Season 2 Episode 8

Next Tuesday

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2009 on Syfy
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While carrying an abnormal, Will and Magnus' helicopter crashes on a decommissioned oil rig.

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  • Next Tuesday

    Next Tuesday was a great episode of Sanctuary and reminded me of the type of movies where the characters are stranded at sea with vicious predators lurking in the water. I thought this episode had an interesting story and sub plot about the characters taking time for themselves. Helen and Will definitely grew closer together after this adventure. It was neat to learn the truth about why the abnormal squid seemed to attack the helicopter. There was action, drama, and humor while Helen and Will were stranded. This was a slower or filler episode kind of but still a nice addition to the season. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!moreless
  • Magnus and Will go to the Gulf of Mexico to retrieve an abnormal Vampire Squid. When they take off it becomes violent and seems to cause the helicopter to crash inside an abandoned oil rig shaft. Will and Magnus are trapped inside with no way out.moreless

    A surprisingly good episode basically starring Magnus, Will, a squid, and a surprise visitor.

    Let's just say they discover about halfway thru the episode it wasn't the squid that brought the copter down. The cabling causes the copter not to sink so at least the two of them have a platform to work from. Helen explains that the Vampire Squid is actually a very docile animal so the signs of aggression it is showing are out of character.

    This episode is really good in that we build on the relationship that already exists between Helen and Will. It seems absurd with their difference in age, but biologically she's not that much older than Will and they actually make a pretty good couple. I wonder if they will ever consider them together. I think the chemistry definitely exists and Will seems to have the intellectual level to be a good match for her. The only problem is like any other situation they work together. That always causes problems. Maybe it will be an underlying thing going forward. I really enjoyed this episode and of course we wonder about the cliffhanger as it seems that next weeks episode is not necessarily related. The Titanic reference was a hoot. We'll see what Sanctuary has in store for us next. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Seriously flawed episode...

    There are serious problems with this episode.

    1) if the scorpion can't swim and is, therefore, as Magnus says, restricted to the sea floor, how did it get up to the surface to get onto the helicopter?

    2) the concussion of the explosion when Magnus blew up the helicopter would have had produced shock waves under the water - and yet, even after Magnus asked "how deep can you dive", they didn't go very deep and theree was no underwater shock wave.

    3) so perhaps this episode was designed in part to give some personal background to the two main characters while also giving the two of them some interaction they wouldn't "normally" have at the Sanctuary complex. But it seems to me a little far fetched that they would engage in such personal and petty discussion while they were in imminent danger of either getting killed by either the squid or by the scorpion or by being stranded in the "drill well" of an abandoned oil platform they very conveniently fell into in the first place.

    So: poor writing, bad premise, inconsistencies.

    HOWEVER: the filming was pretty good considering it was a closed space with a very spare set and only two characters.

    I'm giving this one a 2.5.moreless
  • Great episode.

    I think this was very creative way of making an episode.. Have two actors, helicopter, two angry abnormals trapped. With that very minimal setting they did managed to come up with amazing episode. I mean, there has been better ones, but it was good.. surprisingly good when thinking on all the limitations.

    I liked the way people trapped in little space manage to overcome so much. I mean, it was quite clear that Will was angry on Magnus and the way their reasons started to unfold as the episode developed. Episode developed on story based.. but so much development was given to chars. They were speaking out, opening their thoughts.. in so many ways it was all about Ashley and Clara.. and those two, hunted by the events, finally(?) talking about it.

    And it was not only the chars.. there was quite much action, great visual effects (like the crash and fight)..moreless

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    • (The chopper they are in is spinning out of control)
      Will: Uh, Magnus … I think I'm gonna throw up!
      Helen: This is ridiculous! Hold on, I've lost lateral control!
      (one of the squid's tentacles slashes thru its container)
      Will: Okay, this is really not going well!

    • Will: But I'm talking vodka, good food, fresh-faced women with names like "Goodmansdottir" … stimulating conversation under intricate ice sculptures …
      Helen: Will, I've already told you, you can't go to the conference.
      Will: (sighs) Why?
      Helen: Well, some things have come up.
      Will: (scoffs) Things. What things?
      Helen: Well, for starters, our sensors have picked up a very rare abnormal in the Gulf of Mexico.
      Will: And?
      Helen: Mutated vampyroteuthis infernalis, a vampire squid. Incredibly shy, I've only ever encountered one once before, sixty odd years ago in French Polynesia.
      Will: Okay, so a shy vampire, there's a first. (scoffs)

    • Helen: You all right?
      Will: Oh! I don't know. My door kind of gave way when we, uh, you know, stopped. (Magnus sighs) What about you?
      Helen: Well, you know, any landing you can swim away from …
      Will: What is it with you and flying, anyway?
      Helen: Two crashes in a hundred and fifty-eight years? Not bad!
      Will: They only invented flying a hundred and ten years ago, so …

    • Will: (hearing that the squid is gone) Well, another rare abnormal stays rare.

    • (Magnus assures Will that the "passive" creature is better off with them)
      Will: Yeah, well, welcome to your new home … Squidly.
      Helen: (chuckles) We will not be calling it that.
      Will: There are far more inappropriate nicknames I could give it.

    • Will: (surveying the crashed chopper) All I know is, the deposit you gave the rental company's history. You know, Magnus, maybe everything you heard about this creature is wrong, maybe they're not as docile as you think.
      Helen: Nonsense. We captured it easily enough … offered no resistance.
      Will: Yeah, well, something freaked it out - flying or … the vibrations from the rotors, different altitude …
      Helen: No. It's container was specifically designed to mimic its preferred atmosphere. It shoulda been fine.
      Will: Well, how did it go from happy-go-lucky cephalopod to air-rage squid in a matter of a minute?

