Season 2 Episode 13

Kali (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on Syfy
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Will begins to experience strange visions that are connected to the Cult of Kali. Magnus has difficulty with finding the solution to their problems.

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  • The moment I knew Sanctuary had jumped the shark (but kept watching anyway)

    I just re-watched this episode thinking that it couldn't possibly be as horrendous as I remembered it being, yet once again I found myself mesmerized by the train-wreck that this episode rapidly becomes. First of all, Big Bertha is a spider the size of a semi-truck? Come on. Why does it live underwater if it's a spider? How does it create tidal waves when it could be stomped on by King Kong? You're asking us to go beyond merely suspending disbelief - now it's a question of shutting off all logic faculties and maybe getting a lobotomy for good measure. Secondly, WTF was that bollywood bullshit. I was cringing in disbelief the whole time. It was awful. Almost as awful as when the cast tries to sing in that musical episode. I cannot get on board with this episode. I used to love this show and this was the moment I realized it no longer bears any resemblance to the excellent, precocious little web-series it began as. Amanda Tapping, I don't know why you let it get to this point. Please go make some more Stargate since your pet project has died an execrable death.moreless
  • Kali (2)

    Kali (2) was a perfect episode and season two finale of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode becasue it was full of action, drama, intrigue, character and plot development as well as interesting abnormal creature scenes. This episode has a few interesting turn of events. I thought it was interesting how Terrence is gunning for more power within the Sanctuary network, and will go after Magnus to get it. I love the whole Kali and Durga story line with Will and Kali. I think this is an interesting take on the mythology of India. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, and I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!moreless
  • Will unintentionally becomes the new Herald of Kali. (Big Bertha) Magnus had spared her life as she is so powerful that destroying her could have awful consequences. Now some Sanctuary people and another man are trying to destroy or control her.moreless

    Wow. What a wonderful two hour finale to this season. The episode would have scored a 10 from me if not for the fact that it is a cliffhanger to be solved (hopefully) at the beginning of next season. I mean really, two hours and still a "too be continued"?!? The Herald of Kali lives about two hundred years and usually dies when the small parasite leaves the body. What will happen with Will now that the creature has left his body and he is not at risk of dying from its natural destruction of its habitat?

    It is obvious from the story that Kali is a very powerful creature with almost no predators including man. The people who usurped Magnus should know better than that at this point as she has lived longer than two of their lifetimes and always makes decisions that are the best for everyone human or abnormal. She started the Sanctuary system and this is all about power. Who else thinks causing a void in the natural system of the level of killing Kali could really be a good thing? Nature teaches us many things. Something that powerful will leave a huge void. We should listen to the lessons of nature every once in a while.

    So I'm not going to say to much more about this episode. We'll have to wait about nine months at least if Syfy keeps to form as they are running these series from about ten to fifteen episodes at the most a season. Great tension and an explosive finish. One episode that should be seen for sure before the beginning of next season. Should be a lot of fun to see the ending. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for almost three quarters of a year to see it. See you then! Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Wow!

    Possible spoiler alert!

    I watched both episodes after each other and I could watch it even longer. It didn't bother me. It was quite exciting and I was at the edge of my seat. What a cliffhanger?! I can't wait 'till next season to see what's going to happen. Will Kali hurt Will even more or can Will persuad Kali and stop Big Bertha? What is going to happen to Forsythe? And what about Terrence, he's such a backstabber! I hope Magnus will kick him out of the Sanctuary.

    On a good note. It was funny seeing Will dance, he's pretty good at dancing, Indian style :D And it was very cool to see them speaking Hindi, they've practiced a lot :)

    Where it comes down to is that these two episodes are a really good season finale. It keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting more. I don't like that I/we have to wait 'till fall to see what's going to happen next. It's far too exciting. But what can you do? Nothing much, but wait and I'm certainly going to do that :)moreless
  • Good developments

    So.. Second part and that was quite much better than first part.. I mean, the excitement was more there, the stakes were as high as ever and I loved how Wexford started to play his own game. It was so visible that it will happen but it made quite many problems, new possibilities and story for next season. I loved the whole Will storyline.. Weird, to say it, but I did. The way he was turning crazy.. (brilliant acting by the way), the dance.. everything on it.. And I think he can somehow save the day in next season.

