Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2009 on Syfy



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    • Helen: It's good to see you.
      Jimmy: You too, Helen. I love the hair.

    • (Jimmy is examining Kate's chest wound when she comes to)
      Jimmy: Easy! Easy, easy, easy. I'm just … looking at the wound. We're gonna have to get that bullet out.
      Kate: We should get back to the Sanctuary.
      Jimmy: No, we'd never make it. In case you haven't noticed, there's a bunch of guys out there tryin' to kill us.
      Kate: Call Magnus, she'll pick us up.
      Jimmy: No can do, your walkie's toast. Besides, we don't know how those guys found us. They could be monitoring our communications.
      Kate: (groaning in pain) If you think Magnus tipped them off, then you're crazy.
      Jimmy: No, not her, but there is a leak. (pours alcohol on the wound, causing Kate to cry out) Till we find out where it is, we can't risk getting in touch … with anyone. I need you … (pulls out a short knife) to stay still.
      Kate: (gasps) Are you nuts? No!
      Jimmy: Come on! If I don't get the bullet out, you are going to bleed to death. Is that what you want? You do me a favor? (puts a gun in her hand) Take this. You point this at the door. Anyone comes thru, you blow 'em away, okay? And, um … you know, try not to move too much.

    • Mobster: Look, boss, we'll find him. Don't worry.
      Duke: Oh … I'm not the one that needs to worry. (rages, clubbing mobster)
      Ellison: Duke. Duke!
      Duke: Ow! (gasps in pain, panting)
      Ellison: (pointing to dead body) Get him outta here. (to Duke) It looks like those rage parameters need a tweak. (adjusts devices on Duke's temples)
      Duke: I … think I lost control … for a second
      Ellison: I'll run a diagnostic.
      Duke: Yeah. (exhales, calming down) And … keep monitoring the Sanctuary frequency. As long as Freelander is out there, I wanna keep tabs on 'em. Oh, and, uh … (holds up bent golf club) I need a new one of these.

    • Jimmy: Okay … this is gonna hurt.
      Kate: (wincing) No!
      Jimmy: Okay … (digs for bullet, Kate screams and grabs his arm) Come on, come on … You've - you've got to stay still.
      Kate: You got any morphine?
      Jimmy: Please, I wish. I could use some. (takes a drink from his flask) Here. (pours some down Kate's throat. She coughs, choking) Hell of a first date, huh?
      Kate: I've had worse.

    • (Jimmy revives Kate with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation)
      Kate: W- what happened?
      Jimmy: Oh, nothin' much. You, uh, stopped breathing. So, I, uh, took the opportunity to make out with you.
      Kate: Thanks.
      Jimmy: Come on, what are casual acquaintances for?

    • (Jimmy stumbles to the window, gasping)
      Kate: What's wrong?
      Jimmy: Oh, nothin' … except for this … 1,200 degree abnormal inside of me, I'm - I'm fine.

    • Kate: What do those guys want with it, anyway?
      Jimmy: You kidding? This thing represents a virtually unlimited source of energy … makes weapons-grade plutonium look like lamp oil. Duke's got this guy, uh, Ellison, a former Cabal geek who, uh, figured out a way to harness the energy and weaponize it. They were planning to sell it to the highest bidder.
      Kate: You should go. (groans, rising)
      Jimmy: Hey …
      Kate: You have a better shot of making it to the Sanctuary on your own.
      Jimmy: Yeah, and what … (propping up Kate) just leave you here?
      Kate: Look, I don't wanna be responsible for that thing getting used for some crazy weapon.
      Jimmy: Well, that's very noble, Kate, but, uh, there's gotta be fifty guys out there by now - I wouldn't make it out the front door.
      Kate: What are we gonna do?
      Jimmy: I don't know. We'll wait until dark … you know, hopefully things will have cooled off by then. (flaps shirt and scoffs) No pun intended.

    • Will: I know what you guys are looking for … can't help you.
      Duke: Come on, don't sell yourself short. Everyone out there is looking for Jimmy - and the first one to find him, well, they're gonna have a big advantage. That's why I need you … you're my insurance policy.

