Season 3 Episode 1

Kali (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Kali (3)

    Kali (3) was an amazing start to the third season of Sanctuary. This series is one of the most original, unique, and entertaining series in the syfy genre. I have watched the series since day one, and I must say that that it gets better and better with each episode. This episode picks up where season two left off and the Sanctuary now Under the rule of Terrence and Magnus fighting to save the world despite the odds. I really felt that this episode was great in starting to wrap up the story that is the main focus, of Kali. This series is ingenious and I commend Amanda Tapping for her creativity. I really enjoy the show, and this episode was a great start to a new season. Now that this catastrophe was adverted, I can't wait to find out what will happen next in this series!!!!!
  • Mind-blowing comeback

    What a mind-blowing comeback! After nine months of waiting for Kali 3, it has finally arrived at our TV screens. The story picked up where we left in spring and wraps up the whole plot with Big Bertha and Wexford, trying to take over the Sanctuary network. The storyline is thrilling and I was not able to turn myself away from the TV until the end of the episode. The whole ´Tsunami wave threatening the whole Pacific region` adds a nice twist to the story and it's mysterious resolve leaves enough room for future episodes revolving around Big Bertha and her mystery friends. The characters were well played. I loved Forsythe switching sides, because it fitted amazingly well into his character throughout Kali. On the other, I found the deterioration of Wexford in the end a little over the top, although I still could not hide a satisfied grin when the Captain and his crew refused to cooperate!
    So, indeed a very nice comeback that leaves my craving for more!