Season 3 Episode 11

Pax Romana

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2011 on Syfy
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Magnus continues her struggle against Ranna Seneschal, the seeming tyrant of Praxis who ostensibly put Helen and her team to death in Season Three's first-half-ending cliffhanger, Hollow Men - but Ranna, like others in her realm, has a hidden agenda.

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  • A huge disappointment

    I felt disappointed after watching this episode. I was expecting something more than just some dying creature living in a magma pool! When I saw it I was laughing out loud and my laugh was even louder when I saw two ladies going down to sit on its back! Come on, the viewers are not so naive, even if this is sci-fi series. The tension and the riddles leading to the entrance to The City through which we were nicely guided in the first half of this season were brilliantly spoiled but this episode. After "The Hollow Men" I couldn't wait to see the next episode but right now, I am a bit of afraid what "Hangover" might bring...moreless
  • Pax Romana

    Pax Romana was a perfect episode of Sanctuary and I really enjoyed watching this awesome and entertaining episode! I thought it was cool how the series explored the Hollow Earth Mythology. This episode had every thing from Advanced Technology, Super Abnormals, Drama, Intrigue, Danger, and Touching Moments. I thought it was interesting how Gregory said "Heaven had to be warned" and I wonder what that is all about. I hope to learn more. I also enjoyed how Fallon was secretly working with Adam Worth though he betrays her. It was neat to see Kanaan in his true form. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!moreless
  • And they're back! :)

    After however many months it's been the Sanctuary team is back and is straight into action!

    Definitely not what I was expecting in terms of how the gang was bought back to life (pleasant surprise there) and all the set up from the previous episode paid off. Also loved that everyone had a part to play - Henry was geeking out at all the technology, Will was helping track down Adam, and Kate & Helen were helping the super abnormal. There was no one there for the sake of it or just tagging a long. Really wanna know what's happened with John and Adam.. defs think they'll be back in the future. Am glad they're not holding back on John's murderous side. Defs creeped me out seeing the message in blood. But will he kill Adam?moreless
Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson


Guest Star

Ron Selmour

Ron Selmour


Guest Star

Nels Lennarson

Nels Lennarson

Commander Juno Toland

Guest Star

Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Gregory Magnus

Recurring Role

Ian Tracey

Ian Tracey

Adam Worth

Recurring Role

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    • (Druitt is bound, hanging from the ceiling)
      Adam: Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey … (chuckles sarcastically) Oh, don't try to stare me down, old boy, I've grown accustomed to your face.
      Druitt: Here's the thing, my dear, sweet, little Worth … You'd best off me now, because when I escape, I'm going to use you to redefine suffering.
      Adam: Makes me feel better about the news I have. It's about your girlfriend, the one who likes to kill you every so often - but you can't quite get over her?

    • Druitt: You were going to tell me about Helen?
      Adam: Ah, yes. (tsks) She's bitten the biscuit, I'm afraid. The word is from my good people inside the city that Helen and her merry little band were put to death.
      Druitt: Why did you come back here, just revenge?
      Adam: This is not about striking back at people, this is about so much more. If all goes well, everything's about to change - down here, up there. Reality as we know it … is about to be altered forever.

    • Helen: How dare you.
      Ranna: I will ask the questions. You will answer them.
      Helen: Or you'll kill me again?
      Ranna: Your life essence became property of this state the moment you set foot here. Under extreme circumstances, I can revive convicts in order to gain further information.
      Helen: You really expect me to cooperate?
      Ranna: Your father was a respected citizen here for sixty-five years, and then suddenly he chose to abandon all reason and break our most sacred laws. Why?
      Helen: Ask him … or is he dead somewhere, hanging in a room?

    • (Helen gazes into a holographic-interface device)
      Helen: God, you have cameras everywhere. Every tribe, every race.
      Toland: Step away from there.
      Ranna: Helen Magnus, Commander Juno Toland, head of security. You injured three of his men.
      Helen: Right. (winks) Sorry about that.
      Toland: I don't care that you're the daughter of Gregory Magnus, you don't exist anymore.
      Ranna: None of us will exist anymore, Toland, if we don't … widen our gaze. We need help. She's an expert on hyper-species. I want this kept from the Senate for as long as possible, Toland.

    • Kate (shuddering): Okay, so, death … I can put on the resume.
      Will: It's my second time - doesn't get any easier.
      Henry: Alright, so … they reanimated us, which effectively makes us zombies, and-and I'm really not comfortable with that.
      Helen (cheerfully): Good morning, everyone! Welcome back.

    • Kate: Okay, so what's the plan, how're we gonna get outta here?
      Helen: We're not.
      Will: What?
      Helen: They need our help.
      Will: Look, I'm not one to hold a grudge or anything, but … they killed us?
      Henry: Yeah, and they won't cure you.
      Kate: Right, grudge.

    • Henry: Holo-data transfer … virtual sim chambers …
      Will: Death by force field.
      Kate: Protein shakes that taste like diapers.
      Henry: I know, awesome, right?

