Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Dr. Magnus, Will and Ashley have their hands with the Nubbins, flesh creatures who multiply like crazy and eat anything around them.

    "Predator 3 Nubbins 0" LOL!!!

    Hilarious episode!! Loved it!!! I think this probably the funniest episode they've done. Other episodes have had some bits of comedy but so far it's been mostly geared to be a serious sci-fi show.

    Anyways, the team finds a crew of dead people apparently trying to transport these "Nubbins" and a creature which is reference as "Predator". Actually the crew members have appeared to be in the words of Ashley "weren't just killed but they were devoured".
    The culprit seems to be these fury rodents called Nubbins which look like a cross between an owl and rats. They reciprocate like crazy and eat like crazy. They literally eat anything.

    Dr. Magnus and others decide to quarantine the Nubbins and Predator for studying. Ashley doesn't use common use as she takes one of them Nubbins to be her pet. Soon it escapes and eats his way in to where the other Nubbins are. As you can guess the Nubbins escape and munch anything in their way.

    The Nubbins also have this strange aura which makes people who have contact with them woozy and sometimes feeling a bit frisky with each other. Ashley makes a pass for Will.

    Early on when Ashley is talking to Henry she asks if she would like "to squeeze my Nubbins". LOL Of course Henry was thinking of Nubbins of any sort if you get my drift.

    Anyhow, the team also meets Sophie which I believe was the granddaughter of one the crew members killed. She also has inherited some sort of empathic ability where she can feel other abnormals. The team decide to use the Predator to kill the Nubbins via computer surveillance. I know Ashley felt a bond with the Nubbins but in the end the team had no choice to go this route. The Nubbins's appetite has led to several power failures in the Sanctuary so this had to be done. We do get a happy ending of sorts near the end for these fury rodents so everything eliminates itself.