    I loved the visual effects (that spider.. those islands.. everything).. Music was brilliant.. I really felt all the positive things came together in this episode.. The only thing that bothered me little.. maybe the writing.. It was.. I am not sure.. But great achievement..moreless
Sahar Biniaz

Sahar Biniaz


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Balinder Johal

Balinder Johal


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Terry Chen

Terry Chen


Guest Star

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Terrence Wexford

Recurring Role

Shaker Paleja

Shaker Paleja


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    • Henry: Bertha's magnetic burst definitely caused a spike in weirdness. I've adjusted our navigation systems to compensate. Also, Declan's reporting more incidents of abnormals appearing in public stirring things up.
      Helen: Yes. I've been getting messages from heads of Sanctuaries all over the world - things are only getting worse.

    • Helen: Who the hell could've done this?
      Kate: Someone with major connections in the abnormal world.
      Helen: It's far more than that. This is someone who has put together pieces of information that are thousands of years old - the Cult of Kali, the Makri, its connection to Bertha.
      Kate: Who everybody believed was dead.
      Henry: Yeah, you know, this whole cult thing, I mean, that's gotta be like biblical old, huh?
      Helen: Older, in fact. There are legends of abnormals who were movers of earth, heralds of the great floods, the whispers who could talk to all creatures. All these predate even the earliest Egyptian dynasties. Someone studied this as though it were all fact, not myth - and now they have control of the most dangerous abnormal on earth. I want to know who we're dealing with and where they've taken her. Get us back in the game, Henry.

    • Forsythe: I brought you here as my tech support, and it's my first time as a herald … I'm not gonna get nasty with you … but he might. (points at minion)
      Rheka: Kali only comes to the mind's eye when the Makri wills it so. You are not its chosen host. You will never see her mind inside yours.
      Forsythe: So I don't get fries with my Happy Meal. (whimpers mockingly)

    • Forsythe: What did the ancient texts foretell? The great flood will come and sweep away sins. The earth swallowing up our unclean. Every single holy man has predicted Bertha's awakening since the beginning of time, and guess what? They're right. They're right. Bibi … it's the end of days.

    • Wexford: You took Bertha to the woods to kill her and you never pulled the trigger. The optics on that …
      Helen: Oh, to hell with the optics, Terrance. It was my choice not to kill her. If I thought it would be popular, I wouldn't have kept it secret.
      Wexford: Well, the only problem with lying is getting caught.

    • Wexford: Containment? Helen, Bertha is a threat to every living creature on this planet, and you want to put her back in her box?
      Helen: This issue is far larger than you could possibly understand. Killing her is a last resort. The other heads of house agree, it would be far too reckless.
      Wexford: Yes, some feel that way, but not all … and Helen, the tides are turning. We've known each other for a long time, and I owe you … everything … but you need to rethink your stand on this. You're on thinner ice than you realize.

    • Henry: So, I don't know how he knows what he knows - yet - but he did buy a lot of ancient artifacts from museums over the last few years for, like, insane amounts of money.
      Helen: What kind of artifacts?
      Henry: Totems, scrolls, ancient texts - it's all Shroud of Turin-Indiana Jones stuff. He believes every abnormal can be traced to a certain region of Pangea, going back, like, millions of years.

    • Kali: You have been looking for me?
      Will: That depends … if this is real or not.
      Kali: I am real, Durga, as real as you.
      Will: Why do you call me that? Durga?
      Kali: It is your name. Don't tell me you have forgotten my as well?
      Will: Kali.
      Kali: You should have not disappeared like that. Where did you go?
      Will: The thing that connects us was taken from me.
      Kali: The Makri? And you allowed this?
      Will: (gently scoffs) I didn't have much of a choice … but the other one … that you're connected to … is not your herald.
      Kali: He calls me.
      Will: No … Kali, you need to stay. Don't listen to him.
      Kali: I must go, Durga. I can't stay …
      Will: No … no, wait.
      Kali: If you are my true herald, find me.
      Will: How?
      Kali: Dance the Rapati Sungu.
      Will: (puzzled) Dance?

