Season 2 Episode 12

Kali (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on Syfy



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    • Will: Okay. So, a giant lizard creature loose in Tokyo … how we gonna spin this?

    • Will: Well, it looks like our spin is holding up. Anyone who saw Suki now thinks it's part of some big, Hollywood blockbuster shooting down by the harbor.
      Helen: Good. I'm getting pressure from New York to keep this story quiet. Our new head of house there, Terrence Wexford, is very keen on making his mark.
      Will: You're under pressure? What's that about?
      Helen: Nothing. Everything's fine.

    • Will: So what do you think? You think this Kali thing ties in?
      Helen: (sighs) No idea. The situation's so fractured, anything, no matter how insignificant, could be a factor.
      Will: Yeah. (Magnus stares at Will) What? (she smiles) You want me to go to Mumbai?
      Helen: I have to stay here and manage this situation.
      Will: (sighs)You mean … manage Wexford.
      Helen: Yeah, you picked up on that, did you?

    • Ravi: I have rooms ready for you if you need to rest.
      Kate: Absolutely …
      Will: No, actually, um-m, we're fine. Why don't we just get started?
      Kate: Moving fast in Mumbai? That's a bad idea.
      Will: Oh, what are we here on vacation?
      Kate: (sighs) Bring on the heat.

    • Kate: Talk to me, William
      Will: Well, the spatter angle seems very long. I mean, you think slum gangbangers carry that heavy a caliber?
      Kate: Hm-m, doubtful - cheaper the gun, smaller the bullet.
      Will: (checking footprints) I'm thinkin' … military issue. These are new treads. It's a recent acquisition
      Kate: Yeah, those kicks cost. Okay, so … some dudes with expensive boots and even more expensive guns were here.
      Ravi: So, not a local job then?
      Will: Well … I'm sayin' no. (finds bullet casing, chuckles) Not unless the locals buy their guns direct from the manufacturer.
      Kate: (inspects casing) Armor-piercing 9 mil … still jagged … Russian … pricey. (to Ravi) You thought I was just a token Indian, didn't you?

    • (Will grabs the statue, twisting and lifting it)
      Ravi: Uh, Doctor Zimmerman …
      (the statue rises mechanically, revealing a smaller statue inside)
      Kate: Will Zed with the score.
      Ravi: You guys are good.
      Will: That supposed to be there?

    • Ravi: Body's downstairs, we're ready to start the autopsy.
      Will: Uh, wow, I am, uh … jetlagged. I think I better turn in. But … why don't you do the autopsy and we'll just go over the results tomorrow?
      Ravi: (puzzled) I thought he was a doctor?
      Kate: He is, just not the kind that likes autopsies.

    • Declan: How was Egypt?
      Helen: Ah, tiring - and what's the other word I'm looking for? Ah, yes, sandy.

    • Forsythe: Bribe an official, get a passenger manifest - you can't just come to me and say "Guess what, boss, she's suddenly in town."
      Minion: Sir, she flies a private charter with a bogus flight plan. There's no way we could've known.
      Forsythe: Enough! Enough. I mean, this - this isn't a game. It's a one-shot, once-in-a-lifetime thing. Some mooks from the local Sanctuary, one thing. Helen Magnus? Whoa! She's another - and it means if we screw up, even marginally, we're gonna get pinched … or die … or worse.

    • Ravi: So, if anyone finds this Makri …
      Helen: … they could potentially use it to locate the most powerful abnormal on earth.
      Ravi: Wait, but … Big Bertha's dead. You killed her four years ago, yes? We all know that … Dr. Magnus?
      Helen: Not exactly. Bertha is alive.

    • Wexford: Let me come to Mubai, help you analyze everything you've learned.
      Helen: You don't need to do that. Besides, you've got your hands full in New York.
      Wexford: You have my complete support, Helen, you always have … but people are questioning your judgment.
      Helen: I can handle it.

    • Rheka: Please, you must not do this.
      Forsythe: Are you kidding? Is she kidding? Of course I must. This is huge! Hmm? I was sure your boss was gonna find you before I did, so I think this is Kismet. Karma. Fate. All that stuff. (to minion) Get that set up.
      Will: Who are you?
      Forsythe: Who, me? Just a guy … with lots of money, and people. I like to get my hands on rare stuff, you know? Why, did you think I was someone a bit cooler? An abnormal? Hmm? (laughs) Don't I wish it.

    • Forsythe: Okay, so you know that little thing inside of you? It's like a dial-an-earthquake … in a box. You see, you are … psychically connected to …
      Will: Kali.
      Forsythe: Yeah. Well, I was gonna say Big Bertha, but sure.
      Will: Big Bertha? Kali?
      Forsythe: One and the same. I know, I know, you thought she was dead. So did everybody - thanks to Sheriff Magnus. (laughs) But she's still alive and kicking - and whoever has that bug inside of them … they control her. So, my friend here is gonna hit you with a low-frequency magnetic pulse and I'm not gonna lie to you - that little thing is not gonna like it. No, not one little bit … but, to tell you the truth, it's the only way to get the bug out, alright? So … sorry, Will.

    • Rheka: You're not prepared for this.
      Forsythe: (scoffs) I've been trainin' for years for this moment … Rocky on the courthouse steps … I know all about you people. I've mimicked your diet, oxygen levels, nutrients. I've mastered your meditation. I've opened more chakras than you can shake a stick at. Oh, Bibi … No, I'm prepared.
      Rheka: You cannot force the Makri to take you as a host. It must choose.
      Forsythe: Oh, the whole religious bit. Ceremony of acceptance, commune with the gods, tinky winky woo-woo. I've read all about that.
      Rheka: (in Hindi) Fool!

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : January 15, 2010 on Space
      U.K. : January 18, 2010 on ITV4
      Australia : April 22, 2010 on SciFi Australia
      Czech Republic : April 7, 2010 on AXN Sci-fi

  • Allusions

    • Will: London calling.

      Will is alluding to a number of things here. The phrase is originally taken from the on-air call sign of BBC Radio in London, which began transmitting in 1922. Just a year later it was being used by Noël Coward as the title of his first publicly produced musical revue. Since then it has been used as the title of a magazine, a play, a novel, a TV show - even a festival. But most people today would think of the 1979 song and album by the English punk band The Clash - "London Calling" - ranked as the 8th greatest album of all-time by Rolling Stone magazine.

    • Forsythe: I've been trainin' for years for this moment … Rocky on the courthouse steps …

      Forsythe is alluding to Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky Balboa in the movie Rocky (1976). When Rocky climbs those courthouse steps he's exultant because he knows he's trained to the peak of his ability - he's confident and ready to take on anything.

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