Season 1 Episode 13

Revelations (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Dr. Magnus and the team finally get through to the location of the source blood but are met with several obstacles. Meanwhile, Ashley and Henry are still being held prisoners by the Cabal.

    Nice use of special effects with Watson and Will rediscovering the location of the source. The team meets the vampire Nicolai again but does he plan on doing what the team says? Meanwhile Ashley and Henry continue to be held prisoner by the Cabal what will happen to them?

    Great episode with the character development taking a big bulk of the first part of the episode the second half had the action, suspense and twists I was waiting for. It did live up to the hype of being a season finale episode..

    Getting the source blood wouldn't be easy as each member had to use their specific gift to solve different puzzles to get vial of blood. Lucky Will got to have Clara the beautiful invisible girl all to himself while John and Watson bitterly have to solve their puzzle together. Dr. Magnus has the deceitful Nicholai to deal with. It was interesting and funny to see how they deal with each barrier differently. LMAO at Will and Clara getting naked to solve their puzzles (I know he probably loved it I know I would). Nicholas was actually afraid to solve his puzzle while the arguments with Watson and John were memorable. Well I won't reveal too much but again it was entertaining to see the types of things they had to go to get the vials. They left a couple of things open at the end.

    I wonder what they'll do with Ashley next season or will Clara take up Will's offer on being in the Sanctuary team and what else the Cabal has in store for everybody.