Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Helen Magnus does John MacLane

    Helen Magnus does John MacLane -- at an airport.

    Shades of Diehard 2: Die Harder.

    "Yippie-kai-yay, motherfucker."
  • I'll admit, I've seen better episodes of Sanctuary. My question is this, who is the short-haired blonde who screams sonic waves? I looked through the guest star list and she is a no-show. Looks a lot like Busy Phillips. Doubt it is her though.


    I'll admit, I've seen better episodes of Sanctuary. My question is this, who is the short-haired blonde who screams sonic waves? I looked through the guest star list and she is a no-show. Looks a lot like Busy Phillips. Doubt it is her though. She's probably busy strapping on a bikini and a wine glass for "CougarTown" production by now.

  • yet ANOTHER showgets dupedinto the latest industry bandwagon boo hiss


    Carlo Rota was the BEST thing about this episode...

    Again, stupidity seems to befall yet another show in this industry to show 2 femaie characters kissing, and pander to men's fantasies about 2 women together. Since the industry is run by men well DUUUUH, it has Nothing to do to promote that "lifestyle" but its about cheap thrills.. Shame On You Amanada Tapping! Boooo

  • This is definitely a new Dr. Magnus we're seeing now that she's free of the nations of the world. With hands untied I'm excited to see how her behavior will continue to change.


    Will and Henry come to realize the nation has organized several groups to hunt abnormal. To be expected since they no longer have the sanctuary under their thumb. Where was Henry's mate, anyone remember pregnant for 22 months? Abbie is boring. Is it just me...?

    This is definitely a new Dr. Magnus we're seeing now that she's free of the nations of the world. With hands untied I'm excited to see how her behavior will continue to change.
    I loved the attitude she threw from the first the robbers arrived. She not only didn't back down or offer to negotiate for much, she just took on that 'stand your ground be a bad ass' persona. She seemed more irritated than anything that these folks were effecting her plans. Sadness expressed over her plane when she full well knew lives had been lost, Hilarious!

    I like the Felice (sure I spelled that wrong) character hope to see more of him. All in all I enjoyed this episode. Although it seemed like they were trying to portray Helen Magnus as practically invincible. That explosion should have taken her down for the count and the window exploding next to her also.

    The actress playing the sonic scream woman is Tora Hylands. Just thought I'd add that, someone asked previously and I couldn't comment or reply to them directly.

  • Magnus in action!


    I thought this episode was a fun showcase of Amanda Tapping's talent as an actress, as well as Helen Magnus's ass-kicking. I know that some viewers saw the kiss at the end as some kind of ratings/unoriginal-gimmick, but in my opinion it gave Magnus more depth. She is a sexy, mysterious character and the kiss was totally par with that. There was nothing campy or forced about it.

    I found this a humorous, enjoyable episode with plenty of jokes and bad-assery, and a glimpse into what Magnus is like after her 113 years of seclusion. Well done team Sanctuary.

  • This is the first chance we have to see Magnus' behaviour after, how long exactly? Over a 100 years of being hidden? She was waiting to connect with her "time line" so she could resurface without causing some sort of time paradox (although she almost met herself face to face in the past.)


    So, if you had the chance to relive a period of time with all the knowledge accumulated for decades: how differently would you do things?

    What did she do for a whole century? I know I would do everything I might have considered in the past as "not possible", or "not the right time" ... She's over two hundred years old now; she probably experimented a lot (I know I would!) Who is Helen Magnus now?

    Well, we see that she has been doing things her own way, she's used to get what she wants, not asking for permission or depending on anybody... presumable she didn't have her friends (the long lived ones) to support her or a team like the one she had in Big Guy, Zimmerman, Henry & Kate. She didn't even have to bring up a child this time...

    She is a fearless woman! A bit callous: those guys exploded with the plane and she only thought about how she had just spent money on the plane.

    She is definitely a far cry from somebody born during the Victorian era, especially for a woman!

    I wonder if we'll get stories about herself during those years...

    The episode I felt was just a way to show how Magnus has changed, how she takes risks now. I Did find the whole plot a bit contrived though: Those abnormals ex-military came from nowhere and were dealt off in a rather cold way as well. They were just a footnote, we were not given the chance to feel anything about them.

    Now about Zimmerman & Abby I think they are a cute couple, let's see where that leads...

