Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2008 on Syfy
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While returning from a trip in Himalaya meant to capture an abnormal, Dr. Magnus and Will's plane crashes in a remote mountain range. But it soon appears that struggling to stay alive and wait for rescue is not the only thing they need to worry about, as the surviving passengers fall one by one to an unknown assailant...moreless

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  • And again, the show so much potential...

    With this show I feel that every episode they show that they have so much potential, so much where they could go and it is always getting better but as this is the fifth episode already I started to wonder: will it always feel there is somewhere to go but will they ever get there?

    Again, a totally different kind of episode than previous and I loved the storyline - the whole psyhological thing on that plain crash site - there is the monster and noone knows it. Noone has no idea who is the monster - the total mistrust and panic and threat. I adored the intense atmosphere. It was amazing. And then we cannot forget amazing flashback Magnus had and the whole storyline with Druitt. I already started to wonder when he will show up as he is one of the main cast and we had not seen him since pilot.

    And the way Magnus solved the puzzle, the scenery of that ice mountain.. the whole concept of do not believe what you see.

    A fine episode.moreless
  • Kush

    Kush was a great episode of Sanctuary. I enjoyed watching this episode because the story was cool and gave a new possible perspective on the abnormal the crew thought they had captured. This episode felt a little like the movie Alive without cannibalism but a deadly creature with mind tripping abilities. The characters were all interesting in their own ways. The cinematography and special effects were cool and I like how they visualized the story. I wish we would have seen more of the abnormal in its true form or other forms. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!moreless
  • While in the Himalaya's on a trip to capture an Abnormal Magnus and Will's plane crashes leaving a group of survivors that are killed off one by one by someone or something among them. Everyone seems to be having hallucinations which are a telltale sign.moreless

    The episode has a very interesting starting with Magnus and John in England during the 1800's and then changing to something completely different. I found it fairly original. The first time I saw it I was disappointed and wold have probably given this episode a 7.5. It goes to show you how much your attitude can change after a year and seeing many more episodes.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    The fact that what they discovered at the end was something completely different than they thought was occurring in the beginning was a little unsettling as far as the episode was concerned. I remember thinking it was a ripoff and felt that story was not that clever. The second time around it seems that maybe the story was pretty clever, but I think they made a few mistakes.

    Killing everyone else was a little much. Was everyone else more susceptible to the creature? What was that? It was hard to tell in the low light. What was the point? Was the creature there by accident or was it there on purpose? This episode reminds me of the red shirts on Star Trek. This is an episode where they saved some money and had a lot of dispensable (red shirts) characters. There are a lot more questions than answers to this situation in the end.

    I liked the line she gave Allison (or was it?) early on about some of the stranger situations she's been in and it makes you think of some she has been in since that make this pale in comparison. A thought invoking episode with a lot more questions than answers. Sometimes I do wish they would revisit some of these stories just to help us understand what was what? Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The story wasn't original, but the episode still created a tense atmosphere of suspense. Good acting, directing, writing and good overall execution more than made up for the lack of originality. The best episode of the series so far.moreless

    Yeah, this episode followed the basic outline of "John Carpenter's The Thing" (which was based on a novella) in terms of a remote icy setting, a mysterious creature who could pose as anyone else and a mystery about who was real and who was the threat. "The X-Files" did a take on the story in one of the early seasons too.

    It was easy to spot the influence of "The Thing" early on, but I still liked this episode. It's my favorite episode of the series so far. I liked the different setting. It's good to get away from the mansion/research center from time to time. Since most of the backdrops are CGI anyway, they can easily change up the settings and "locations" from episode to episode. Just have the computer coders write up a different image. No need for any expensive location shoots.

    Even if the episode doesn't get high marks for originality, it does get high marks from me for execution on the story and for the tense drama they managed to create. There aren't that many new ideas on TV but as long as the producers, writers and actors execute the script well, and the story flows well, then the result can still be a highly entertaining episode, as this one was.moreless
  • The team is transporting an abnormal when it attacks them and crashes their plane on Kush mountain range.

    So imagine being trapped in the middle of nowhere while a beast with strange powers is killing of your crew what would you do?

