Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Benoit: The only men I know are the ones who buy tickets to Comicon in San Diego - a year in advance.
      Helen: A much better breed.

      A shout out from Sanctuary to all their friends at Comicon, where Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne are regular attendees - along with other Sanctuary cast and crew.

    • Jonesy: Miley Cyrus! That's gotta be against FAA regs!

      When Magnus' jet mysteriously opens up with automatic machine gun fire at the two thugs looking to hijack it from the hanger, one thug exclaims with a strange reference to Miley Cyrus, the famous actress/pop singer.

    • Christopher Heyerdahl is listed in the opening credits but does not appear in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Will: Just don't give me the new era speech again.
      Henry: Dude, it is totally new era. Thanks to Addison and the U.N., we have no commercial banking access, we have no military or law enforcement support.
      Will: Is it cold in here or is it just me?
      Henry: We also have no love from the mayor's office, which means no breaks on our heating bills or property taxes.

    • Will: This guy, Feliz, he lives on his plane.
      Henry: Shut up!
      Will: Yeah, yeah. He sends you the coordinates of some landing spot 24 hours in advance. In this case, it's some ... lawless island off the coast of Mozambique.
      Henry: So he never stays in one place for long.
      Will: No. How "Bond villain" is that?
      Henry: So he's our guy now?
      Will: Yeah, yeah. If you want something kept hidden or off the grid, Richard Feliz is your man. He's our underground ally.
      Henry: Lawless island. That sounds dodgy.
      Will: Aw, come on, for "Bullets and Leather" Magnus? She can handle it.

    • Sylvester: So, you come here often?
      Helen: Whatever fantasies you have about you and I ... are not going to happen.
      Sylvester: Oh, come on, now. I have to know your story. From what I understand, women like to tell it. Brad Sylvester. (extends his hand)
      Helen: (without looking up) You have a lot of experience with women, Mr. Sylvester?
      Sylvester: Enough. (Magnus smirks) Oh, you know, just being, uh, friendly with a fellow traveler. (sits down, handing Magnus his card) CEO, Day-And-Night-Poker. You look like a woman who enjoys games.
      Helen: Really?

    • Glazov: Look, Please accept these comps to the title bout this month in Atlantic City. You too, my skinny supermodel. (addresses Benoit while tossing her a comp ticket) You have a man in your (whistles) life? He like fun? He has socks? This will blow them off!
      Helen: DCC?
      Charlotte: Death Cage Competition.
      Helen: Ah, of course. Thank you, Mr. (pauses) Glazov?
      Glazov: Please, call me Frank. You've never heard of DCC? Just a matter of time. Fastest growing sport in the world.
      Photographer: Faster than online poker?
      Glazov: Poker's dead. This is future. (answers phone) Vasili, give me good news. Yes, bathing suit. They cover the part the sun doesn't shine.
      Photographer: (offered Magnus' ticket) Uh, no, thanks. That "cage match" crap is a sign of the apocalypse.

    • Helen: (to the Boss) Look, if it's our belongings you want, I'm sure there's some arrangement that we can ...
      Nicholls: Hey, come ... Queen of England ... Zip it. (begins searching Magnus) Boss? Broad's got a piece. (exhales) It's a nice one, too. (continues searching) And a knife. Wow, that's my kinda girl. (Magnus jars her with a forearm smash and she pulls her gun) Bitch!
      Boss: Nicholls, relax. She's an alpha dog. (chuckles) You just got too close.
      Nicholls: I'll make you my dog. (Magnus blows her a little kiss)

    • Boss: You give us the right numbers, we transfer the funds, you all keep breathing. You all start getting forgetful, we start shooting you.
      Sylvester: (scoffs) H-How are we supposed to remember our transit numbers? I mean, I use an ATM half the time.
      Glazov: Yes, and I phone my cousin in Kiev for money stuff - and guess what, bags for douching. I'm not phoning no-one.
      Sylvester: Are you guys, like, the stupidest criminals of all time? I mean, who remembers their transfer numbers?
      Photographer: I make $50,000 a year, before taxes - and I'm Canadian. Get the picture? (the Boss shoots him dead)
      Boss: The only reason you are on this hole of an island during rainy season is because of business ... business that you would like to keep under the radar. Means you have access to lots of money, money which is now mine.

    • Boss: All these people here are pretty freaked out about our, uh, talents- except for you.
      Helen: I don't impress easily.
      Boss: I don't like women with secrets.
      Helen: You'll hate me. (the Boss laughs)

    • Helen: (after her jet explodes, leveling the hanger) Damn, I only just bought that.

    • Sylvester: You know, you-you act like quite the badass, but her plane just took out two of your people and now she's out there gettin' her James Bond on. You know, I would characterize that as an epic fail, my man.
      Boss: I may be bulletproof, but I don't like getting shot. You feel me? (smacks Sylvester in the face)

    • Boss: (via the airport radio) It's Helen, right? You seem very determined to ruin my day. Maybe ... I should return the favor.
      Helen: Harm anyone else and I promise you will regret it.
      Boss: Surrender now, and they might live.
      Helen: Have a better offer : Let everyone else go and I might consider letting you and your team leave here alive. Think it over.

    • Helen: (removing a burnt, severed hand from an EMP generator) Mind if I borrow this?