    • Jimmy: Here … (shares the flask) this'll perk you up. (sits down, checking gun's ammo) So, Cubs or Sox?
      Kate: Really? This is what we're gonna talk about?
      Jimmy: Hey, no matter how tough things get, there is always time for baseball. Come on … (takes a drink, passes back flask) Cubs or Sox?
      Kate: If I wanted to see fat guys running around, I'd watch reality TV.
      Jimmy: Wow … you say you're from Chicago. Next you'll be telling me you don't like Pizza
      Kate: My dad was a Cubs fan. So, I guess that makes me one too.
      Jimmy: Yeah … see, I knew I shoulda left that bullet in.

    • Jimmy: They got me to make a - a drop on the "El" … at rush hour. A paridax. You know what that is?
      Kate: No.
      Jimmy: It's this cute little thing. It's kind of a cross between a guinea pig and a koala. But, anyway, um, they said it was to create a diversion for a robbery they're pulling. Okay, fine, so … I'm, uh, I'm on the platform at Lake Station, I'm waitin' for the Red Line and … and this woman comes up to me.
      Kate: Dr. Magnus.
      Jimmy: Yeah … and somehow she knew everything about me, who I was, what I was about to do … and she tells me the gang lied - that, uh, that when a paridax gets scared, it releases a spray, like a skunk, just … uh-h-h, really toxic in close quarters, you know? I mean, I was that close to killing … hundreds of people … she stopped me.

    • Duke: (to Will) I think your boss is lyin' to me … which is very, very bad news for you.

    • (Duke makes a video call to Magnus)
      Helen: I thought I told you to wait for my call.
      Duke: I've waited long enough. Besides, your friend isn't doing too good. (backs away, revealing a prostrate Will) I've transmitted my location. If you have Jimmy like you say you do, you have thirty minutes to deliver him to me, otherwise … (grabs Will's head) pretty boy dies.

    • (Kate and Jimmy stand with guns pointing at each other)
      Jimmy: Kate, you gotta understand, it was my first big job. I didn't think I had a choice. You know how it works. Once you're in … you're in.
      Kate: So that's it? That's all you gotta say?
      Jimmy: (Jimmy uncocks his gun and lowers it) I can't change what I've done.
      Kate: So my dad was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, is that it?
      Jimmy: Kate, what are you talking about? Your dad was the target. He was tryin' to cut a deal with the D.A. That's - that's why the gang wanted him killed.
      Kate: Shut up! SHUT UP! You're lying.
      Jimmy: I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news here, but your dad was turning on the guys he was running with. He knew the risks.
      Kate: Well, it doesn't change the fact that he's dead.
      Jimmy: No, it doesn't.
      Kate: Get down! Get down on your knees. (Jimmy kneels and tosses aside his gun) Anything else you want to say?
      Jimmy: Just that I don't blame you … and "Go, White Sox".

    • (Magnus is escaping with Will)
      Will: Since when did you turn into David Blaine?
      Helen: Just keep moving.

    • Jimmy: Let them go. I'll come quietly, but you gotta release them quietly first.
      Duke: How do I know you have the container?
      Jimmy: (lifts his shirt) Why don't you reach in and see for yourself.
      Duke: Okay. Well, it looks like we have a deal after all.
      Helen: James, you don't have to do this.
      Jimmy: Yes, I do. (turns to Kate) I'm sorry. It's all I can say. (to Magnus) You go. Hurry

    • Will: Well, I'm off to see Sally. Hey, what kinda thank you gift do you get for a mermaid?
      Helen: She really likes it if you swim with her.
      Will: Huh … well, I'll get my suit.
      Helen: (grinning) No suit.

    • Kate: It's funny. I always wondered what I would do if I figured out who killed my father. Turns out, it's not as black and white as I thought.
      Helen: Life rarely is.
      Kate: I coulda been Jimmy. I've done things I'm not proud of. How are we so different? I've been blaming the way my life turned out … on that one moment 20 years ago … but the truth is, I made my life the way it is.
      Helen: And your life is still unfolding.

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  • Allusions

    • Kate: (scoffs) Who are you, Dr. Phil?

      Snapping at Jimmy when she doesn't want to talk about her dad, Kate alludes to Phil McGraw, the "common sense" psychologist famous for getting people to open up.

    • Will: (to Magnus) Since when did you turn into David Blaine?

      Will is alluding to the American illusionist and endurance artist, David Blaine, a famous performer of close-up "Street Magic".