Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 23, 2011 on Syfy
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Looking back at the events leading up to the momentous D-Day invasions at Normandy during World War II - events which directly pitted the Five against the Nazis.

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  • Normandy

    Normandy was a great episode of Sanctuary and I really enjoyed this stand alone episode taking place during World War II. I think it is great for the series to explore the role of the 4 through out their lives and major historical events. This episode was shot in dark tones which really gave it the right feel. I thought it was interesting how Magnus and the others were working against the Nazi's and we see the typing device that Tesla invented in use. It was cool to see the group interacting which adds to the character dynamics. I really look forward to watching the next episode!!!!moreless
  • In Nazi occupied France Magnus, Griffin & Watson conspire with the local Resistance, hours before the Allied Invasion. Watson hopes to destroy a Nazi secret weapon while Nikola Tesla uncovers evidence that the last of the five may be a Nazi.moreless

    Impressive, bold, exciting and detailed. This one treats us to a tale of the desperate days before the Allied invasion.


    Faithfully thrust into a devastated Europe we arrive at would could be THE turning point in the war between Nazi Germany and the Allies, for either side.

    Taking advantage of wide shots whenever possible this week is a visual treat. From Amanda Tapping (Magnus) in a beret with red hair to Christopher Heyerdahl (John Druit) in a black S.S. uniform. The smallest detail, well beyond the norm, is accounted for. This week is almost cinematic in its attempt to set the scene. Plot-wise Sanctuary revisited its early attempts from the webisodes - this time choosing an era other than Victorian England - and i think finding its mark.

    Oddly reminiscent of the original Wonder Woman series, the pacing is in tune with the era; the musical score is sublime in its overall absence - to its credit building atmosphere over emotion. However, most of the gunfire sounded like machine guns, degrading the battle scenes. The storyline is for the most part plausible and this combined with impressive settings, trimmings and practiced accents make the smaller holes forgivable.

    Robin Dunne (Zimmerman) finds a place in history as Captain Jack Zimmerman of the U.S. army. While it is a novelty to see Dunne in this setting it somehow felt contrived, leaving me looking for Ryan Robbins (Henry Foss)as one of the paratroopers. Agam Darshi (Kate Freelander) was sadly absent again. Her appearance in several previous episodes becoming increasingly casual. The use of Jonathon Young (Nikola Tesla) is all too brief.

    In the scene where Watson is captured i laughed as he runs out of bullets and puts his hands up to surrender - seconds after gunning half the squad down

    An exciting adventure, well told and well painted.moreless
Douglas O'Keeffe

Douglas O'Keeffe

Col. Franz Korba

Guest Star

Erin Lacourciere

Erin Lacourciere

Jeanette Anaise

Guest Star

Richard DeKlerk

Richard DeKlerk

U.S. Sergeant

Guest Star

Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Dr. James Watson

Recurring Role

Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

Nikola Tesla

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The episode closes with a poignant Armistice/Memorial Day dedication:

      "Dedicated to all the men and women who serve in the armed forces.
      Thank you for giving us Sanctuary."

    • The tank used in this episode was not a WWII Panzer (from the German word for armor), relatively few operable Panzers remain available today and would be quite cost prohibitive for Sanctuary's small budget. Instead, the tank used was most likely either an altered/camouflaged Soviet T-54/55 - the most-produced tank in history (85-100,000) - or one of its derivatives : a Chinese first generation Type 59 (infamous for the 1989 "Tank Man" protest in Tiananmen Square). Variants of these designs were still being used by as many as fifty nations worldwide as late as the early-21st century - usually after being retrofitted with modernized features.

    • Ryan Robbins (Henry) and Agam Darshi (Kate) are credited but do not appear.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Helen: You should know ... we deal with monsters.
      Jeanette: I deal with Nazis. I'd say we're even.

    • Lieutenant: You think they've been captured?
      Tesla: No, more that Helen wasn't listening when I explained how my autotype works.
      Lieutenant: I'm sure they're fine.
      Tesla: I should've gone with them.
      Lieutenant: As you know, General Eisenhower's orders are to shoot you if you try and get on a plane - not that it would really stop you, you being a vampire and all.
      Tesla: (sighs) Bad coffee, English food, and worse, stuck here with the Kansas State glee club.

    • Col. Korba: Guten tag, Herr Watson. I am Colonel Franz Korba. The Führer is going to be so happy to finally meet you. However, before that wondrous event, we need some information about the upcoming invasion ... You should have stayed in England with Professor Tesla.

    • Watson: I see you've finally found a country to call home. National Socialism suits you.
      Druitt: It's the attire, couldn't resist.
      Watson: Oh, Johnny, you really are playing a delicious game with them, aren't you? (Druitt laughs) (addressing Korba) Did you never think it was odd that a man born in the age of Victoria remained so ... spry? Oh, he does the most unspeakable things with his blood. That is, of course when he's not stealing it from others in the dark of the night.

    • Druitt: I know you're not afraid to die, James. But I plan on making you afraid to live.

    • (Watson grabs Druitt, putting a knife to his throat)
      Watson: Whatever it is you're playing at, I don't want to hear it. Get us out of here - now!
      Druitt: You want to destroy the weather device? You need to listen.
      Watson: Working for the Nazi's is depraved, even by your standards.
      Druitt: It is true, I've no love for England - but I know evil when I see it, in its purest form. I am working alone, in my own way!
      Watson: Then why not kill Hitler? You could do that in a heartbeat!
      Druitt: I did, nine months ago ... at a lovely performance of Wagner's Tristan Und Isolde - his private viewing box. Slid a blade right through his tunic ... felt his heart stop. Doesn't look like it's made the slightest difference.
      Watson: They're using body doubles.
      Druitt: This Reich needs to be taken apart piece by piece, one sordid element at a time.

    • Druitt: You're with her now, aren't you? Now, I know you, old friend. Your passion ... your passion for her... It just comes off of you like a bad smell!
      Watson: You leaked intelligence and had us ambushed by the SS just so that you could see her one more time. You are like a pathetic schoolboy with a crush.
      Druitt: I leaked no such information, but it's very telling that you would think I would!
      Watson: No, John, do not dig too deeply. You don't know how much you hurt her.
      Druitt: Hurt her? Or you?

  • NOTES (1)