Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2008 on Syfy
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Desperate to get their first exclusive news story, Amy Saunders and her cameraman Zach Spencer get inside an evacuated building. Earlier that day three people had been found inside, brutally murdered by a strange creature. With the police trying to handle the delicate situation, the duo enters the building in search of the culprit, but they are completely unprepared for the powerful beast that they find.moreless

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  • I can not give you a summery as I turned off the show due to bad camera work.

    I enjoy the show unfortunately the director and camera man ruined all chance of me watching this episode. The camera work was so bad that it made me and my wife sick. We turned off the show after 5 min and watched something else. I just wish that there was a way to get it through to the film studios that home movies suck because of the shaking of the camera. spend the money on a tripod for the cameraman. OK now i have to fill in the rest with nonsense to make my 100 words. Stop shaking the camera during filming.moreless
  • insect terrorized warehouse - reality-show camera work.

    I normally love this show, and look forward to it every week. Unfortunately, this episode really sucked. It was so unoriginal. I'm really tired of the shaky, reality-show style camera work ... it just makes me nauseous and feels totally fake. I wish they had ended that portion much earlier than they did. I literally had to look away for most of the episode.

    I can't wait until the next episode where they'll hopefully go back to the old formula. Just a quick note:

    Writers, can you guys please keep the sermonizing and hokeyness to a minimum? Sometimes it can be a bit much.moreless
  • Unwatchable due to the HORRIBLE camera work! I get the idea of the "war fottage" motif, and I like that. But the camera is so shaky that I just plain couldn't watch the episode--it gave me a splitting headache after about 3 minutes.moreless

    Unwatchable due to the HORRIBLE camera work! I get the idea of the "war fottage" motif, and I like that. But the camera is so shaky that I just plain couldn't watch the episode--it gave me a splitting headache after about 3 minutes. That being said, the plot was pretty cool and the concept of watching the Sanctuary crew from the point of view of an outside was a good idea. Very Cloverfield in concept, but just horribly executed. The filming was WAY too shakey ... my 2-year-old could have held the camera more steady than this! Yet the guy filming was supposedly a professional videographer? yea right.moreless
  • Instinct

    Instinct was a great episode of Sanctuary because it was a "Day In The Life Of" type of episode with a news crew following Magnus and the gang during an abnormal trapping mission that proves to be deadly for many. It was cool to see the group operate from an outside perspective and intriguing how some of the gang connected with Amy and Zach. The abnormals in this episode were scary and fast. It was fun to watch this episode which had action, intrigue, and drama. I liked the ending how Amy thought she won but Magnus definitely showed her the upper hand! I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!moreless
  • A different view of things

    So.. ambitions are leading a weather girl to film a mysterious creature and she meets with Magnus team. They are after a some creature and when it first looks like easy mission - oh it is far from it.

    So, we have a most episode full of action, cat and mouse game between Magnus and the creature.

    I most say the story itself was somehow maybe too plain - it had a one layer and that's all. But I liked the camera work and how the whole camera man was part of the story - and how we heard him but never saw until he was gone.. So - the way of doing this episode was stunning but story could have been better.

    I did like the twist in the end that there was more than one creature.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The Short Wave Sonic Weapon is actually the same prop as the Anti Replicator Gun seen on both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both of which Amanda Tapping played major roles as Samantha Carter.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Ashley: Yeah, well. As much as we'd love to blow its ass to kingdom come, it's not cooperating.

    • Henry: I'm just sayin', chicks love dudes who go on missions.

    • Zach: Well, maybe there's a good reason why the cops are coming down here, like the fact that something dangerous is going on. You said some people died, right?
      Amy: Right, which means something very cool and newsworthy is going on. And whoever gets the exclusive on this is gonna be in the driver's seat for a network job.
      Zach: Okay, that's really cool. It's just, you know … You're a weathergirl.
      Amy: Meteorologist, and Bill O'Reilly started as a weatherman. Dan Rather was a sportscaster. All you need is one big break. This, my friend, is mine.

