huey, Dewey and Screwy? Really, Helen, my heart sinks you chose them over me.
      Druitt: Don't be bitter.
      Tesla: I do it so well.

    • (Tesla is administering meds to Adam)
      Adam: Will you tuck me in?
      Tesla: No. (Adam feigns pouting) Although I could add some sulfuric acid to this cocktail - make your blood boil from the inside. Would you like that?

    • Adam: The great Helen Magnus. Oh, well, I tried to warn her.
      Druitt: STOP … talking.
      Adam: She never loved you, you know that? (Druitt begins slowly walking towards him) Oh, come on, you've seen the way she looks at me, with pity in her eyes. Why should she feel any differently about you? The only reason she tolerates you is because she can use you like a mad dog on a leash, and you just keep lapping at her heels like the pathetic little pet that you are … (Druitt grabs him by the throat)
      Tesla: John, really … he's not worth it, pardon the pun. (Adam laughs as Druitt keeps choking him) If you kill him, he can't help her. (Druitt releases and walks away)
      Adam (laughs insanely): Same old Johnny!

    • Helen: Ah, and what have we here? (touches Gateway element they must pass thru, which lights up)
      Will: Light switch?
      Helen (reading symbols): "Akhkharu".
      Will: Vampire detector. (Magnus looks at her bracelet "shield") Well, all the major airports have 'em these days. How's your gizmo?
      Helen: Well, light's on.
      Will: Universal sign that a source blood shield's workin', right?

    • (after a delay, the Gateway allows Magnus to pass, Tesla's shield appears to work)
      Kate: I take back everything I've ever said about the guy.
      Helen: Let's not be too hasty.
      (suddenly they are "attacked" by electric red lasers)
      Will: Whoa!
      Helen: As I was saying …

    • Will: What is this thing? (reaches towards the lights)
      Helen (restraining Will): Ah, I wouldn't do that … if I were you.
      (Will touches it with his foot and gets zapped, the lights then begin to advance)
      Will : Great, now we made it mad.
      Helen: It's herding us down this tunnel.
      Will: Cattle in a chute.
      Helen: Oh, that never ends well.

    • (after the lasers and the rockslides pass, they scuffle back up onto the bridge)
      Helen (winded): We should probably follow the laser field., might be headed to the city.
      Will: Hold on, hold on. You need to rest.
      Helen: I'm fine.
      Will: That's the adrenaline talking.
      Helen: Yes, well, any port in a storm.

    • (hiding from armed guards seemingly searching for them)
      Will: Our ticket to the city?
      Helen: I'd like to avoid the armed escort as long as possible.
      Will: Yeah.

    • (Will thinks a bad odor is coming from a plant)
      Helen: No, that distinctive aroma isn't coming from the plant.
      Will: It smells like …
      Helen: Feces! (uncovers a large dropping as Will gags) Fascinating.
      Will (trying not to breathe): Oh, yeah. Uh, that's not the adjective I would've used to describe that.

    • (trying to fend off the Basilisk without looking at it)
      Helen: Use your phone. The blank screen acts like a mirror.
      Will: Why would I bring my phone to Hollow Earth?

    • (the "dragon" breathes fire at them)
      Will (gagging): Aw! Know what smells worse than Basilisk dung? Barbecued version.

    • Adam: Oh, so now you admit that you should have listened to me.
      Tesla (snaps fingers): Okay, come on. You still haven't given us an answer.
      Adam: Oh, well, then, let's review, shall we? Earthquake at the Gateway, dead tracking beacon and now you've come to ask me for my help.
      Tesla (jumps to his feet): You know, there's only so much bile I can swallow in a single day. Hey, we're not making any deals with Hyde. We want Adam.
      Adam (face relaxes): Alright then, I'm in.

    • (following the water flow, they find what looks like a water collection tank)
      Kate: So we were right, This is someone's plumbing.
      Henry: And where there's plumbing, there's …
      Kate (relieved): Toilets.
      Henry: … civilization!

    • (they've uploaded data from Adam's brain into the holo-map)
      Tesla: Amazing.
      Adam: Well done, us. I always knew we'd work well together. You just never gave me the chance.
      Tesla: Yeah, well, better late than never, huh?

    • (Henry and Kate are tossed in a cell)
      Kate: Oh-h. What the hell did they shoot us with, a hangover gun?
      Henry: Some sort of energy blast, knocked out our electrical system.
      Kate: Are you sayin' we got rebooted?
      Henry: Uh-huh. I am definitely havin' a Vista moment. Alright, where do you think we are? The city?
      Kate: Well, it ain't Kansas.