    • (they are searching for Will, showing his picture to people)
      Ravi: They don't like you. Stop being rude and they will help us.
      Kate: I know all that. It's just that I've never bought into that whole … quiet, subservient Indian girl … thing.
      Ravi: Man, you have some serious hang-ups about your roots. This is the 21st century. You don't have to be a servant or a maid, you just have to show some respect. You can be likable, even attractive, when you let your guard down. Try that.
      Kate: Did you … just make a pass at me?
      Ravi: Warming up to it - not that my parents would approve of you, of course. (Kate scoffs) I'm joking. They'd love you.
      Kate: Really?
      Ravi: No.

    • Wexford: I know Will is tied into this, but you're only going to dig yourself a bigger hole by taking your eyes off of Bertha.
      Helen: Believe me, this is the right strategy.
      Wexford: No, it isn't!
      Helen: You are way out of line.
      Wexford: You need to shift your focus on this, right now. Lying about not euthanizing an extinction-level abnormal would've gotten any other head of house suspended. But, because it's you, they're trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.
      Helen: Which they should.
      Wexford: For how long!? And now there's this Forsythe character, who can control her by remote, what would you say if the shoe were on the other foot?
      Helen: There are extenuating circumstances. We don't know enough yet about her connection to the earth. You don't destroy something that powerful without having all the facts.
      Wexford: The fact is, she can destroy half of Europe when she's upset! You've taken us to the brink, Helen. How did you think the network would respond? You taught us to think like this. You said, "Question everything." They're givin' you 72 hours to contain the situation. (Magnus smiles bemusedly, shaking her head)

    • Rheka: (chuckling) Some herald you are.
      Forsythe: I brought her here. She will do this.
      Rheka: You're not strong enough. You're not worthy of carrying the Makri … and Kali knows it.
      Forsythe: Really? Watch this. (to his minion) Fire the little spider up. (to Rekha) Magnetic resonance burst, half power, just to get things started.
      Minion: Mr. Forsythe …
      Forsythe: Shut up and do it.
      (angered by the burst, Bertha sends out a large pulse, cracking open the earth)
      Minion: Seismic readings coming from Bertha's position. She's active, it's starting.
      Forsythe: Like I said, end of days.

    • (Kate gets help by being polite and respectful)
      Ravi: Suddenly, such a delicate flower.
      Kate: Bite me.
      Ravi: It's actually quite breathtaking.

    • Henry: I'm just getting some weird mapping data here … Okay, that's just crazy.
      Helen: What is it?
      Henry: Cross-checking with our nautical charts, just hold on. Okay, either we're totally off-course, or … Doc, I'm reading a chain of islands dead ahead, but there's nothing in the charts indicating any land mass, just open ocean.
      Helen: That's because it's new.
      Henry: She's not makin' earthquakes.
      Helen: She's making land.

    • Henry: Doc! We have a weapons lock on our position. He's got missiles!?
      Helen: 'Course he does.

    • (the depth charges are hurting Bertha/Kali)
      Will: What? What is it?
      Kali: You said you would leave me alone.
      Will: But what happened
      Kali: (enraged) YOU BETRAYED ME!
      (Will collapses, gasping in pain)

    • Helen: What the hell are you playing at? She was calm.
      Wexford: We had a window of opportunity. It had to be done.
      Helen: Captain … Please escort Mr. Wexford to the brig, pending my orders.
      Captain: With all respect, ma'am, I can't. I received a coded message on the secure network frequency. Mr. Wexford …
      Wexford: By unanimous consent, you are hereby relieved of your command of the Sanctuary Network, effective immediately.
      Henry: Dude, you cannot be serious!
      Wexford: DON'T … interfere … dude. I'm in charge of operations now. You're remanded to custody, pending further disciplinary action.

    • Helen: You have no idea what you've done.
      Wexford: I saved lives. I did what you refused to do.
      (warning sirens begin sounding)
      Helen: No, Terrance, this is what you've done!
      (Magnus opens the door, revealing more land and an angry Bertha)
      Forsythe: (chuckling) Oh, she's mad.
      (Bertha pulses, setting off a tsunami wave)

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