Season 3 Episode 13

One Night

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Terrible. Very terrible.

    Will has never been a character I particularly liked and this episode was a kick in the face style reminder why.

    I also really dislike Abby now -turns out she is quite dumb and annoying.

  • One Night

    One Night was a perfect and entertaining episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Will and Abbey go on a date only to be abducted by a ruthless gang of killers and are given an ultimatum. It was fun watching the interactions between Will and Abbey and it seems like she really gets him and is a down a** chick. The rest of the Sanctuary crew played their parts well in helping to find Will and Abbey. I liked how Will and Abbey were analyizing their captors showing off their proffesional skills. I hope they explore the abnormal slave trade more as well. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!
  • Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Sanctuary isn't the most evenly written show on the block, and on average, it is ok but rarely great. This episode, however, has to be the worst so far...
    It was torture to watch it to the end, and I am usually an easy to please viewer.
    The dialogues are off, the story feels wrong at every turn, and the plot twists are weak beyond words.
    I really see no redeeming qualities to this incredibly poor episode, except the relief I felt when it was finally over, knowing that the next episode couldn't be worse.
    It even pushed me to register on and write this review as a public service.
    Even if you're a Sanctuary fan, you can skip this episode, don't you worry about it. You'd most likely regret the time wasted watching it.
  • It pains me to say this... Awful. Awful. Awful.


    Now it really kills me to say this because I LOVE Amanda Tapping and she directed this episode but it was bloody awful.

    The character of Abby was incredibly annoying. I just wanted to either shoot her or stuff a gag in her mouth. Outside the hostage situation she was reasonably off-beat and interesting but they overused her quirkness in this situation.

    The storyline about the secret Abnormal boss was too convoluted and the explanation of the female leaders odd behaviour felt like an afterthought just tacked on the end of the situation to try and make everything make sense. But I will admit the actress that played the leader somewhat made up for her non-sensical storyline.

    Oh and can we talk about that stomach-turning schmaltzy kissing scene?! SO cliche and totally unnecessary. I swear my eyes rolled right out of my head! Seriously?! Is this "Sanctuary" or a Harlequin romance novel??

    Now the thing that could've save this episode is if they used the "don't-rescue-Will-because-we-need-to-find-the-Ghost-ship" storyline in a much more effective way. If they had Will being tortured or close to death, the decision to keep him in there could've caused some great tension and angst.

    Seriously the only good part of this ep was the last 30-40 secs where Magnus and Will have the nice little chat on the couch.

  • A total let down...

    What a let down it was. The writers tried to be original making up an interesting story but they wind up with something so weak that it is barely watchable. Weak dialogues, out loud whispers making everybody nervous apart from the bad guys and that Abby character who is so annoying. Several times I wanted to scream "Shut UP!" I hope writers will get rid of this character as soon as possible because I think I can't make it any longer with her. Sanctuary main theme somehow got lost in this episode. Hardly sci-fi it was and I hope it will get better with the next episode.