    • Amy: Witnesses said some kind of lizard or something escaped from a cargo ship and attacked some people. So, we get the exclusive footage on the recapture, I get a promotion, you get a raise.
      Zach: I don't want a raise, Amy, I want to live!
      Amy: Seriously, Zach, just man up, okay? We'll be fine.
      Zach: Oh, Yeah … No … I'm not gonna man up … We're (blood dips on Amy from a dead body above her) Holy … Holy crap!

    • Amy: (to Zach) Look, whatever is going on here, it's bigger than we first thought. The higher the body count, the better chance whatever we file will get picked up nationally. So just grow a pair, will ya?

    • Amy: I am a journalist, and he will stop filming when I say so, not you. People have a right to know the truth.
      Ashley: Not this truth they don't. If you guys stick around, it'll get messy, trust me.
      Will: Look, we can't baby-sit them, it's too dangerous.
      Ashley: I say we tranq 'em, stuff 'em in a crate. Wake them when we're done.

    • Amy: Well, the point is, they are part of the story now, too. Not just the creature. We need to learn as much about them as we can.
      Zach: Yeah, but you said you were going to give all the footage back to Dr. Magnus.
      Amy: Yeah, I told her that just so she wouldn't toss us out of here.
      Zach: Oh, great, so now you're totally playing her?
      Amy: Look … we get footage of them bagging this thing, sell it to the highest bidder, this is Brangelina money, okay. This is way bigger than we thought.

    • Helen: It's definitely larger and faster than I'd anticipated.
      Will: Yeah, and more dangerous, but I'm guessing you still want to take it alive.
      Helen: It's incredibly invaluable intact. If we can do it without more collateral damage, I think we should try.
      Will: And if not?
      Helen: People are dead. If we have to, we kill it.

    • Helen: Go with tranq rounds only. Everyone's armed. You too, Will. We hit it enough times, we should bring it down. Failing that, the gloves come off, and we switch to live ammo. Two teams. Ashley and Henry, take the journalist, Will and I will take the cameraman.
      Amy: Who will keep taping.
      Helen: Absolutely. If we do have to kill it, I want as much detailed footage of its anatomy as possible. Thorax and mandible, preferably. Also images of its pincers and anterior skeletal protrusions would be very helpful.
      Zach: Yeah, yeah. Man … What's a pin …What's a pincer?

    • Amy: Hey, Harry, how's it going?
      Henry: It's Henry.
      Amy: Right. Um, is this really your first mission? Because you seem awfully calm and confident, and look at all this amazing technology you've designed …
      Henry: Oh. Okay, so I know what you're doing. Because you know I'm a big fanboy, and, uh, you're trying to use your feminine wiles to get me to tell you things that I can't tell you, but I can't tell you.

    • Zach: I know this is probably the worst timing in the history of the world, but, uh, is there any way that you and I could go out, you know, for something to eat, or a drink, or, like a matcha or something like that? Tea?
      Ashley: Um … I'm flattered …
      Zach: Zach.
      Ashley: Zach, right. Uh, I don't - I don't go out on dates … much.
      Zach: Yeah, yeah, I know, me neither. I'm not trying to put you on the spot. It's just the possibility of me dying, just … it always brings out the desperado in me.
      Ashley: Right. Rain check?
      Zach: Yeah, great. Great. So … So, are you … you're no a vegetarian, are you?
      Ashley: What … why, what are you .. what are you thinking?
      Zach: Well, I was just thinking, you know, maybe like some Kobe beef or something.
      Ashley: Steaks? Um …

    • Helen: A neurotoxic venom.
      Henry: Oh, that's great. It's not just a bug, it's a giant poisonous bug.

    • Amy: He just … That thing could do that to all of us.
      Helen: I'm sorry. Did you think this was some kind of game? That you could just come here and film some wild event and then, what, enjoy cocktails at some award ceremony?
      Amy: I've never seen anyone die before.
      Helen: Well, this is what you came for.

    • Helen: Nice try. You know, the shame of it all is that you'll make a hell of a good reporter … someday. Have a good career.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Cloverfield:

      This whole episode is filmed in a similar style as the movie Cloverfield, in which a group of people document their quest through a monster attack on New York City as seen through a participatory camera.

    • Amy: Look … we get footage of them bagging this thing, sell it to the highest bidder, this is Brangelina money, okay. This is way bigger than we thought.

      Brangelina is the nickname for the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.