    • Helen: This isn't about conferences or ice sculptures, it's about some immature tryst with a woman you barely know.
      Will: Excuse me!?
      Helen: Dr. Halstrom, or should I say Sigrid, your internet chat friend.
      Will: Internet chat friend? She happens to be the foremost authority on deviant psychology in Scandinavia, thank you very much.
      Helen: (laughing) Such an attractive element in a woman.
      Will: She has a PhD!

    • Helen: You alright?
      Will: Oh, I'm miles away from alright. You said it would break for open water.
      Helen: Well, it should've.
      Will: Then why's it still here?
      Helen: I don't know.
      Will: And why does it hate me so much?

    • Will: (pointing at the water, coughing) I'm gonna fry you up … a little tartar sauce … (groans) I think those tentacles gave me a rash …
      Helen: I've got an idea.
      Will: Why don't we shoot it?
      Helen: I'd prefer not to. It's a very …
      Will: … rare species of abnormal, right.

    • (Magnus prepares to swim for a possible portal)
      Helen: Alright, if I make it out …
      Will: Throw me down a sandwich … and an Uzi.

    • Will: (catching his breath) Okay, so when you say priorities … does that include drowning?

    • Will: But isn't the battery almost dead?
      Helen: We should be able to get one last transmission out.
      Will: All right. Bring on the Hail Mary. (Magnus looks at him) What? It's worth a shot.

    • Will: So you never go on vacation, huh?
      Helen: Travel all the time, you know that.
      Will: On missions or for research, I'm talkin' about, you know, floppin' down on a beach … good book, never-ending supply of mojitos …
      Helen: I own a villa in Italy … on Capri, near Naples. I go there every seven years.
      Will: Seven years?
      Helen: Yeah, for a long weekend.
      Will: Wow, I take it back. You really do know how to unwind.
      Helen: It's about as long as I can stand doing nothing. British, remember?

    • Will: You know, ever since Clara, things have been kinda …
      Helen: Lonely.
      Will: Yeah.
      Helen: Well, goes with the territory, I'm afraid.
      Will: Yeah, but … doesn't it make us all … more productive if we have, you know, normal, healthy relationships?
      Helen: Not being serious, are you?
      Will: What am I talkin' about? Nothing we do is normal.
      Helen: I don't think the bout of occasional loneliness is too high a price to pay for what we do. Maybe you do?
      Will: Just shoulda told me about it when … you recruited me.
      Helen: (friendly scoff) But then you never would've taken the job.
      Will: Probably not.
      Helen: And you'd be miserable.

    • Helen: Both these creatures must've claimed the rig as their territory. They'll fight to the death if we let them.
      Will: So it's a turf war, wonderful.

    • Helen: The sea scorpion is also more intelligent than it looks, it's just that it's incredibly vicious.
      Will: It's the vicious part that I'm worried about, not so much the smart. (latch handle turns, scorpion exits and attacks Will) Whoa! Oh! Whoa! It unlocked the hatch!? How did it know how to unlock the hatch!?
      Helen: Told you it was intelligent. Hold on, Will, I'm coming. (Will picks up the harpoon gun) Will, you have to load the harpoon!
      Will: (growls in frustration and begins clubbing the creature) WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME THAT MAKES THESE THINGS HATE ME SO MUCH!

    • Will: I now officially … hate seafood.

    • Will: Whoa, hold on a second. So, we're gonna use … a torch on top of a fuel-soaked chopper that has a sea scorpion trapped inside so the giant vampire squid will follow it down?
      Helen: Sounds like a plan. No beaches. No mojitos. No fancy villas.

    • Will: I knew it! It was a romantic getaway, wasn't it?
      Helen: It's my prerogative how I spend my personal time.
      Will: Oh, but when I try to get away, I get the speech about priorities? Double standard much?
      Helen: I've been doing this a lot longer than you have, Will.
      Will: Which I respect, but just don't give me a hard time when I try to take care of myself.
      Helen: Oh, please, with Sigrid?
      Will: Yeah.
      Helen: You can do much better than that.
      Will: Oh, and Olaf is some prize catch? The guy looks like a Maserati salesman.

    • (after Magnus blows up the chopper)
      Will: You're crazy, you know that? You're - you're absolutely, certifiably insane!
      Helen: That was pretty cool.
      Will: Cool, yeah. That was like James Bond, "Die Hard" cool.
      Helen: Better than room service in Reykjavik?
      Will: Yeah, way better.
      Helen: Never let it be said that I don't know how to show someone a good time.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Titanic:

      When Magus refers to April 14, 1912 as the only time she was shipwrecked she is referencing the sinking of the Titanic.

    • Will: Cool, yeah. That was like James Bond, "Die Hard" cool.

      Will is alluding to the fantastic, over-the-top explosions that are always an integral part of both James Bond and Die Hard films.

    • Will: All right. Bring on the Hail Mary.

      It is possible, although doubtful, that Will is referring to an actual prayer to Mary, mother of Jesus. Some Christian denominations believe that fervent prayer to her can grant them special dispensation, especially in times of great travail. More likely, despite the uncomfortable look he gets from Magnus, Will is alluding to the football play where the quarterback, with no time left on the clock, throws the ball as far as he can downfield - hoping for a miracle.

    • Magnus: Hello Beastie.

      Magnus says the same thing to the squid that Capt. Jack Sparrow says to the Krakken at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.