Season 1 Episode 12

Revelations (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2009 on Syfy

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  • How could anyone not love this show?

    I fall in love with this show for a different reason ever episode. This time it was Dr. Magnus's willingness to do anything, including potentially infecting herself with the nuerotoxin, to save her cro-magnon friend, I forget his name. The easy going relationship between Dr. Watson and Druit (aka Jack the Ripper) was a little unbelievable considering their past adversarial relationship. But whose to say that 160 year old people can't work out their differences, I mean they are way more mature both literally and figuratively. I do, however, worry that the writers will have to take some pretty big liberties with reality in order for Helen to retrieve Tesla's key. Dr. Watson put it best when he said that "Tesla had the power of an ancient vampire and fell asleep in Edison's electric chair at full power" and that Helen and Tesla's skill sets are not even close to comparable. I'd imagine she'll use some kind of insight about the way her father would have booby trapped Tesla's key to retrieve it.
  • Major story development..

    It was to expect - something major and important for the season end and maybe when reading what it will be about, I got my hopes up.. and while watching - I do not know.. maybe I was distract with other things, maybe something else - but I was expecting something more..

    It was not bad, oo no.. It was great episode - I loved that John Druitt was back and they had to work with him. The whole thing between him and Ashley.. and ofcourse the crise they have on - and how it looks Cabal has all the advantages and information.. and now Bigfoot is ill.. Ashley and Henry caught.. it does not look good and I am sure the second part will have much more motion - maybe it was what I expected but it was more about setting the scenery that real motion..
  • The Cabal is agitating a war with Abnormals and Humans. Helen and the team try to find an end to it with unexpected allies.

    Decent episode. The Cabal wants to starts a war with abnormal and humans by sending out a bio-agent that makes abnormal into killers. The team learns that the Cabal will release a major version of the bio-agent in three days so time is of the essence. James Watson, Helen's friend from The Five, comes to the team to help. He is actually Sherlock Holmes. John Druitt comes to help as well. The team examines the agent and see that there is no relative antidote except for their own source blood. They experiment on Bigfoot while Ashley and Henry make an attempt to sneak into Cabal's factory. Helen and the rest look for the source blood hidden by Helen's father, a location that another Five member, Ana Griffith will know. Decent episode all around. The rivalry with Sherlock and John was funny. The actress playing Claire Griffith was decent too. Poor Henry and Ashley you knew it was a bad plan to go after the Cabal. Problems gets worse for them because the bio-agent in Henry's regard will turn him into a full blown abnormal and finally kill him.

    Episode ends in a cliffhanger with the source location. Not as much action specifically this was a character driven episode which was fun to watch.
  • Revelations (1)

    Revelations (1) was a perfect episode of Sanctuary as whats left of the Five come together to find the Source Blood in order to stop an evil plan of the Cabals. It was really fun to watch this action packed episode which also had drama, intrigue, and humor. There was character and plot development and it was cool to learn more about the Cabals intentions. I thought it was great how Will reacted to the original Sherlock Holmes chilling with the reall life Jack The Ripper. The new Invisible Girl is interesting as is Dana who works for the Cabal and has captured Henry and Ashley. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!