    That's the problem for Sanctuary team apparently whatever they were transporting (snow beast whatever) to New Dehli put up a hell of a fight that it crash landed the team in Hindu Kush mountain range. The team has lost their main pilot so they have to wait five hours to Ashley to come save them but can they stay alive that long?

    It seems this creature has a magical powers where he can invade, manipulate the crews dreams and kill them with it. Silvio gets attacked and presumable killed, Helen starts seeing images of her love, Will thinks he is seeing his dead mother, whatever the creatures intention is, making the crew crazy is one of it's goals.

    It's a good episode. A different setting with all the action taking place in one area. A bit of a psychological thriller as this episode had more to do with what everyone sees or thinks they see and trying to make sense of it. It's also a good example of how in tense situation humans still fail to come together to combat a tough situation. The abnormal here is very smart and doesn't have to do much work to eliminate the crew. He knows the crew will be riddled with fear and paranoia. It's only until Will and Helen realize their thoughts are being manipulated that they are able to remedy the situation.moreless


Sylvio Rudd

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Adrien Dorval

Adrien Dorval

Viktor Braun

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David Nykl

David Nykl

Lloyd Strickland

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The opening Victorian flashback scene with Magnus and Druitt appear to be lifted directly from Webisode 3. However, the other imagined scenes with Druitt are new to this episode.

    • This is the only episode of the first two seasons in which Henry (Ryan Robbins) not only doesn't appear but goes unmentioned. He is also absent from Next Tuesday (because he and the Big Guy are off surfing in Tasmania) and Sleepers (because he and his big buddy are attending the San Diego Comic-Con).

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Helen is "dreaming" about the past)
      John (to Helen): I've spent my entire life lost in a void, afraid of who I am … of what I am. If not for you, I fear I would've remained lost. Instead, I can now see that I am neither a freak of nature nor a devil … but a man … (kisses Helen's hand) very much in love - and someone who wishes to spend the rest of his life repaying his savior for all she's done. (he presents an engagement ring to Helen) I promise to make you happy, Helen - for all eternity.

    • (the survivors regain consciousness, covered in debris from the wrecked plane)
      Helen: You alright?
      Will (moaning): Oh … yeah. That was … That was bad.
      Sylvio (groaning): Ah-h, damn!
      Will: Sylvio!? You okay?
      Sylvio: What do you think?

    • Helen: I have good news. A rescue team will be here in about five hours. In the meantime, we'll assess your injuries and try to keep you all as warm as possible, and if the Gods are smiling, I'll find some tea and make us all a pot.
      Will: See, you'll be back in New Delhi by breakfast.
      Allison: I shoulda guessed this would be no match for the great Helen Magnus.
      Will: Exactly. Never doubt the boss.

    • (Sylvio reveals the creature's cage, which appears to have been ripped open)
      Sylvio: This is definitely after the punch line.
      (flashback of creature attacking the pilot)
      Will: You think it survived the crash?
      Helen: We did.
      Sylvio: Still gettin' paid, right? I mean, I did fulfill the contract to find and capture one bad-ass snow creature. I mean, what happens after that …
      Will: Hey, Sylvio, give it a rest, alright?

    • Braun: Yeah, well, hooray for you - and your safety protocols, 'cause they worked like a charm, right?
      Will: We didn't mean for this to happen. We took every precaution possible.
      Braun: Really? 'Cause he's dead! We're stranded here, and your cargo - gone. Or is it?
      Helen: We don't know.
      Strickland: What does that mean?
      Braun: That means we could be attacked at any time, that's what that means …
      Helen: That is extremely unlikely. These creatures are incredibly shy and used to their natural habitat. If it did survive, it would have sought refuge higher up the mountain.
      Braun: Shy!? That creature, or whatever the hell it was, almost killed every one of us!

    • Will: This is only for a few days, until the storm passes.
      Braun: Kid, I been fixing planes up here for 15 years. Winter storms in this part of the world are not like winter storms in your part of the world. They'll last a few weeks before they roll out.
      Sylvio: A few weeks?
      Braun: Do you know what "Hindu Kush" means …? (scoffs) "Slayer of Hindus". So named by the locals here because they believe that the weather and the mountains were created by God for the sole purpose of killin' people. Fun place for a plane crash, huh?

