Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Syfy
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Magnus and Will set off to the Bermuda Triangle to answer a distress call they received from one of the abnormal species living there. After arriving there, they soon find that they are too late.

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  • I don't think they thought this thing through... (spoiler)

    So far I really like this series. I think it is very imagnitive, and multilayered, and that is important to me. It is also important that things have intellectual integrity. This episode falls short of that in my opinion. Did anyone else notice that the way she got infected was by opening up the brain and feeling the "unknown clear substance" in it? Okay, so if this poor creature died, then the parasite stayed in it's brain after it was dead. So then later, the key to bringing Magnus back was that killing her would cause it to leave. But it clearly didn't leave the mermaid's brain when the mermaid died, or Magnus wouldn't have been infected to begin with. Imagination is good, but it has to be congruent. This is not my favorite episode.moreless
  • Requiem

    Requiem was a good episode of Sanctuary. This episode seemed like a psychological thriller but it had an abnormal twist. It was neat to learn the Merfolk lived in The Bermuda Triangle. I thought this episode could have definitely been a little better and done something better with the story involving this species. There was a lot of character and relationship building for Will and Magnus in this episode. The actors played their parts well, the story was written creatively, and the over all outcome was great. This episode was pretty much a filler with character driven scenes. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!moreless
  • A great twist in the end...

    And this episode started so promising - all those questions Will was asking and the new point of Magnus they opened - The concept of being so old as she is, seen so much, having lost so many people as they just die like any normal person.. those thoughts, that concept - it was very good part, made me think and really developed Magnus for us more.

    I love the submarine theme and Nautilus - Captain Nemo has been one of my favorite literature char and all Jules Verne's books.. - my favorites..

    I most say that even if they had so much attention to the Magnus char and her way of living.. Like how she said she knows she has to die oneday but she never thought like that.. after all that philosophy and deep thoughts, it was action packed episode too - the end specially, when Magnus has lost her normal self and acts irrationally and it was fun and weird to watch.. the way Will have to play over it to survive and figure out way to save Magnus and the ship.moreless
  • Magnus gets controlled by an unseen virus that wants her and Will dead.

    Similar to the Kush episode in that it was a thing attempting to control the victims. The difference is that in Kush the monster was in the victim's dreams while in this episode, Requiem, the thing was inside victim's head and controlling them.

    Magnus and Will while doing undersea exploring find a few abnormals dead. They describe the scene as a massacre but can't explain what actually happened.

    Magnus while examining the corpses finds a small underwater blob. The blob would later start infecting Magnus's mind. Will and her would eventually find out it's a virus but how to kill is another question.

    It was decent though I liked the other episodes more. Since basically this was a two actor story this episode didn't have a big importance to it like "The Five". While it does have a couple of suspenseful moments, it's a large dialogue driven episode. I mentioned the Kush storyline and once again this is an episode all about Helen and Will.

    Helen does test Will's guts here seeing if Will will actually do what's necessary (i.e. hurt Helen) to cure her of the virus. There are a few funny lines but mostly a serious episode.

    This is still a decent episode even though I liked the other episodes more.moreless

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    • Henry: Ahoy mateys!...its because you're at sea.
      Helen: Henry, are you certain these are the proper coordinates?
      Henry: Absolutely. I traced the second signal Sally received to where you are right now. But she says that, since you left port there has been, uh, no further communication from her people.
      Helen: Did you say 'Sally'?
      Henry: That was his idea.
      (pointing to Will)
      Will: It's our nickname for the sanctuary mermaid.
      Helen: She has a proper name you know.
      Will: Which is unpronounceable.
      Henry: Its a true fact.
      Will: Besides, it beats calling her something obvious like...Ariel.
      Henry: Marina.
      Will: Oceana.
      Henry: Ursula.
      Helen: If you two are finished...

    • Helen: As long as we don't exchange bodily fluids … you shouldn't get infected.

    • Will: (Warren G.) Harding … was an abnormal?
      Helen: You don't think a normal person would choose a job that impossible?
      Will: The people that you've met, the … the history that you've witnessed, how do you relate to anybody? Dinner parties must be hell.
      Helen: History is just that, Will. It's history. We've all experienced it. I just have more under my belt than most people.
      Will: No. No. No. No. No. You were in Rheims the day the Nazi's surrendered. You were right there in the room when it happened.
      Helen: Only because Eisenhower refused to be in the same room as General Jodl, and asked that I accompany General Smith to ensure that the process went smoothly.
      Will: I guess Ike didn't want to breathe the same air as the Nazi High Command.
      Helen: Some of them didn't even breathe air.

    • Henry: So are you guys there? In the middle of it, right now?
      Helen: It's not that exciting, Henry.
      Henry: Come on, are you kidding me? Doc, you're in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle! People have been speculating about that part of the ocean for centuries. Missing ships, planes disappearing, come on!
      Will: You know, he's right. There's been reports of … of lost time and doors to other dimensions …
      Henry: Alien abductions?
      Helen: It's the ocean. Seriously.

    • Helen: You've seen too many B-movies.
      Will: Hey, our whole life is a B-movie. It's a classic, don't get me wrong, but still …

    • Helen: Ashley said you were dreading this trip.
      Will (scoffs): Well, truthfully, trapped 10 hours in a tin can is not my idea of the most appealing mission.
      Helen: Oh, but it's 10 hours trapped in a tin can with me, and all of your questions
      Will: That's true.

    • Will: So I'm guessing by how quiet Ashley's been that she knows … Druitt is her father?
      Helen: She does.
      Will: And?
      Helen: And what?
      Will: Well, she just found out that her dad is the actual Jack the Ripper. That's gotta put some strain on your relationship.

    • Will: You know, Magnus, working at the Sanctuary is more than just a job to me. It's …
      Helen: What?
      Will: It's the only family I've ever had.
      Helen: When you've been alive for as long as I have … You learn not to get too close to people. I've buried a lot of friends, colleagues, lovers. More than you can imagine. You asked me earlier how I could relate to people? Well … dinner parties
      are hell.

    • (Magnus backs Will into a corner)
      Helen: Damn it, Will! I have lived longer than any human has a right to. In the end, all I can hope is to choose how it ends. Being taken over by an undersea parasite is not on the list.
      Will: And what is?
      Helen: Just be creative, if the time comes. Do I have your word?

    • Will: I can't believe I did what I did.
      Helen: You had to. We both know it would never have left me while I was still alive. As deaths go, it was … very creative.
      Will: Magnus, never, ever ask me to kill you again.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : December 5, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : December 8, 2008 on ITV4
      Australia : July 16, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia
      Czech Republic: September 14, 2009 on AXN


    • The Nautilus:

      In "Requiem," Dr. Magnus claims to have known Jules Verne ("hence the name of my submarine"). The Nautilus was the name of Captain Nemo's fictional submarine in Jules Verne's novels 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and The Mysterious Island. Verne named the ship after Robert Fulton's experimental Nautilus, long considered to be the world's first workable submarine.