Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • If the Nubbins appear familiar, here are a few not-so-distant mass media relatives:

      Star Trek: The insatiable appetite, mass reproduction and "petability" that the Nubbins exhibit bare an eerie similarity to the Tribbles from Star Trek's The Trouble With Tribbles (1967).

      Gremlins: The incredible appetite and mass reproduction tendencies are also reminiscent of the Mogwai from the Gremlins movies (1984-1990) - sans the stereotypical and evil behavior.

      Furby: The Nubbins also somewhat resemble the Furby toy robots from Tiger Electronics which became a huge fad in 1998 and were later reintroduced as Emoto-Tronic Furbies in 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Helen: Tranquilizer rounds only.
      Ashley: You sure?
      Helen: Eric paid with his life to bring this creature back, we owe it to him to preserve it.
      Ashley: We owe it to him to kill it.

    • Ashley: Henry! Have you had a chance to check out my Nubbins?
      Henry (appears confused): Oh, you mean the … No, but I would like to.
      (the creatures turn transparent when Henry approaches)
      Ashley: Hey … Oh, guys, come on, there's nothing to be afraid of.
      Henry (sneezes): Oh, man, I think I'm allergic.
      Ashley: Well, you better get used to them, they're the coolest thing we ever brought back.
      (the Nubbins rematerialize)
      Henry: Hey … huh, I gotta admit, your nubbins are pretty amazing.
      Ashley: Don't you just wanna squeeze them?
      (Henry looks pained)

    • Helen: We have a rather odd situation on our hands.
      Will (in a slight British accent): Isn't "rather odd" sort of your stock in trade?

    • Helen: Everyone was convinced that he was a few cups shy of a tea service.

    • Henry: Watch yourself there, Big Guy. You don't wanna get between them and their breakfast. You could lose a hairy digit. (sneezes)
      Big Guy: I've never seen an animal with such a … big appetite.
      Henry: Ah, it's not just food, they're not pairin' up for square-dancing!

    • (Will is taking Sophie on a tour of the Sanctuary)
      Will: You look as queasy as I did when I first walked this floor.
      (the Lizard Man strolls behind them wearing a robe)
      Lizard Man: What 'sup?
      Will: Actually, you're takin' it better than I did.

    • (Will and Ashley are aroused under the influence of the Nubbins)
      Ashley: I think sometimes I can … be a little stand-offish. I-I mean, I know I can be snippy.
      Will: No. No, not at all.
      Ashley: I don't want you to think that I'm, um … unappreciative, or unapproachable. I've been accused of that by guys.
      Will: Yeah, me too … not by guys, but … you know what I mean.

    • Helen: I'm gonna err on the side of caution. I want the building sealed - nobody goes in or out.
      Henry: Threat level : "Holy Crap". Check.
      Helen: These creatures escape the Sanctuary and we'll have much more than a pest control problem on our hands.
      Ashley: Can we not turn this into a planetary crisis just yet? They're 14 little furballs.
      Will: Invisible furballs.

    • (Henry finds one of the missing Nubbins)
      Henry: Hey, little guy, it's okay. Here you go. (puts down a piece of cheese) That's gouda. Yeah, nobody's gonna hurt you, little fella. Nobody's gonna … (he sneezes and the frightened Nubbin bites him. Henry screams) I lied! I'm gonna hurt ya! Oh … ow … ah … Your mother was a sewer rat!

    • Helen: I'm going to schedule a full rabies series, unless we can confirm its absence in every Nubbin out there.
      Henry: Isn't that, like, super painful?
      Helen: I'm not gonna lie to you, Henry.
      Henry: No, it's okay, please. You can lie to me.
      Ashley (defending the Nubbins) : Those poor things must've been pushed to the limit.
      Henry: Hey, listen, I know you're all about savin' the whales and everything, but these guys just happen to be a pack of vicious, over-sexed, hyperthyroid invisi-rodents!

    • Helen: What did you see?
      Henry: I'm not sure "see" is the right word, but by the way they rippled, I'd say we're lookin' at several litters of newborns. But, hey, they won't be doin' the horizontal tango for, like … hours.

    • Will: Okay, here's my idea : we capture a male Nubbin, use it as bait and wait for the females to swarm.
      Ashley: Or we use a female as bait and watch the males swarm.
      Will: Well, we want as many of the child-bearers back in captivity as possible.
      Ashley: As if the girls are gonna to go all weak-kneed over the right Nubbin.
      Will: I'm sorry, "the right Nubbin"?
      Ashley: You know, smart, handsome … good sense of humor, go-getter, dedicated to the same things you are, loves long walks on the beach …
      Will: Are you okay?

    • Helen: I think I've found something that may well explain their popularity as a wedding gift.
      Will: Wait, don't tell me … they can be returned.
      Helen (chuckles): Actually, they have scent glands that emit powerful pheromones.
      Will: Huh. Well that explains their overactive mating instinct.
      Helen: In fact, it may well extend beyond their own species.
      Will (scoffs): You're not saying that they're affecting … us?
      Helen: Haven't you noticed it?
      Will (chuckles awkwardly): Are you asking me if I've been feeling … randy?
      Helen: I've made you uncomfortable.
      Will: No. As a matter of fact you've, uh, you've aroused my … curiosity.
      Helen: Oh. Well … turnabout is fair play.
      Will (chuckles nervously): Awkward.
      Helen: Poor thing.

    • Henry: We got problems.
      Will: You mean beyond the fact that these things are spilling out like popcorn at a matinee?

    • Helen: Hive mentality means tradeoffs between individual survival and that of the group. We've seen it in orders higher then insects.
      Will: Yeah, like every time soldiers go into battle.

    • Ashley: It's just not fair. I mean, the Nubbins are only doing what their instincts tell them.
      Will: All we'd be doing is replicating the predator-prey dynamic that already exists.
      Ashley: Of course, yeah, like the lions and the Christians.
      Helen: We have them contained right now, but if they get out and this expands beyond the Sanctuary, we could be Ground Zero for a plague of furry locusts.

    • (Henry is working on his giant vacuum when he sees a Nubbins)
      Henry: Nature abhors a vacuum - 'cause she's never seen mine. Okay … easy there, little Nub. (turns on vacuum and sucks the critter in) Ah-ha! (cackles like a mad scientist) I've got suction, and I'm not afraid to use it. (blows on the vacuum tube as if it's a gun barrel)

    • (power fluctuates)
      Henry: We're losing power on the main grid.
      Helen: Go to auxiliary.
      (the power stabilizes … and then dies)
      Henry: And we've lost auxiliary. (moving to escape) Okay, women and geeks first. Oh, no, wait, that's all of us.

    • Ashley: Doesn't anybody have some good news?
      Henry: I've got wood! ( everyone stares at Henry, who has entered with an armload of cut logs) You know … for the fire.

    • (the Nubbins are "chilling" in a cooled containment room)
      Sophie: So … what'll happen to the Nubbins now?
      Helen: Now that low temperature has slowed their reproductive cycle to a crawl, they can live out their days in relative peace.
      Sophie: They're not too thrilled about the cold.
      Will: Hey, thrilled Nubbins is what got us into this mess.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : November 7, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : November 10, 2008 on ITV4
      Australia : June 25, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia
      Czech Republic: September 7, 2009 on AXN

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