    • Abby: Will?
      Will: Abby? What are you doing down here?
      Abby: I'm doing my job, Will.
      Will: (scoffs) Departmental budget crisis? You guys hunting Abnormals now? Since when does the FBI do that?
      Abby: Since the almost-monster invasion last month. Every intelligence agency in the world is creating Abnormal investigation units.
      Henry: They are?
      Will: So this is your new assignment? Thank you for telling me the truth.
      Abby: My new posting is fied, and you guys are, you know ...
      Henry: Rogue.

    • Crealy: You and Buddy here wanna explain why you're interfering with a federal investigation?
      Henry: Dude, we are not interfering, you're interfering.
      Crealy: Dude, don't make me show you my badge.
      Henry: Let me tell you something ... Wh-uh-What does that even mean?
      Will: Okay, Abby, we're on the clock here.
      Abby: Oh, because of the Jays double-header tonight?
      Will: No, because there are people in danger. This is not time for the Junior B tryouts.
      Abby: I'm sorry, who saved your ass last month when no world leaders would take your call?
      Will: That was different. We've dealt with this before, we know what we're doing!
      Crealy: Uh-huh, and we don't?
      Henry: No, you ... clueless.
      Will: Clueless!
      Crealy: Listen, buddy, I've had about enough of your tone. You are speaking to federal agents.
      Will: If you call me "buddy" once more, I'm gonna take your badge and I'm gonna shove it ... up ...
      Crealy: That's right, it's "arrest a dipstick" day today, isn't it?
      Will: Oh, is it? Okay, well then maybe ...
      Abby: Okay, okay! Boys! Boys! Boys ... whatever we were looking for is definitely long gone now, so why don't we just ... dial it back.

    • Charlotte: I-I'm fine, I'm fine. But look at you, you're-you're a mess. You're covered in lacerations.
      Helen: I'm fine. I've been through worse.
      Charlotte: You keep saying that. You've been through worse, You've seen worse. You sound like an old woman.
      Helen: I am an old woman.
      Charlotte: What's your deal, anyway? You're being totally cryptic about being here, and you went ... Die Hard on these guys. What are you, a spy, an agent or something?
      Helen: A doctor.
      Charlotte: Of ass-kicking.
      Helen: (laughs) Something like that.

    • (Agent Crealy has been hurt by a pack of angry Durango bats)
      Will: Ooh, man, those bites can be really nasty.
      Abby: No, what's nasty, Will, is that you did this. You were the anonymous tipster ... Oh! Did you plant the bats, too?
      Will: Uh, l-listen ...
      Abby: No, please, Will, you need to come clean on this.
      Will: Alright, fine, I did it. But-But just listen to me, okay? I had to do something to throw you off the scent - for your own safety. A full-grown Steno can maim or kill anything in its way - and you and agent glee club, you're not equipped to deal with this kinda thing.
      Abby: So you made us look like fools?
      Will: No ...
      Abby: Will, professional jealousy is one thing ...
      Will: I'm not ...
      Abby: Out and out betrayal?
      Will: Abby, it's business, it's not personal.
      Abby: This is my career, my ... reputation. Will, it is personal. (Abby scoffs at Will's silence) You and I are done.

    • Charlotte: I don't mean to be difficult or anything, but is there any way we can do this without me having to shoot someone or get shot?
      Helen: Possibly.

    • (Henry has been knocked woozy by the Steno)
      Will: Hey, H. H. Hey, (gently slaps him and holds up 4 fingers) C'mon. Hey. How many fingers? How many fingers?
      Henry: Tuesday.
      Will: He's gonna be fine but we gotta get him outta here.

    • Helen: And you're telling me this now?
      Charlotte: I had to know that I could trust you.
      Helen: (scoffs) Well, I'm glad we got that sorted. Just how deadly is this virus?
      Charlotte: If a small sample gets released, it'll wipe out everyone on this island - and half the coast of Africa ... It's complicated, okay?
      Helen: So, your plan was to sell it to Feliz. How noble.
      Charlotte: I wasn't gonna sell it, I was gonna give it to him. The government, the black market - nobody should get a hold of this virus. Feliz contacted me said that he could hide it. I don't care about money. I just don't want it to get in the wrong hands.

    • (Crealy had given candy to the Steno, making it much more violent)
      Abby: I know, he's a total ...
      Will: Moron? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
      Crealy: Hey, you guys? Can I give it some gum? Its breath is really bad.
      Abby: I see more ... cooperation ... in our future.
      Will: (smiles) Good.

    • Charlotte: Are you sure you can't stay for a day or two? Relax, hang out?
      Helen: See the thing about me is I rarely just "hang out" ... (Charlotte interrupts Magnus with a kiss) Dear God ...
      Charlotte: Bad?
      Helen: On the contrary, I just ... haven't been kissed like that in a very long time. (kisses Charlotte passionately)

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada : October 28, 2011 on Space
      Australia : November 25, 2011 on SciFi Australia
      United Kingdom : April 27, 2012 on Watch

  • Allusions

    • Will: How "Bond villain" is that?

      Will is alluding to the James Bond film franchise where the villains are often fabulously wealthy globe-trotter types with ties to no particular country. Later, Brad Sylvester extends the Bond allusion when he tells the Boss "You act like quite the badass, but her plane just took out two of your people and now she's out there gettin' her James Bond on."

    • Charlotte: What's your deal, anyway? You're being totally cryptic about being here, and you went ... Die Hard on these guys. What are you, a spy, an agent or something?

      Charlotte is alluding to the Bruce Willis Die Hard film franchise which is marked by flash pyrotechnics, violent confrontations and big, loud explosions.