    The kiss at the end was surprising and quite a change in pace...
    In previous seasons we saw poor Dr. Magnus pine for Druitt. She did love him once but he became something scary. Last season much was explained about his need for violence and she might have felt for him briefly but that ship left a long time ago.

    Watson is dead and we don't know how close a relationship she had with him anyway...

    So in comes this woman... let's see what happens! The only way I could be disappointed about this twist is if nothing interesting comes out of it... Because, come on, they could have hinted about Magnus spending the night with the woman and leave it would have been "naughtier" that way.

    So if they make a big point of showing the kiss, we better get something juicy in the following episodes, LOL!

    BTW: Tapping looked a bit rigid kissing he woman... she should practice more maybe LMAO!

  • A dangerous stenoraptor is on the loose, Will and Henry team up with the F.B.I to track it down. Meanwhile, Magnus travels to an island off Africa to meet a man about some money.


    A monsoon is a dangerous and powerful storm, not to be messed with, and this episode aims to show us just how far Magnus has come after her century long sabbatical.

    Magnus re-enters her timeline just as the Sanctuary has been cut-off by the leading organisations of the world and Will Zimmerman has been named as head of the Sanctuary by his peers.

    With the continued absence of Kate Freelander (resident bad-ass) and a cast of predominantly effeminate males the stage is now set for Magnus to take on a more pro-active role.

    Granted, Magnus has had her fair share of adventures, like the giant octopus, but she has always used her wits to win her battles.

    Monsoon carries forward with the 'new' Magnus, she is powerful, resourceful and determined.

    This fresh approach to the structure of Sanctuary is great news for fans. Unshackled from the mantle of leadership the Magnus character is now free to be far more rogue in her approach to problems - spicing up the action nicely.

    This applies to the Sanctuary itself as well, no longer bound by International Agreements, the Sanctuary can become that cool secret organisation that marches to the beat of its own drum.

    How can i end this without mentioning the kiss? Well, lets just say i was surprised - and i loved it!

  • I liked the whole episode, but the ending gave a HUGE minus for the score.


    Helen got a girlfriend? It doesn't fit in TV-series like this. As mentioned in another uses review for this episode: It was totally pointless.
    bjdannoyed have already mentioned allot of what I was going to mention, but it's just waste of bytes to mention it one more time.

    I hope this isn't the romantic interest Helen is/was going to get in Season 4.
    For me, the only romantic interest for Helen should be John, and no one else.

  • Monsoon -- another excellent show until the ending.


    If I wanted bi-sexual/lesbian B.S. I'd look for it extra special. As it is, I just lost interest in Sanctuary as a show. It seems dodgy to think that we will ever watch another show because some people think that homosexuality is why we watch a show.

  • Magnus kicks butt!


    Loved this episode, Magnus takes charge and doesnt take crap from anyone and could totally see the underlaying attraction between the two women. Makes perfect sense that it should be a woman as men will probably be totally intimidated by her. Having said that, I really dont want Sanctuary episodes to be focusing on this.However, if Captain Jack could get away with the same in Torchwood, why not, as long as it does not take over the adventures.

  • The entire series thrown out the window in one pointless lesbian act.


    I thought this episode was excellent right up until the completely pointless lesbian kiss thrown in at the end as if the writers needed to bolster the storyline with something obnoxious at the end that came out of nowhere to ruin the show for me entirely.

    I find it extremely aggravating that more and more shows are sabotaging good story lines like this just to gain a little notoriety and a bit of press. There are fewer and fewer shows to watch today that do not worship at the alternative lifestyle alter anymore.

    Another one bites the dust. Having watched every episode thus far, I am saddened by yet another of my shows that have obtained a hetero-phobic bent. I have turned Sanctuary on for the last time.

  • Monsoon


    Monsoon was a superb episode and I do agree that the ending came out of nowhere and unneeded but at this point it's not that huge of a deal and do you really think we will see that woman again? I thought the episode was a fun game of guess who is who and I really enjoyed watching as Magnus went all out on the robbers. It was cool though a bit predictable who Mr. Feliz was. I think the episode was good, though the ending may have come out of nowhere, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet either so I won't speculate and diss the entire episode. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!

  • monsoon


    the show was inventive,daring and explosive.helen made a daring move on the robbers and had an interesting show all the way to the end .she has been alone for a long time.the kiss at the end was passionate and daring and well deserved. a lot of people are going to down rate this show because of the kiss. personally i hope she stayed and extra day or two to relax and hang out . congrats helen go for it .