    • Strickland: I wasn't hiding, you know … when it happened.
      Helen: No one's saying that you were.
      Strickland: You're thinking it. Everybody's thinking it.
      Helen: Everyone was terrified.
      Strickland: You weren't.
      Helen: It's different for me. I've been doing this for a long time.
      Strickland: You think we crashed 'cause I wasn't in the cockpit, that I shoulda been there … tried to keep us in the air. I had to use the restroom, alright?

    • Helen: Oh, please, tell me that that is tea.
      Will: Gods are on vacation … it's coffee. Here.
      Helen: Pass.
      Will: Come on, it'll help you keep warm.
      Helen: I have standards, Will. Drinking coffee? Well below them.
      Will (laughs): Man, you are a Brit to the core, aren't ya?
      Helen: And proud of it.
      Will: So, uh, taking stock of things. We don't have a lotta food left, maybe a day or so - and the heater fuel is not gonna last much longer either.
      Helen: Alright … we'll ration everything very carefully. This could be home for a long while.
      Will: Yeah, well, you never know. This place, a little redecorating … probably still feel like a doomed hellhole.
      Helen: Is that your way of saying any port in the storm?
      Will (taking a drink): No, it's my way of coping with the fact that this is the world's worst cup of coffee.
      Helen: Rule Britannia.

    • Helen: I need to ask you something … and it may sound strange.
      Will: Oh, believe me, I'm getting very used to strange.

    • Allison: I'm sorry. This situation is just, um … I'm trying to stay calm.
      Helen: We all are. And believe me, I've been in far worse situations than this.
      Allison: You have?
      Helen: Absolutely. There was a town of zombies in Uganda, and, of course, I ran out of ammunition just as night fell. Um, a deep sea capsule I was in was trapped underneath a gigantic mutated squid; and, eh, there was an escaped lunatic who was able to turn himself into a giant ape.
      Allison: Thanks. You just made all that up, didn't you?
      Helen: Only two of them. My point is, you just have to keep trying, no matter what - and that's how we'll stay alive.

    • Will: Braun, do me a favor, alright? Just drop this whole "I'm angry at the world" routine, because it's getting very old.
      Braun: What are you, some kinda shrink now?
      Will (chuckles): Yes. As a matter of fact, I am.
      Braun: So what? Have you been, uh, psychoanalyzing me the whole time? What's your prognosis, Doc - angry at my mommy? Didn't get enough toys as a kid?
      Will: You're afraid … and there's a lot of that going around, so it doesn't make you so special.
      Braun: No, but it does make me human.

    • Will: Okay, so if what we saw before was just a … a Jedi mind trick, what the hell does this damn thing look like?
      Helen: I've no idea, but it's a good bet that it's as vulnerable to the cold as we are, hence its need to blend in among us in order to survive.
      Will: Magnus … how do I know that …
      Helen: I'm me?
      Will: Yeah.
      Helen: You don't. Nor am I certain that you're you. The creature could be any one of us.
      Will: I keep thinking there must be some way of telling, you know, a way of knowing if the person's really … them.
      Helen: For the moment, we'll just have to rely on the little things.
      Will: Like the fact that the real you wouldn't insult me by giving me false hope.
      Helen: Or the fact that you keep offering me that horrible brown sludge to drink.

    • Will: You're not real!
      Will's "Mom": Does that really matter?

    • (Magnus has killed the creature, who was posing as Will)
      Will: How'd you know it wasn't me?
      Helen: Like I said, it's the little things.
      Will: The less we use our eyes …
      Helen: Welcome to reality.
      Will: I'm happy to be here.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Will: Okay, so if what we saw before was just a … a Jedi mind trick, what the hell does this damn thing look like?

      Will is alluding to the Star Wars movies in which Jedi Knights could use the Force to influence and control the perceptions and thoughts of weaker minds [as when Obi-Wan convinced the Stormtrooper to let them pass ("The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded."), or when Luke convinced Bib Fortuna to disregard his orders and take him to see Jabba the Hutt ("You weak minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick.")].