    • Tesla: You know, I know we all did some fancy footwork with the slide rule, but there's still no guarantee this will work.
      Druitt: True. Then, there rarely is.
      Tesla: Fair enough.
      Druitt: Now, if things go pear-shaped, make sure you get some help before coming after us.
      Tesla: I'm coming with you.
      Druitt: Well, someone has to stay behind and man the fort.
      Tesla: Yeah, well since when did I become the responsible member of this group? The big hairy one can answer the phone. I'm not missing out on this.
      Druitt: You're absolutely determined to come with us?
      Tesla: Well, of course I am.
      Druitt: If you insist.
      (Druitt reaches out his hand, but then teleports away with only Adam)
      Tesla (exhales): SON-OF-A-BITCH!

    • (Will and Magnus get thrown in the same cell as Kate and Henry)
      Kate: So I take it you guys aren't here to rescue us?
      Will: What happened to your leg?
      Henry (referring to the bandage): Well. that's a Dr. Freelander special. Only hurts when I walk, or stand.
      Helen: Let me take a look at it. So how did you two end up here?
      Henry: Uh, we were attacked by telepathic Hare Krishnas with ring guns. You?
      Will: Fed by a holo-projecting mushroom farmer, took the bus, didn't pay, got arrested.
      Helen: Let's call it a tie.

    • (small, pale creatures suddenly uncloak and attack Druitt)
      Druitt: Adam!
      Adam (as Hyde): Has fulfilled his function thus far. (Druitt is overcome and subdued) Now it's time for the adult to take over. Now you're my prisoner, Johnny. Welcome to my world.

    • Ranna: This is not a council, this is a judgment. You're incomers from above, a threat to this city and to this realm. You're to be executed. Immediately.
      (Helen and her team are suspended, hanging from some energy chain)
      Helen: Summary execution? And here I was thinking you might be more evolved than us.
      Will: Yeah, back home we have this thing, it's called a trial? It's kind of a sign of a civilized society.
      Ranna: Legal proceedings are reserved for citizens of Praxis alone, not outlanders, and certainly not those who engage in treason against our people. You appeared in our avatar chamber.

    • Henry (roaring in exertion): Big brother, Third Reich, fascist pigs!
      Helen: Henry …
      Henry: Sorry, sentenced to death here. Magnus, I can't HAP.
      Ranna: Your DNA is locked, Mr. Foss. We don't abide unlawful transmutations here.
      Henry: What? That's … Really? You can do that?
      Helen: You're making a huge mistake. We came here in peace.
      Ranna: And in doing so, you condemned yourselves. Proceed
      Will: Don't do this!
      (the four scream, appearing to be electrocuted - and then hang motionless)
      Ranna (walking away): Justice is served.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Henry: Alright, where do you think we are? The city?
      Kate: Well, it ain't Kansas.

      Although the line has become so common as to become almost colloquial, the original source Kate is alluding to is from the 1939 Judy Garland movie, The Wizard of Oz, where, upon arriving in Oz, Dorothy turns to her dog and says "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore". Most recently, the line was alluded to in Avatar when Col. Quaritch reminds the new arrivals menacingly : "You are not in Kansas anymore".

    • Tesla: … the first witnesses to this spectacle will be Huey, Dewey and Screwy?

      Tesla is alluding to Donald Duck's three anthropomorphic cartoon nephews - Huey, Dewey and Louie. First appearing in a newspaper comic strip (1937), the boys began their animated career in a Walt Disney theatrical short, Donald's Nephews (1938). They later starred in two animated TV series DuckTales (1987) and Quack Pack (1996). The rambunctious trio have also appeared in comics, video games and various Disney shorts and series.
      Perhaps a darker allusion Tesla may have intended devolves from the 1972 science fiction film Silent Running, directed by Douglas Trumbull. In the film, Bruce Dern's character, Lowell, befriends three robot drones and renames them Huey, Dewey and Louie.

    • Kate: That is so Indiana Jones!

      When Helen fits the Keystone into the Gateway and it begins to open, Kate alludes to the famous archeologist- adventurer-OSS operative played by Harrison Ford in four Indiana Jones movies. Indiana has been portrayed by several other actors as well, most notably River Phoenix and Sean Patrick Flanery. The adventurous character, created by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas is also featured in novels, comics, video games, theme park attractions and assorted other media. Considered by many to be one of the greatest "characters" of all-time, Indy was ranked as the second greatest movie hero of all time by the American Film Institute in 2003, trailing only Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. In 2010, Time magazine ranked him the second greatest fictional character of all time, surpassed only by Arthur Conan Doyle's creation, Sherlock Holmes.