Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 2011 on Syfy
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Mystified when Will begins transforming into a scaly, wall-climbing creature, Magnus reaches out to Hollow Earth for help.

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    • Henry: Dude, what's with your face?
      Will: What d'ya mean?
      Henry: Well, did you sleep on a tennis racket or somethin'?

    • (Magnus and Henry, wearing bio-hazard suits, are studying Will)
      Will: Magnus, can you just, please …
      Helen: I need to take some blood.
      Will: That's all very fine and good, but can you fill me in here? I mean … (sighs) you're acting like I walked out of a Salvador Dali painting or something.

    • Helen: When did you first notice the symptoms?
      Will: I didn't. I first found out about it when you guys so kindly pointed it out to me this morning.
      Helen: Anything else out of the ordinary? Any-any headaches, any fatigue?
      Will: Yeah, a bit of both, I guess. I'm thinkin', though, that Tylenol and a power nap aren't gonna cut it for this.
      Helen: Have you done anything unusual this past week?
      Will (scoffs): You mean aside from … everyday normal activity here?
      Helen: Hm, right. The important thing - not to panic.

    • (looking nervous, the guys stop talking about Will when he walks up)
      Will: You guys were talkin' about baseball, huh?
      Big Guy: Uh-huh.
      Henry: Mm-hm. Yeah, uh … Jays are looking good this year.
      Big Guy: Uh-huh.
      Kate: Yeah, strong middle relief. (nervous laugh)
      Big Guy: Get some production outta the back end of the order, they might do well.
      Will (scoffs): Aw, come on, give me a break, guys. (points at Kate, Big Guy and then Henry) Cubbies, Rays, Red Sox. And I know for a fact that you guys would rather watch cricket than a Jays game, so … what is going on?

    • (Will tells the guys to relax and treat him normally)
      Kate: Okay, this might be an uncomfortable question, but …
      Will: No, no, look, you can ask me anything you want, I promise.
      Kate: Um … Anyway you can save us 15% or more on car insurance?
      Will: GEICO! That's funny. (everyone but Will cracks up)
      Kate: You should see your face!
      Will: Glad you're havin' a good time.

    • Helen (studying Will's hand): Interesting.
      Kate: I used a different word while scraping scrambled eggs off the floor - something with four letters.
      Will: I already apologized, and you need to learn how to knock.
      Helen: I did. You need to not hang out on the ceiling.
      Will: This is gonna help you find out what's causing this, right?
      Helen: Actually, this rather confuses the issue. I had originally thought these spores were from an offshoot of the frilled coral rat, but their habitat is entirely aquatic. These … these are clearly meant for climbing.
      Kate: And scaring the crap outta people.
      Will: So … we're back to square one?
      Kate: Well, not exactly. With this new variable, I don't need to waste my time testing the theories I was working with.
      Will: Yeah-h, that's kind of what "square one" means.

    • (Henry gets Will to climb the wall for him)
      Henry: Dude, this is amazing! You're like Spiderman, but without the tights - thankfully.

    • Kate: Hank said you didn't eat dinner.
      Will (climbing down from the ceiling): Yeah, I wasn't hungry
      Kate: Still, you should eat.
      Will: Okay, mom.
      Kate: I'm just sayin' … What's wrong, you're not hungry?
      Will (Will growls): Yeah, just … my hands. (Will's hands are now amphibian claws) Can't control my grip.
      Kate: Okay, um … here. (prepares to feed him)
      Will (Will grumbles): No, no, no, no, no.
      Kate: No, relax. Just eat … just eat. (spears a forkful of ravioli to feed Will) Don't make me make the choo-choo sound.

    • Kate: You know, I haven't lost anyone … since my father died? I mean, guys I used to run with, but nobody … nobody close.
      Henry: Will's not dead.
      Kate: I don't really know how to deal with this.
      Henry: You just do.

    • Big Guy: You haven't slept in days.
      Helen: What's your point!?
      Big Guy (angrily): You're in denial.
      Helen: Why? Because I'm not huddled in the corner somewhere wailing aw … I need to work. You know this.
      Big Guy: Will is gone.
      Helen: Leave me alone.
      Big Guy: Stop putting on a show!

    • Big Guy: What about the treatment?
      Helen: Four doses each, mixed with a powerful sedative.
      Kate: How sure are you about this stuff?
      Helen: Well, we've never tested it, so … you all have to be prepared if it doesn't work.
      Henry: What d'ya mean?
      Kate: She means we may need to use lethal force.
      Henry: What?
      Helen: We can't risk further contamination. We've no idea of the life-cycle of this creature. If it reaches maturity, it could release its spores at any time. All of us need to be willing to do whatever's necessary. If not, you can recuse yourself now, no questions asked.

    • Helen: There you are, how do you feel?
      Will (hoarsely): My, um, my throat hurts.
      Helen: It's only been a few days. It'll take a while before your recovery is complete. On the positive side, this will do wonders for your Bruce Willis impression.
      Will (chuckles ruefully): Jokes … that's a good sign.

    • Will: You don't know what it was like - being trapped inside here … watching all of you slip away from me … I don't ever want that to happen again.
      Helen: It won't. I promise you.
      Will: Except, uh … you know, that whole climbing the wall thing? That was really cool. You think maybe we could …
      Helen: No.
      Will: Really? Wh-what about, um, uh, the super strength? How about that?
      Helen (walking away): No.
      Will: Hey, how about a-a claw? A claw on my left hand!? Magnus! MAGNUS!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Will: You're acting like I walked out of a Salvador Dali painting or something.

      Although, given Will's eventual claw, Hieronymus Bosch may come more to mind, Salvador Dali was perhaps the twentieth century's most famous surrealist painter, known for his striking, highly imaginative and bizarre images - such as Apparatus and Hand.

    • Will: You're going all Marcus Welby on me, and I know you only do that when you're really worried about something.

      Will is alluding to Robert Young's Marcus Welby, M.D. TV doctor, who was famous for his kindly bedside manner.