Season 3 Episode 10

Hollow Men

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Meh.

    With the pieces in place, the sanctuary crew are off to discover the secrets of hollow earth!

    Some how I imagined this story line to be more exciting. The lead up to this episode was very good (some of my favourite episodes in fact) and I was looking forward to finally seeing hollow earth! However this episode did little to grab my attention.
    After the team entered the gateway things just seemed to happen because they could. Nothing particularly new or grabbing (for myself anyway). This goes for the cliffhanger too. It's obviously setting up how Magnus will eventually find her father and they're not gonna be dead forever. Am defs looking forward to the next episode though! :) pitty there's a wait.
  • Darned cliffhangers... Lol (Spoiler warning for this review)

    I hate it when the episodes end with cliffhangers. I mean, obviously, when they seem to kill off Magnus, Will, Henry and Kate, they're gonna end up making it to where they didn't actually die, or at least, they were revived somehow, since those are four out of five main characters. None the less, I still hate cliffhangers, simply because I watch all the episodes online, generally once the season has come out on DVD, which Season 3 hasn't yet. So I'm basically not used to having to wait to see the next episode. But I cannot wait until April(when episode 11 is supposed to come out)!! LOL
  • left some interesting cliff hangers.

    watching Hollow men wasn't the best episode they have done but I still enjoyed it. the story was a bit wishy washy in places (espechialy compared to the two episodes leading up to it) but i assume that is because of it being a two parter.
    the introduction of the characters in the underground city could have been done better in my opinon, but again maybe that was done on purpose.
    I did like the seperate storylines, magnus, will, henry and kate underground dealing with the unknown. leaving the (very realiable) druitt and tesla to deal with things topside, they could have made much more of that storyline.
    as for the cliffhangers at the end of the show they are very well written, all of the characters are in trouble with no forseeable way out. magnus and co are dead? druitt has been decieved by adam and taken somwhere different from the city, tesla has no idea what is happening and no way get there if he did, Adam is as much a conundrum as ever. I am looking forward to seeing how the writers get themselves out of this mess.
  • Hollow Men

    Hollow Men was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Sanctuary. I think this is one of the Best and most under rated series on tv today. This episode was full of adventure, syfy elements and themes, character development, and just an awesome over all production. I thought this episode was really intriguing with the dual adventures of Will and Magnus, Kate and Henry, all ending up as prisoners of the City in Hollow Earth. I thought the whole concept of this story line was really unique and grand. I really enjoyed watching this episode and I look forward to the next one. The ending was shocking, surprising, and leaves me wondering what will happen in the next episode!!!!!!!
  • lackluster

    I suppose I was expecting to be knocked off my chair with revelations in hollow earth. Needless to say, I was not. The episode seemed to be taking up space not a whole lot to make me say awe. This damned Adam/evil Adam man is just too damned annoying. I hope they out with his dastardly plan I think I'm sick of his being allowed to live. And what a wasted episode for Tesla's brilliance. The brain map thing was brilliant but once again sick of Adam.
    Patiently awaiting the remaining episodes of this well done season.
    Is it too much to hope that we might see Ashley again?
    again insanity...I'll stop now.
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