    • (Henry peers into the holographic-interface, excitedly asking questions)
      Toland (pulling Henry away): We don't need your help.
      Kate: Looks like your boss thinks otherwise.
      Helen: Eh-eh, Dr. Zimmerman recently communicated with Kali.
      Will: Yeah, yeah, it's a wicked dinner party story.
      Fallon: Communicating with Kali is my domain. I'm sure you found it a challenge speaking with her without a neural interface.
      Will (chuckles): Well, uh, I had to die in order to do it, but, as it turns out, that's not as impressive down here.
      Helen: Still, I'm sure you both have much to talk about.
      Fallon: I'll prepare a brain scan - compare it with our own neural resonance pattern.
      Will: Yeah, it's a date.

    • Toland: That's suicide. The heat and fumes would kill you within seconds.
      Henry: You know what, not if you had the right protection. Those force fields that you held us in when you murdered us? I'm thinkin' those could be modified into a personal heat shield. You just have to whittle down the emitter to about the size of an iPod - (gestures) 'bout yea big.
      Ranna: You'll need a power source to match. Our engineers can supply that.
      Kate: Great. To the lab, Hank.
      Helen (quietly): Keep a lid on him.
      Kate: I'll do my best.

    • Will (about Adam): He's like Houdini or-or the guy from Alcatraz. He keeps slipping through our fingers.
      Helen: Well, there has to be a reason he came back to the city other than to cure his illness. I'm certain of it.
      Kate: Oh, there could be a thousand reasons. I mean, everything in here is, like, super valuable future tech.
      Henry: Yeah, look what he did to the Doc with those time-node things. That was bad-ass. Those were probably spare parts.
      Helen: Imagine what he could do with a whole city's worth of weapons at his disposal.

    • Ranna: Our transport system is only reliable above the asthenosphere. Beyond this point it becomes very unstable. Unfortunately, Kanaan's last known position is about an hour on foot down there.
      Helen: Carbon monoxide levels are rising. We're not in the red zone yet.
      Kate: No jet packs or hover boards to speed things up?
      Ranna: Oh, I knew I forgot something.

    • Will (about Adam): So, he's a genius, right? So his logic patterns are all about ego. He wants to be remembered. (sighs)
      Fallon: For what?
      Will: What every mad scientist wants to be remembered for - doing the impossible

    • Gregory: When I learned that Will had contacted Kali in the avatar chamber, I had to act! You had to know that you possessed that holomap - for the city's sake, as-as well as yours.
      Helen: And in return they charged you with treason.
      Kate: I guess down here no good deed goes unpunished.
      Gregory: Please, go easy on Ranna. I'm sure the Senate gave her no choice.

    • Will: That's far enough, Adam.
      Adam (chuckles): Concubine … having a nice visit?
      Will: Don't make this worse.
      Adam: I think you know how they treat people like us. There isn't a lot of emotional inventory.
      Will: Whatever you're trying to accomplish, it isn't gonna happen.
      Adam: But I have such wonderful plans.
      Will: Plans? What plans?
      Adam: What else? For revolution.
      Will: We can't let you go, Adam.
      Adam (tsks and sighs): I can't let you stop me, concubine.

    • Ranna (after being saved): You didn't have to do that for me.
      Helen: Of course I did - harmony over conflict and all that?

    • Toland: Why were you trying to access information on the Kellorem device?
      Will: Why were you tryin' to hide it?
      Toland: What are you talkin' about?
      Will: Worth was accused of deploying this device in the city, causing massive contamination.
      Henry: Except there's no mention of this device in his criminal file.
      Will: Meaning somebody deleted it.
      Toland: Our records are kept under the strictest security.
      (Will and Henry chuckle)
      Henry: You've been hacked, dude.

    • Fallon: I released you in exchange for helping save the city.
      Adam: Fallon … we both know that the device could give you complete control over the city's weapons systems - you and your tribal allies in the Senate. Pity the poor humans. There's a new species of sheriff in town. (clicks and winks knowingly) I'm kind of on to you.
      Fallon: Ranna's time is over. This city has had too much power for too long.
      Adam: Frankly, I don't care if you depose Ranna - or send all the humans here scurrying for the surface like the little rats that they are. No, I care that you're thinking too small. The device has a far more meaningful destiny. (stuns Fallon unconscious) My point, my dear … is that the deal's off.

    • (after the transport pod tunnels them to safety)
      Kate: I've never been so happy to see fake sky before.

    • Will: Adam!
      Adam (chuckles): The concubine who couldn't leave well enough alone.
      Will (pointing weapon): It's over, man.
      Adam: You and Helen, cut from the same cloth - always threatening, never acting. (stuns Will just before Helen enters and shoots him)
      Adam (rises, chuckling ruefully): And I was certain … history never repeats. (begins baking into the transport pod)
      Helen: Don't. I will shoot you again.
      (Helen fires and Adam falls back into the pod laughing as it zooms away)

    • (Adam opens the pod to find a bloodied but determined Druitt)
      Druitt: You and I … have unfinished business, old boy.

    • Ranna: Helen, the city has … has a lot to thank you for, but it's gonna take time before the Senate allows continued interaction between surface dwellers.
      Helen: I understand.
      Ranna: It might be better if you didn't make any attempt to communicate with us. In the fullness of time, we'll contact you - via your ambassador.
      Helen: Ah, my father.
      Ranna: Yes, he'll be staying with us. It's his choice … and all charges against him have been dropped.
      Helen: Well, then, I truly hope we have full diplomatic relations soon. We have a lot to learn from you.
      Ranna: We've got a lot to learn from each other.

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